Do you know there are lots of several cable modem and router combos you can buy for your game? These have become very necessary for game lovers to buy to enhance their game features. The usefulness of cable modem and router has enabled users to have a strong network on their system. The broadband of these two gadgets is powerful compared to other devices that are used for the internet connection.

There are lots of things one can gain from using the cable modem and router together, but the major problem is to find the right one that can deliver well.

In time past, cable modem and routers were manufactured separately from each other. From the recent invention, both cable modem and routers have merged to function as a single unit. As a result of the different ones available in the market, it has led to buyers finding it difficult to buy a good one. Having a bad network during games can be frustrating, and the only way to prevent it from happening is buying a solid cable modem and router. Different problems could be encountered from a bad network like low download speeds, lost connections, etc.

What is a Cable Modem and Router?

The two gadgets have designed to work with different online gaming services. The reason being online gaming services demands a strong internet connection to be compatible with distant internet servers, and this is the essence of using them. There are lots of persons who are in search of the best cable modem, and router they can use for their gaming services. The word “modem” is an abbreviation for modulator-demodulator, and they work by transmitting digital data obtained from the computer into analogue waves, and this is vice-versa.

The data that has been transferred into the analogue waves through the modem cable, and telephone lines, and allows regular communication between the computer and the online gaming servers by getting you to prepare for gaming action. Generally, the best cable modem comes with more powerful specifications to allow fast transfer of data and strong connections. Online gamers are enjoying the full benefits of using these two gadgets that have been designed to function together.

Benefits of Using Cable Modem and Router Combos

There are numerous benefits they can be derived from buying the right cable modem and router:

1.     Speed:

This is one of the reasons lots of individuals are going to enjoy buying the cable modem and router. They allow fast internet connection for online gaming servers, and this helps to transfer data within a short time.

2.     Reliable Connection:

Most of these cable modem is being produced using high-quality materials fused with recent technology to gain access to different upstream channels. At the end of the day, they offer fast speed and reliable connection.

3.     Compatible with Routers:

The cable modems have been built to function well with the gaming router to provide awesome results like fast and reliable connection. Most of these cable modem and routers in this article have been known by several buyers to deliver well.

4.     Built for Gamers:

These two tech devices have been known to be one of the gaming gears for online gamers. Despite the fact there are different cable modem and routers available in the market, still, they perform the same function for the user.

How to Choose the Best Cable Modem and Router?

There are things to consider for any cable modem and router:

1.     Compatibility:

This is one of the factors that must cross your mind if you intend to buy these tech gadgets. You must buy the one that can function with your online gaming server to provide a reliable connection. It will be bad to spend money on a cable modem and router, then at the end of the day, they don’t function appropriately.

2.     Upload & Download Speeds:

A good cable modem and router should be able to upload data on time. Some cable modems and routers will take more than the recommended time to download data. It is better to make sure you make inquiries about the upload and download speed of the type you are going to buy.

3.     Brand & Price:

Before buying a modem cable and router it begins with knowing the brand and the price of the one you want to buy. The essence of knowing this is to act as a guideline for you as a buyer to know the amount you are going to spend in buying these tech gadgets.


4.     2-in-1 Cable Modem & Router:

The best one to use for internet connection for your gaming services is the 2-in-1 model. This gives you the privilege of saving space and managing your money. In addition to this, it comes with fast upload and download speeds to offer solid connection during gameplay.

Best Modem Cable and Router:

These are the following best modem cable and routers to buy:

1.     NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem & Router:

This is one of the best modem cable and routers that have been recognized in the market. It comes with ultra-fast WiFi performance to cover approximately 3,000 square feet and over 45 tech devices. It has been discovered that even in mansions they are still effective. It can handle cable provider plans of at least 2gigabites.

This kind of speed is being optimized through a wired connection of four gigabit Ethernet ports or making use of 2 high-speed USB 3.0 ports. The NETGEAR cable modem and router support both security and speed using DOCSIS 3.1 32×8, and wireless security protocols (WPA2). It can work with different types of major internet cable providers such as spectrum, Xfinity, and COX.


  • Strong 1.5GHz processor
  • Offers dual-band router with a fast speed of 3200 WiFi speeds
  • Compatible with COX ISPs and Comcast
  • Two USB Ports

2.     ARRIS SURFboard Modem Cable and Router:

The modem cable and router have an improved radio wave technology to generate a strong reliable wireless connection between the device and the router. Most of the ARRIS SURFboard are 2-in-1 but this particular one is 3-in-1 having a 32×8 cable modem, 4 USB port gigabit Ethernet router, and dual-band WiFi router.

The product can support 300Mbps and it is suitable for all major cable modem providers such as COX, Spectrum, and Xfinity. It comes with a solid security system that can be found be on McAfee secure whole-home internet with a 1.4Gbs for fast speeds. The entire set up can be controlled using your Android phone.


  • Presence of parental control settings
  • Support beamforming technologies
  • Dual-band connectivity
  • 32×8 channel bonding

3.     Motorola MG7700 Cable Modem and Router:

This might not be one of the mobile phones that is available in the market, but you can’t kick them away as long as modem cables and routers are being involved. Motorola is arguably one of the best, and it has a dual-band technology with the power to boost WiFi amplifiers. The highest speed of the gadget is 1009Mbps and this makes it to support at least 650Mbps.

Furthermore, it is compatible with different major cable providers such as COX, Xfinity, and Spectrum. Due to the wireless power boost, the device has gotten fast speed to allow for internet coverage up to 1500 square feet for up to 25 different devices. The Broadcom chipset offers security by obstructing service attacks.


  • Three different internal cables
  • Provides beamforming technologies and wireless power boost
  • Have advanced firewall

4.     Netgear Nighthawk CM700 Cable Modem and Router:

This device is more like the Nighthawk Cable modem and router, but with lesser functions. It has a cable transfer speed of approximately 1 4Gbps, and 8 upstream channels and 32 downloads. Its different devices are made up of high-quality materials since the router is tri-band that offers more WiFi connection to extra devices

This is a dual-core processor that offers a lag-free gaming experience to the user. In the aspect of USB ports, there are 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports for users to use. In addition to this, it has a wired Ethernet port to ensure that there is no interruption in internet connection. The manufacturer of the product has done awesome work. However, if you don’t like the Netgear CM700 cable modem and router, you will like the Nighthawk Cable modem and router.


  • Tri-band internet connection
  • Fast internet speeds
  • Internet connection for 50 devices
  • Parental control option

5.     TP-Link Archer CR 1900 Cable Modem and Router:

This device might not be a household name in the world of cable modem and router like the way ARRIS SURFboard or NETGEAR’s Nighthawk has become so popular, it can also deliver strong internet connection too. There are three different antennas and high-power amplifiers that help in boosting the signal strength.

The WiFi range can be increased, and it has been known to have some of the best download speeds and upload. Generally, it is one of the ideal cable modem and router that can be found in the market. It is good for streaming and gaming with a two-year warranty that has been attached to the device.



  • Support beamforming technologies
  • Easy setup or installation
  • Support 4k streaming and gaming
  • Provides 1Gbps for modem cable

6.     Motorola MG7550 Cable Modem and Router:

Motorola is one of the manufacturers of modern-day cable modem and router. This device comes with a Wireless Power Boost that has been built with a high-speed router. The two-year warranty ensures the user of getting their money back if anything goes wrong in using the cable modem and router. There are no USB ports, but there are four doors that are available for a gigabit Ethernet connection. This product has added to the different ones we have in the market. It is not the best in the market, but it has won the hearts of many people.


  • Supports iPv6 and iPv4
  • Rugged power surge protector
  • Detailed settings of management software

7.     ASUS CM-32 Modem Cable and Router:

The ASUS CM device supports fast internet speeds and has been designed in a way to prevent any setup complications. For users who are not technically inclined, there is a password that has the SSID name and password for you not to make changes to the setting. You can be sure to enjoy multi-user, multi-input, and multiple-output technology at the same time. The various devices you have in your home can connect to the modem cable and router at the same time.

It makes use of beamforming technologies to transmit signals, and it has the capacity of delivering full bandwidth. For high internet connections, especially for games will bring the combination of MU-MIMO and beamforming to give a strong signal strength without any dropouts as time goes on.


  • Full bandwidth of 1734Mbps
  • Supports beamforming technologies and MU-MIMO
  • Simple setup and installation


A cable modem and router are more affordable compared to buying each of them separately. The money you are going to buy any of this product in this article is going to give you a high-speed Internet connection, easy setup, online gaming services, fast streaming abilities, etc. You can buy yours to enjoy numerous benefits.