Do you know thousands of buyers have no ideas about the best generator they can buy to suit their usage? Presently, it isn’t easy to buy any 10000 to 12000 watt generator, especially for those who are not conversant about its various features. It is essential to know the different parts before embarking on purchasing one. Numerous people aim to acquire this machine for different purposes such as construction work, office use, home use, etc.

Everyone is trying as much to avoid sitting in the dark, and it is the more reason they are going for a durable generator with a strong motor engine. The primary thing is to know the various specifications of the generator before making any payment. For instance, a 10000-watt generator has so much power output for different home electronics like a fridge, television, air conditioner, microwave oven, etc.

Numerous factors in major regions can lead to a power failure like hurricanes, thunderstorms, and wildfire. These can affect different wires that bring light to the transformer’s substation and then back home. Therefore, having a generator in your home won’t be a bad idea. Most of these generators we will see in this article come with simple features to allow users to operate without complications. In addition to it, there are extra plugs for charging smaller gadgets directly to the generator.

Essential Considerations in Buying 10000 to 12000 Watts Generator

Everyone has a particular feature they want their generator to have. Most manufacturers advise that buyers should buy a generator that will match their needs. The following are crucial things to consider before thinking of taking the bold step with your money to the market:

  1. Price:

It is the first thing to consider since you will use your money to carry out the transaction. Every generator has features that make it different from the other. For instance, an individual who wants to buy a 10000-watt generator will see specifications that differentiate the other. You need to have a budget in your mind to avoid bankruptcy.

  1. Fuel Type:

Generally, generators use either gasoline or propane. You can’t buy a generator that runs on propane if the fuel type found in your area is fuel. It won’t be easy to make maximum use of the generator. To solve this kind of problem, you can survey your locality power.

  1. Noise Level:

Noise level is another feature buyers should observe very well before putting their money into it. You should consider yourself lucky because the generators on our list come with lower decibel ratings, and it shows they produce lesser noise. Usually, a decibel should be between 70 to74 dB to avoid noise pollution in the environment.

  1. Power Outlets:

The generator should have different power outlets to meet the needs of your home appliances. The best way to do this is by checking the amperage and voltage of your home tech devices. If the output they need is higher than your generator, it might affect the motor engine and other further damages.

Best 10000 to 12000 Watt Generator Review in 2021

  1. Westinghouse WGen9500DF:

Westinghouse is one of the top companies involves in the production of generators. Most of their generators have fantastic features that make them exceptional in the market. It has a 12000 watt with a 457cc OHV engine. The type of engine that comes with the generator has running watts of 9500 and starting watts of 12,500. Larger electrical appliances can run with the machine without any fault.

The 6.6 fuel tank is made up of stainless steel and can last up to 17.5 hours. It comes with high-quality decibels that makes it suitable for both commercial and residential usage. Different outlets and plugs allow users to connect various devices to the generator. As a result of the heavy metal, two persons will transport the generator from one place to another. In a situation where there is no one to help out, you can roll the plastic wheel. Users of the machine don’t have to complain about deflating the tire.

One of the generator’s noticeable features is the numerous startup that comes with recoil, remote, and electric starter. This different starter makes it easier for users to have a smooth usage of the machine. If you are preparing to buy any 12,000-watt generator, you can buy this Westinghouse product and enjoy three years of money guarantee.

  1. A-iPower SUA12000E:

It might not be famous like the Westinghouse generator, but it is becoming popular gradually. There are numerous sizes and watts of this product. One of the reasons it was included on this list is the high watt that comes with it. The engine has a 459cc, and this offers running watts of 9,000 and starting watts of 12,000.

As a result of the power output, it can power larger electronics. You can bank on the engine to meet your different electrical needs. If the 7-gallon fuel tank is full, it can last up to 9 hours without interruption. Although it has a decibel of 78dBa, it can fit into residential areas. There are outlet covers for the different outlet selections to protect the power outlets from dirt, dust, or mud. The various outlets are one 20A AC 120/240V, one 8.3A 12V DC outlet, etc.

These various outlets allow users to power different electrical appliances. It has a lightweight of 296lbs with plastic wheels and foldable hands to aid easy mobility. It was built to enable easy operation for beginners, intermediates, and professionals. Users are going to have one year warranty in case of eventualities.

  1. DuroMax XP12000EH:

DuroMax is a famous manufacturer in the production of durable generators. There are many similarities between this product and Durostar. The only thing there are some features found on DuroMax that you won’t find in DuroStar. It comes with a 457cc engine that can give a running watt of 9,500 and 12,000 starting watts. Users have the opportunity of using both propane and gasoline together or can decide to use any of the two.

Duromax MX2 technology is integrated into the generator to produce high power from its different outlets to charge smartphones, computers, laptops, and many others. The RPMs can stay mute when it is not in use, and it is made possible by the controls. As a result of the RPM muting, it will reduce the noise levels to conserve fuel. You can use the generator for complete 8 hours if the 8.3-gallon fuel tank is full. Every fuel type has its duration time before it goes off.

The different outlets are similar to the ones found on the Durostar, such as two 120V household outlets, 1 120/240V 30A twist-lock outlet, etc. Users can also power their external batteries with the generator. In addition to it, there are rubber tires, foldable handles, and other features. The noise level is 74dba and can suit residential areas. Every buyer of DuroMax generator will enjoy the warranty that comes with using the generator. Buyers don’t have to panic using the Duromax to power their electronics because it produces stable light.

  1. CAT Gas Powered Portable Generator:

The generator has lightweight to reduce the burden of lifting it from one point to another. Since it is a single-fuel generator, it weighs approximately 350 pounds. It has three years warranty to ensure buyers get value for their money they are paying. The wheel is durable and sturdy enough to allow easy movement of the CAT Gas Powered portable generator. Also, there is a long handle, which allows for maximum grip to pull the generator with ease.

The manufacturer has a robust chassis engine of 670cc that has a pressurized system. It provides 12000 watts of continuous power and 15,000 watts of peak power. On the other hand, it helps to offer stable electricity to different power electronics simultaneously. It has a unit that is lesser than 5%. For instance, if you are using a generator to power your appliances, there is a voltage regulator that helps to regulate the amount of voltage entering your devices.

The generator’s fuel tank can contain 13.2 gallons of fuel and can last for 11.7 hours running at a 50% load. There is an electric starter system to help users who don’t like the pull coil starter. One thing about the electric starter, users don’t have to exert energy to start the generator. The carbon monoxide that comes out from the generator is clean, and it is not harmful or toxic to the user’s respiratory organs. The manufacturer built it with nine different power outlets like one 50 outlets, two 120/240V 30A twist lock outlets, 120V household receptors, etc.

  1. Generac 7033 Guardian Series:

Getting the ideal power generator to suit your electricity needs can be challenging, especially when you get to the market and see different ones. The General guardian series has accurate power technology that makes the generator function well. You will get approximately 11KW/10KW from using it. The power that comes out from it is stable enough to control electrical appliances or tech devices like laptops, computers, power banks, and many others. In addition to it, it has a total amount of 5% harmonic distortion.

You can rely on the generator by using either natural gas or propane. The most surprising thing is that the generator can start on its own within few seconds of sensing there is no power, and it is one of the benefits of using the generator. On the other hand, it can run for many hours till when the utility power comes again. It is built with durable stainless steel to withstand external factors like corrosion, rusting, etc., based on the strong aluminum coating on the body.

Furthermore, the remote monitoring system allows users to track the generator’s working condition in any part of the world through using their tablets, computers, smartphones, and many others. Built with dual-fuel technology permits the use of either liquid propane gas or fuel, and with this, users can choose anyone they want to use.


The goal of any buyer who wants to buy a generator is to find one that can power their electronics or appliances at homes, industries, construction sites, companies, and many other places. Most modern generators come with excellent features to ease the work process of users. If you can pick any of the ones you have seen in this article, you will be happy you made the right option in investing your money.

Electricity is essential to solving different technological needs for people. If you can buy the best one to meet all your electricity demands, you will have to spend more money on getting the right one. Generators are unique commodities require in every home to ensure there is an alternative in obtaining electricity. You can get one today at an affordable rate.