There are nights when the heat becomes a problem for someone to have a good sound sleep, and the thing that will come across your mind is wishing for a powerful fan to offer you enough air. It could be you are the type who doesn’t fancy sleeping with a noisy fan, and you hope to get one that is powerful but comes with a quiet sound. The bladeless tower fan is one of the fans that produce air without making any noise.

There are some individuals that even the slightest sound can’t distract them from their sleep, but it is not the case of using this device. On the other hand, there are times when trying to turn the Air conditioner might be a problem due to laziness or tiredness. The bladeless tower fan can make a particular area of the house cold, especially for those who enjoy sleeping in a cold environment.

During the summer season, the weather is always hot, and it is one of the best times to chill your apartment by receiving a cooling breeze. Although there are numerous types of fans in the market, the tower fan is best for individuals who want a quiet operation, high efficiency, smart features, and many others. You can’t compare the benefits of having this bladeless tower fan to the normal ceiling fan in your home, and there are reasons for buying this type of fan.

Operation Mechanism for Bladeless Tower Fan

The tower fan has a minus visible blade that is light in weight. When the device is switch on, the aerator sucks air in and out the bladeless tower fan through the hollow-like ring. The operating mechanics is thermodynamics, and it sucks air through the base and later pushes it out through the silts. It works with a brushless motor to drive away dirt. The good thing is it consumes less energy compared to other types of fans.

Why Should You Use Bladeless Fan?

Different reasons are available for using these bladeless fans, and here they are:

  1. Powerful:

The air that comes out from this device is doubled, and for this reason, it produces more cooling breeze for summer days. If you want to sleep well at night without bothering about heat, you can depend on this type of fan.

  1. Much Safer:

You can touch the fan even when switched on; still, you won’t have any injury. You can’t place your fingers close to the blade in the typical fan because you might cut off your fingers or hand. Presently, different house owners are investing their money in buying bladeless tower fan.

  1. Easy Cleaning:

No many complications trying to clean the fan when it is dirty. Since it has a hollow tube, there is a flip side for users to open and clean the fan properly. On the other hand, for the usual type of fan, it accumulates lots of dust.

  1. Much Smoother Air:

In the normal fan, blades on the usual fan act as a barrier to stop air from reaching the user using a buffering process. In the aspect of a bladeless tower fan, it is rare to see any interference with the air coming out from it. Let’s digress a bit to see numerous types of portable fans.

Different Types of Portable Fans

We have diverse types of portable fans in the market:

  1. Bladeless Tower Fan:

It is one of the types of fans you could find in the market. They look sleeky in appearance, and it makes the fan attractive to buyers who are planning to buy this fan. There are various heights for this bladeless tower fan ranging from 15 to 50-inches. You can buy any one that can suit the space you have in your apartment, and it is the more reason you should go for them.

  1. Box or Floor Fans:

It is the normal type of fan we have in our homes. They are kept close to the window or on the floor for air circulation in the home. The fan blades have grids at both sides of the fan to protect it from any form of damage or accidental contact. It has a diameter that has between 10 to 20 inches, but on the other hand, it produces much noise.

  1. Personal Fans:

The fan has more similarities to the regular box or floor fan but places on a tall pedestal to ensure the air circulates different room corners. It occupies lots of spaces in the home, and users have to be conversant with the multiple settings and the different programming. It is also a versatile cooling option; their large size is the major determinant for their storage.

  1. Drum Fans:

It comes with heavy noise, and this makes it suitable for commercial offices. Before users can make good use of it, they need high-velocity air requirements useful in drying rugs or carpets. You have to be financially stable or have deep pockets to buy this fan, and it can weigh 100 pounds upward.

  1. Tabletop Fans:

It is one of the most common fans you will get in the market. The affordability and energy consumption makes it ideal for several users. Users have numerous options to place it on desks, tables, or shelves. They have a firm, stable base to make the fan balance well and prevent it from falling. It comes with a dimension from five to fifteen in diameter.

Feature of a Bladeless Tower Fan

The following are the numerous features of this fan:

  1. Size:

The typical size or shape for this fan is usually tall and comes in a narrow design. As a result of this, it is easier for air circulation in the apartment. Most of these tower bladeless fans have a size of 30 to 40 inches, and users can keep them in a tight corner where people won’t get in contact with it mistakenly.

  1. Airflow Velocity:

The airflow velocity of this fan is measured in cubic feet per minute. There is no way you will compare their air velocity to other types of fans. People might feel that since the blade in this fan is smaller in size, it won’t match the user’s need. These bladeless fans can produce airflow velocity.

  1. Speed Settings:

The good thing about this kind of fan is that it allows users to reduce or increase their level to produce air like the normal fan. Bladeless Tower fans have three-speed settings like low, medium, and high. Air control is possible for those who don’t like the room to be over chilled with these three settings.

  1. Bladeless Design:

It comes with small motorized blades, and it is the hollow tubes in charge of these airflow velocities in different parts of the fan. As a result of these features, users can clean the fan appropriately when it is dirty, and it is also safer to use because it doesn’t result in an accident when it comes in contact with the hands.

  1. Noise:

As a result of the smaller blades, they can produce humming noise when they are switch on compared to the louder noise from normal fans with larger blades. People who don’t like sleeping with noise to avoid any impediment can easily go to bed without finding it hard.

  1. Oscillation:

Most of the fans carry out their oscillations or rotation from side to side to circulate enough air in the room. The circulation arc for this device is between 90 degrees to 95 degrees. Most of these fans can carry out a complete oscillation of 360 degrees, and others allow users to choose the width they want the fan to carryout oscillation.

  1. User-Friendly Interface:

The interface of the tower bladeless fan makes it simple for users to control the different settings. Some of the features of the fan are the LCD panel and touch button. The former is to view the fan’s working condition, while the latter is to control the speed settings.

Best Bladeless Tower Fan Review and Buyers Guide

  1. Lasko 42″ Wind Curve Tower:

It is a multi-dimensional type of tower bladeless fan that can cook and purify the air simultaneously. There is a filter inside the fan that helps purify the air from germs or toxic pollutants, and it is found in the fan’s base region. There are four control speed settings of the fan that allow users to select the level of coolness they want to obtain.

The Lasko tower bladeless fan’s whole action happens at the base region, while the top comprises different chambers for air circulation. Users are likely to experience absolute coolness in their rooms. In terms of the casing, it is made up of sturdy plastic material to make it have enough resistance. One of the fan’s features is the ergonomic handles that make it simple for transportation and portability.

  1. BerJet V2 Climate Comfort Cooling Fan:

The BerJet tower bladeless fan can suit different bed types or bedrooms, and during the Summer season, you are sure of sleeping like a baby without sweating. It is easy to program the fan to suit your needs, and the icky feature is for simplicity. Users can set the level of coolness they want without using a remote in their hands.

It is also a multi-dimensional fan, but it has no purifying abilities like the Lasko tower bladeless fan. Besides cooling, it has a warming feature to make the air warm. As a result of this, the fan’s energy consumption is cut down to a smaller amount. The remote control is for the fan’s adjustment from one-speed level to another, while the LCD shows the entire settings of the fan.

  1. Homech Tower Fan:

It has the same feature as the Lasko tower bladeless fan, the air purifying feature eliminate dirt in the atmosphere. Those who look for multiple functionalities can bank on this fan for it. There is a HEPA air filter to eliminate dust, pollutants, or bacteria from the room. As a result of this, it is useful for people who are asthmatic patients.

It has a mobile application available for smartphones and iOS devices to control the bladeless tower fan with their mobile phones. In addition to it, there is an Alexa Voice control feature to make it easy to control to users. The powerful motors produce a cooling effect in any environment, while the heating feature makes the room warmer during the Winter season.

  1. Honeywell Tower Fan:

The Honeywell Tower fan has eight different adjustable speed settings, and this gives room for numerous customizations. In terms of airflow, it is moderate and produces a quieter sound. The product has a good user-friendly interface that allows users to operate it easily. The auto shut-off feature saves energy and a thermostat to carry out automatic functions. In addition to it, there is a remote-control feature for the fan.

  1. Tao Tronics Tower Fan:

It is one of the tower bladeless fan that you can compare with other bladeless fans in the market. There are three cooling options to allow users to sleep well, and the bedroom can be an ideal place. It provides enough air within 65 degrees using a speed of 20ft/sec. There are numerous options on the fan, such as timer settings, temperature tracking, speed adjustment, and many others.


The bladeless tower fan is becoming one of the best types of fans in the market. You can enjoy a cool breeze with lesser noise while having a good sleep. There are no many complications in starting this device because it requires you to plug it into your electricity, then you are good to go. Since there are many options available in the market, you need to find the one that matches your budget.