If you are the type who enjoys reading and also investing money in buying interesting books, you need to buy a good eBook reader to make your reading fun. Since they came into existence, lots of avid readers have been placing orders for them. Most of them are light, and waterproof to avoid spills.

People have several expectations when it comes to purchasing eBook readers. There are various features one has to consider before buying anyone from any eCommerce site. The technological era is one of the factors that has enhanced the performance of these eBook readers.

Furthermore, there are lots of these eBook readers in the market, buyers are finding it difficult to buy their choice. Most book readers are conversant with Kindles but unknown to them there are others available in the market with spectacular features in it.

The problem is each of these eBook readers has its pros and cons that come with them. You don’t have to start fidgeting because there are lots of information inside the article, you can take the right decisions to buy one. This device can allow you to carry hundreds of books wherever you go.

Who Needs to Buy eBook Readers?

Various persons need to invest resources in buying the device. If you are preparing to read books or carry your library to different parts of the world, it is crucial to buy an eBook reader to keep details of your books.

Gone are the days, it was stressful to carry a large number of books inside your bag or luggage from one place to another. The ebook reader is lighter in weight and small in size compared to the hardcover books. Most of these firms responsible for eBook readers create a mobile app for their users and also perform other functions.

For instance, Amazon’s Kindle app can store different books you have bought from Amazon. Another good thing readers can decide to change the font and size of their text. It is one of the reasons you compare normal books to eBook readers.

Using the eBook reader can help individuals stay away from any distraction, and give readers more understanding of the book they are reading. The device can help users to reduce the rate of storing books in their homes.

If you are too busy or lazy to buy books from offline stores, you can get an eBook reader to help you out with the stress. Users of eBook readers can download books online into the device and read them over and over again without spending money on purchasing hardcover books.

Factors to Check in Buying eBook Readers

Here are the following factors to consider for an eBook reader, and they are:

  1. Connectivity:

Internet is inevitable in downloading books from the internet. A strong connection is crucial either with the use of WiFi or 4G mobile data. The level of connectivity will determine where and where you will download books.

  1. Touchscreen:

It is one of the factors that help to spice reading for people who are using the device. Most of the manufacturers for eBook readers are using touchscreen models for their devices to attract readers. If you are enjoying having eBook readers, you will consider checking the device to have a touchscreen for easy controls.

  1. Memory:

Memory storage is crucial for any eBook reader. Some of them might either be 4GB or 8GB memory capacity. The higher the memory of the device, the more books you can download inside. For instance, users can download approximately 500 books in an 8GB memory eBook reader.

  1. Screen:

There are various screen sizes for these eBook readers, and some can either be 5, 6, 8, or 9 inches in size. It is best to buy one that the screen is clear for you to read with less stress. The resolution has another thing to do with the screen for the device.

For instance, an image having a high resolution of 300PPI will be more visible to the eyes compared to those that come with low PPI. On the other hand, some of these eBook readers have an LCD screen technology to display different colors and a decent interface like your smartphones.

  1. Formats:

They do come in various formats to make sure every reader has their preferred format. Every format has its readability; these formats are ePUB, TXT, MOBI, and AZW. One of the most popular formats is the ePUB and commonly used by various readers.

If you will be reading text-heavy documents, it is best to use the TXT format. The AZW is regarded as the kindle files because it can store large contents that can be read on the Kindle application, while the MOBI format is for books or files with low bandwidth.

  1. Audio:

If you make mistake in buying an eBook reader that is no way up to Kindle Fire, then you might have poor audio quality. You have to check the audio quality or sound of the device to ensure the voice of the device is clear enough to your hearing.

  1. Battery:

If you live in an area where there is no constant supply of electricity, these eBook readers can stay up to 2 to 4 weeks before the users might have to recharge them. They consume less amount of battery due to the electronic ink screens. Charging the device depends on the number of times it is being used.

  1. Weight:

The eBook readers can store different books you can store in your physical library. Every eBook reader has its weight, and some can weigh either 170 or 198 grams. As a result of their lightweight, they become conducive for mobility and portability for users.

Best eBook Readers

The following are the various eBook readers you can buy to have a smooth reading experience, and they are:

  1. OASIS:

The ebook reader enables readers to have awesome or incredible experiences compared to the conventional way of reading. It is designed with an IPX8-rated aluminum frame to offer enough durability for the device. If you are the type who enjoys reading, you can opt for this device.

It has a decent ergonomic design and page-turning buttons to allow users to make use of it comfortably without any difficulty. The LCD screen has a bright light to make reading fun with a high resolution of 300PPI. The brightness of the screen can be reduced and also increase to read various books.

In addition to it, it has audible support, and Bluetooth to help users switch from reading to listening to any book. When once it is fully charged, it can stay up to 6 weeks before the battery is drained.

  1. Kindle Paperwhite:

It has a sleeker design and comes with great functionalities. There is a 6-inch backlit display, and every inch has 300 pixels that offer readable text under any light conditions. No matter the long hours you spend reading books, the light from the screen won’t affect your eyes because of the glare-free screen.

The light guide for the device reflects the light from the eBook reader into the screen rather than bringing it outside. The kindle white paper can be used anywhere without you thinking of it getting damaged. If you are an audiobook lover, the audio transition for the device is great for users.

You don’t have to bother about downloading other apps when you want an audio reading. Due to the presence of WiFi and Bluetooth, files can be transferred from other devices to your Kindle Paperwhite. The battery can last for good 6 weeks before it gets diminished on time.

It comes in two memory capacity or storage – 8GB, and 32GB options for users. With this memory, the device can contain over 4000 eBook titles on the 8GB version, while the other (32GB) can contain audio files. There is a setting for the dark mode option, and reading presets. Every operation for the ebook reader is done on the touchscreen.

  1. Kobo Clara HD:

It is one of the latest eBook readers in the market. The front side of the device has a six-inch touch screen that has 300pixels for each of the resolutions. The casing for the screen can fit into the back pocket of men’s trousers.

The grip of the device allows maximum comfort for users to hold the device in their hands firmly. As a result of the lightweight, users can hold it for long hours without experiencing any fatigue in their wrists. It is one of the lightest eBook readers in this article.

The battery is impressive enough to last for three to four weeks depending on its usage. Users can adjust the color of the device due to the smart technology, and it will fit the environment automatically. There are options to either select between blue and softer yellow backlight.

The new software update in the device makes it much faster to borrow eBooks from the library. If the library has an overdrive integration, you will see the contents of the ebook library on your eBook reader. If you purchase this eBook reader, you have the privilege of over 5 million library books.

  1. Kobo Aura One:

It is another eBook reader for readers to buy in the market. The company behind the manufacturing of the device is highly innovative. They have integrated several features inside the Kobo Aura One. This particular eBook reader comes with high specifications that make it solid and durable.

At the back of it, there is a rubber textured finish that makes it easier to grip with ease by using a single hand. The screen size is 7.8-inch with an awesome display. The resolution screen has 300 pixels per inch and you will get to see the text you are reading either under the sun or not.

One of the times you will enjoy using the device is at late night when you are reading your favorite book. It has a backlight that can fit into your environment. The night mode is the latest feature they have added to the device to reduce the effect of the light on the readers’ eyes.

It has a user-friendly interface and the home screen will display the information of the book you are reading at the moment. Any format is used in reading the book such as ePub, Mobi, or PDF. You can browse several ebooks irrespective of their location. The battery can stay up to a month after a single charge, and the device is gaining a reputation in the US, gradually.


It is a mid-model device in the eBook readers’ world. Though there is no aluminum body or water resistance feature, the Nook Glowlight 3 is ideal for reading books. The screen has a pixel of300 pixels for each inch resolution coming from the Nook Glowlight Plus.

The display from the screen is crispy and offers the reader the paper book feel. The touchscreen has a backlight system of 6 yellow and 7 yellow LED lights. These LED lights are crucial for the even distribution of light across the screen. Besides, readers can change the color tone from cool white to warm orange.


If you are the type who loves reading books will fall for eBook readers. You will be happy to have this device because it will help you to reduce the stress of carrying hardcovers from one place to another. If you are financially buoyant, it is better to invest your money in buying eBook readers to read your favorite books.