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Website Design

A Website is the first step into the digital world that represents you and your business. It's your digital identity. Your website shows your visitors how reliable your business is. Let our Cansoft team help you to provide with a responsive, user-friendly and an attractive Web design according to your preference.

Search Engine Optimization

Perhaps your Website is well designed and attractive, but it's not getting enough visitors. The reason is, it isn't ranking higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Cansoft's advanced search engine optimization techniques help you get to the golden triangle quickly.

Search Engine Marketing

You might have a business that is struggling. Or, you are ready to boost your business growth in a limited time. Cansoft's Google certified engineers help to get you more calls and business quickly with the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for a low cost.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the best way in today's business world for getting connected with people and informing your potential customers about your business, products, and services. Cansoft's social media experts help you to run your SMM campaign.

Responsive mobile-friendly website design
Recent statistics suggest 65% users use their mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) for internet browsing.

CanSoft Technologies ensures that you have a responsive mobile-friendly website.

75% users inform that they find a company’s credibility from its website. 94% users make their purchase decision based on their first impression of the website.

CanSoft’s graphic and Web designers make sure that every website they work on gets an unique design and attractive look.

Pixel perfect website design
Better site speed
The websites with loading time less than 5 seconds gets 70% longer average sessions and 35% lower bounce rate. Website loading time is also an important factor for ranking in search engines.

CanSoft programmers continuously work to improve and maintain the website speed.

It is not just the design of your website that matters, there are currently more than 1.2 billion websites on the Web. One of the key factors of website ranking is the number of visitors on your website.

CanSoft Web admins continuously monitor your website traffic and work on increasing visitors.

Continuous website traffic monitoring
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
94% users never go to the second page of Google to find their desired result. Over 60% users visit only the top 3 websites on a search result.

CanSoft’s (Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team members are certified by Google and trained by Stanford University, who have the right skills and are committed to bringing you in the golden triangle of the search engines.

Statista affirms that there are over 2.5 billion social media users who use various social media platforms every day. They are your potential customers or visitors on your website.

CanSoft's Social Media experts enable your web connections with the most popular social media platforms to help you to achieve your business goal.

SMM - Social Media Marketing
Cansoft Ensures Security of your website
Forbs reports over 30,000 websites get hacked every day by hackers and malicious robot software.

CanSoft's security team uses most advanced technologies and up to date software to build your website and always monitor for any kind of security threat and vulnerability.

What Client's Saying

Cansoft Technologies Corporation
Meagan O'Flanagan Refined Lifestyles

Regina-based best SEO, SEM, SMM and Web Design Company in Canada. Happy to work with these guys!

Best Regina SEO company
Nisa Ahmed Febrica

A reliable web solution company with best Solution Architects in town. Great Customer service.

Website Design Regina Company
Rubina Khanam Aholya's Blog

I was not so sure about what type of design I wanted for my website. I just had a rough idea. I discussed with the brilliant people works with Cansoft, they came up with such an attractive design, I am in love with my site now.

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Web Designer Company in Regina
Kaitlyn Stoliker The Top Knot Boutique

CanSoft as a company and Kazi as a designer were great to work with! He was quick to respond to my many emails and was able to get my ideas to come to life. Any ideas or notes I had were seen to quickly and the end product is amazing! I would highly recommend CanSoft to any business starting off or any business looking to take their company to the next level.

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Cansoft Website
Nas Amiri Amiri Auto

We were lucky to get in touch with CanSoft. We never imagined we could develop such complex e-commerce Website for such a affordable cost. It is a great pleasure to work with CanSoft. Their hard work, patience, and professionalism always exceeded our expectations. After getting the new website, our sale is increased significantly. So, we are looking forward to work with them in our next project soon again. If you want a great personal or professional website, with a pleasant professional experience, you should contact CanSoft.

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SEO by Cansoft
Murad Ismail Citicar Canada

Cansoft Technologies has all the web solutions for a business. Their team is equipped with creative and experienced people who understands your need quickly and provides solution efficiently. Cansoft has recently completed our website. We are pleased with their work. The end product came out better than what we expected. We are happy to give them more work for our company. Soon they will complete our POS and accounting system. It doesn't end here, their SEO service will help our business to have more exposure on Google and all other social media platforms. Highly recommended.

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    Cansoft Technologies is a web design, search SEO, SEM and SMM company in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

    In Canada as in other countries, there is a separation between what is called white hat SEO and black hat SEO in search engine optimization, which is a critical component of web design. For those who are unfamiliar with the terms, the color of the hats refer to western movies in which the heroes wore white hats while the villains wore black hats. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that Regina, Saskatchewan businesses should prefer white hat SEO to its black-hatted counterpart for the best results when it comes to SEO optimization as well as SEM as a whole.

    Cansoft Technologies is a Regina web design firm that provides effective SEO, SEM services, and also a reliable social media marketing (SMM).

    Search engines are meant to provide their users with the results that are most helpful to them in Regina or anywhere in the world. This is why when someone looks for a particular service provider in Regina, Saskatchewan, Google will provide results that are based in the Regina or surrounding region rather than some other place in either Canada or the rest of the world. However, search engines are reliant on imperfect algorithms, which is why Google and other engines pour so much time, effort, and other resources into refining their formulas on a constant basis so as to ensure more and more helpful results over time.

    Cansoft's web developers in Regina that can create an efficient business website design for your company that helps SEO, SEM and SMM

    White hat SEO is when a SEO company focuses on appealing to the needs and preferences of the human user. This is in line with what search engines want, which is why they are promoting such practices more and more as their technologies become more and more sophisticated. In contrast, black hat SEO is when a SEO consultant attempts to predict the exact factors used in a search engine's algorithm and then maximize a website's appeal to them so as to achieve the highest rankings possible with minimal consideration for whether the end result will prove useful to the human user or not. As a result, while black hat SEO can produce impressive results in the short run, Regina, Saskatchewan businesses and other businesses in Canada should avoid it as much as possible because it is not a sustainable approach to SEO optimization, particularly since search engines have been penalizing such practices in recent times whenever they can catch them.

    Cansoft Technologies is a web developer based in Regina that can create an efficient business website design, SEO, SEM and SMM for your company and increase your web traffic.

    With that said, businesses in Canada need to make sure to choose the right online marketing solution if they want to optimize their SEO marketing in light of the continuing Web design in Regina or promotion of white hat SEO in Regina by Cansoft sees the business value. After all, the successful practice of white hat SEO needs considerable expertise and experience of not just SEO from the web designer but also what human users want in Regina, Saskatchewan as well as the rest of Canada. As a result, it is not something that should be left to those without previous experience but instead to a reputable and reliable Internet marketing company agency like Cansoft in Regina.Fortunately, there is a simple and straightforward solution in the form of Cansoft Technologies, which possesses the expertise and experience needed to help for Web design in Regina, or interested individuals solve a wide range of problems when it comes to SEO, online marketing, and other website-related subjects. Better still, we possess a consistent record of success when it comes to pleasing our clients, meaning that interested individuals can trust in us to provide them with the results that they deserve when they entrust their websites to our SEO consultants. This ensures that they can benefit from the latest in SEO best practices while freeing up their internal resources for focus on their own specialties, thus ensuring them the best of both worlds by making one simple choice.Interested in learning more about how Cansoft Technologies can help boost a Regina, Saskatchewan business's search engine rankings through white hat SEO as a web design company? Please contact Cansoft in Regina from anywhere of the World for further inquiries in regards to SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing (SEM), and other professional website design-related subjects. The sooner that this is done, the sooner that we can get started on providing the best SEO services available as a leading web agency.

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