There are lots of gaming laptops in the market for buyers to make their choices. Most of these laptops come with powerful features for users to experience maximum game performance. Different laptops are available to meet the budget of every gamer. The truth is it doesn’t require you to spend your entire savings trying to purchase any of these gaming laptops. You need to find one that falls into your budget with thrilling features.

Various features are essential in buying these gaming laptops, such as SSDs, graphics cards, keyboard, processor, etc. Purchasing a low graphics card system won’t allow the user to enjoy their games because the picture quality will be too low. To invest in the right gaming laptop, they must be patient to avoid buying one with less minimal features. Some of these top-notch gaming laptops are Razer, Acer, Alienware, Dell, etc.

However, buyers should go for brands with track records on their products. Selecting the best gaming laptop can be difficult for anyone to do in terms of their choice. Everyone has the type of laptop they want to buy as regard choice of preference. Presently, gaming laptops come with powerful CPUs, super-slick screens, high graphics processing units, etc.

There are many competitions among brands in the market with high specifications that come with a high budget. You can choose one that comes at an affordable price. The mistakes people do they feel the higher the cost of the laptop, the higher the specifications. It could be misleading at times, especially for buyers who have no idea about buying gaming laptops. The only way to buy the appropriate one is through having a picture of their specifications.

Buying Guide for ASUS ROG gu502gv, Strict G15, and Zephyrus G15

The essence of the buying guide is to assist buyers in making the right choice in buying any of these laptops, and they are:

  1. Performance:

Buyers have to check laptops that come with optimal performance to make their gaming time enjoyable. The primary thing for gaming performance is the processor because if the processor is too low, it will make the laptop hang during gameplay. The list of Intel Core processors for buyers to buy should be from at least Intel Core i7 upward. Besides this processor, battery life, GPU, and a comfortable keyboard are also essential to have fun playing games.

  1. Battery Life:

It is one of the powerhouses that make users have a good time playing games. An excellent battery life helps to extend the excitement that comes with gaming adventure. The essence of prolonged battery life is to enhance the user’s usage of the laptop. Numerous laptops in the market can last up to 11 hours, and ASUS is one of the gaming laptops that can give you maximum utility when you invest your money in them.

  1. Display:

High-resolution gaming laptops are another feature for buyers to have in mind. Every gamer wants to have precise details in the game they are playing, and buyers must consider the device’s cutting-edge display before purchasing it. Therefore, it will be wrong for buyers to go for muddy graphics resolution. The screen display can be either OLED, glossy, matte, or many others. The three different gaming laptops in this article have a crispy display.

  1. Price:

It should be at number one as the first thing or feature buyers have to consider. If one wants to buy high specifications, they should be ready to have a high budget before purchasing such a gaming laptop. It is the money that is inside your pocket or wallet that will determine the kind of gaming laptop you will buy. If the device you want to purchase is your first one, it is preferable to buy one within your budget with durable functions and features.

  1. Cooling Temperature:

There is always a tendency for the gaming laptop to become hot due to long hours of playing games. Buyers must pick a laptop with a cooling system to make the laptop cold when it has intense heat. When the gadget is hot, it might affect the system’s frame rates and can also kill the lifespan of the laptop. There are some situations the device might freeze due to the hot temperature, and prevent this scenario from happening, a cooling temperature would be the best.

  1. Brand:

Various gaming laptops in the market can make one become confused about the one to purchase by comparing different brands. Brands like HP, Lenovo, MSI, and Acer are laptops that produce other gaming systems. Most of these brands offer users at least one year warranty for buyers should there be any fault. We will see three different gaming laptops and the features that make them different from each other.

 ASUS ROG gu502gv vs. Strix G15 vs. Zephyrus G15

These are gaming laptops that are making wave in the market, but they are different from one another in terms of features:

  1. ASUS ROG gu502gv:

The gaming laptop came out in 2017 with advanced features like a suitable screen display, graphics processing unit, and a high resolution to make gamers enjoy their games. The manufacturer used fewer designs, a powerful keyboard, and a proper cooling temperature to make the system last longer. It has a lightweight that allows users to carry it from one place to another. It is one of the sleekest gaming laptops in the market.

In terms of the picture quality, it comes in a full HD display with a 3ms response and 144 Hz refresh rate. Due to the smooth user interface, gamers will find it worth spending their money. It has vibrant colors and deep blacks.

The keyboard has light to allow users to make use of it even at night time, and the good thing is the light can be customized with backlight colors. There are various connections for external devices like USB 3.1 port, output, headset jacks, Ethernet jack, mic, and many others. Besides playing games, users can use it for both office and home activities. In terms of storage speed, the Intel optane SSD helps for in-game level loading.

The CPU of the laptop allows users to expand the system to contain extra media work. As a result, it is ideal for both professionals and hobbyists to suit their various jobs. The graphics card makes it possible for 3D graphics that reflect proper lighting.  It is among the 9th generation of computers with an Intel Core i7 processor.

Various factors contribute to the processing speed of the ASUS ROG gu502gv. The cutting-edge technology of the gaming laptop is incredible to fit the extensive extended play. When the laptop’s battery is fully charged, it can last for several hours before it goes off. It is one of the things buyers want to purchase the system.

  1. Strix G15:

It has incredible features like other gaming laptops, and they have a fast-processing speed that makes it easier for them to handle lots of tasks simultaneously. In terms of portability, it won’t be an issue because it has a slim appearance for easy mobility. It is one of the adorable gaming machines for users. The screen’s resolution is 1080p, and a refresh rate of 300Hz and the good thing is it allows the user to customize the laptop.

Buyers who don’t have significant money in their pockets can buy the Strix G15. It has an Intel i9-10989HK, 32 GB RAM, 2TB storage, fast 300Hz, and other specifications. The graphics processing units are powerful to help in loading screen time. The gaming laptop’s external body is made up of durable plastic combined with advanced alien technology to produce high functionality.

The RGB lighting of the gaming is enough for game lovers to fall in love with the system. It comes with different connectivity like a 2.5mm audio jack, three USB ports, Ethernet ports, HDMI, USB-C, and many others. In terms of resolution, it has a 1080p panel and a refresh rate of 300Hz and 3ms response yet. The various settings of the gaming laptop make it look incredible with no stuttering or screen tearing.

For gamers who will be gaming in a dark room, they can use it well due to the RGB lighting. It will surprise you to know it has moonlighted as a Numpad, and users can activate it by holding the right corner of the trackpad. The configuration of the system has two 2 TB and two SSD. To improve the device’s thermal efficiency of the system, the fan setting can be adjusted using the Armory Crate app, giving options to users.

  1. Zephyrus G15:

It is one of the powerful gaming laptops with a strong Ryzen 7 4800HS processor. It has 32 GB RAM and 512 GB of SSD. In terms of graphics processing units, it comes with Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti graphics. The Zephyrus G15 comes with various configurations that make it great during its operation, such as 3ms response,100% sRGB one color coverage, 300+ nits of brightness, etc. The gaming laptop has a 15-inch screen, lightweight, and the power button is underneath the screen.

The downsides about the laptop there is no finger sensor and card reader. Typing on the keyboard of the laptop is not precise like other versions of Zephyrus. In addition to it, the keyboard has no RGB lighting to allow users to work at night. There are two screen options for the laptop; the first one has a 144 Hz refresh rate, while the other one has a refresh rate of 240 Hz refresh rate. Both screen options are used for daily tasks and for playing games.

The manufacturer of the laptop took their time to calibrate the panel. The two screens have similar traits buyers can find in both of them. Due to the configuration, it has 32GB of RAM and a 1 TB Micron 2200. The M.2 slot is beside the graphics processing unit’s heat pipes, and due to this, the SSD might have heat temperatures. There is another SSD that is inside the laptop used for other simple tasks.

If you are the type who likes silence, the fan of the Zephyrus G15 produces lesser fan noise. The processor has a speed of 3.4+ GHz with an optimal temperature of 78 to 82°C.


Gaming laptops have numerous features that users have to take their time selecting the right ones to suit their gaming purposes. It is compulsory to check the processor, graphics processing units, hard drive, battery life keyboard, and other features to ensure the laptop. Every buyer has their choice on the things they want to obtain from a gaming laptop. You need to have the appropriate budget to meet up with the one to fit your needs.