Different gaming monitors can be bought under 300 and 200 dollars. Some people are still not fully aware of the importance of having a good gaming monitor, but it will take only a game freak to know the major role it plays for them. If you could search online, you will see different gaming monitors that are being produced by different manufacturers. Buyers should have a clear budget when it has to do with the buying of gaming monitors. The right thing is to find the right specifications that will fit their demands.

It is not only hard die-gamer that needs good gaming monitors because a home-based company might also need it in their offices to carry out their daily routines. It is crucial to have high-quality gaming monitors to avoid issues that might occur using the device. Some buyers don’t mind devoting their energy to find the right CPU, graphics card, and other specifications that can be found in the gaming monitors that want to buy. The issue of finding one with a good graphics card is essential because games need a monitor that comes with a high graphics card.

The graphics card is an important specification to be checked on any gaming monitors. There have been some cases that have led to a blank screen during playing games, and this could be caused due to playing games with heavy graphics. Therefore, if you want to have a smooth gaming experience, you need to buy a good gaming monitor. The good thing is most of these gaming monitors are becoming cheaper for even the average person to acquire. This implies you don’t have to spend money extravagantly in buying gaming monitors.

In this article, we are going to see different kinds of gaming monitors that can be bought under 300 and 200 dollars. Buying this device had to depend based on the efficiency and affordability, and it will make sense if buyers can put this at the back of their minds when buying this device. On the other hand, people want to buy a gaming monitor that has better responsiveness, clear images, and high resolutions. For instance, the Alienware AW2518HF was the renowned gaming monitors that were affordable for buyers to buy. It came with exciting features that lured buyers to buy it, but some factors can help the buying process

Factors to Consider in Buying a Gaming Monitor Under 300 & 200 dollars

There are different factors one has to put into consideration before buying them, and they are:

  • Display size
  • Resolution
  • Screen type
  • Ergonomics
  • Response time
  • Refresh rate
  • IPS or TN

1.     Display Size:

This is the basic thing to consider in buying a new gaming monitor. Buyers need to go for a size that can fit their desk. Before buying this device, you must measure the desk you want to place the monitor to buy the ideal one that will sit on it. It is advisable to buy a gaming monitor that’s between the range of 22 to 24 inches because they don’t occupy many spaces.

2.     Resolution:

When buyers get to hear the word “resolution”, they become confused about it. A resolution has to do with the total number of pixels a monitor screen contains for displaying images. Initially, it was being considered that the 1080p was the right standard when it has to do with resolution. Currently, there are several pixels for gaming monitors such as 1440p, 1080p, 4k, and 5k. It should be noted the higher the pixels, the better images on the gaming monitor.

3.     Screen Type:

In time past, the use of cathode ray tube where the things that were common in monitors, but due to technology, the use of LED or LCD panels are being used. In LED screens, there is a light-emitting diode, while for the LCD, there are layers of diodes that makes use of the backlight to show pictures. Both screens are good, but they have their various advantages and disadvantages.

4.     Ergonomics:

A good or a high-quality monitor comes with ergonomic flexibility. It is ideal to buy a gaming monitor that can be placed in any position. Some of these monitors can be tilted back, swivel right or left, and their height can be adjusted. These features can’t be found on every gaming monitor in the market. It is better to invest your money on the one that will fit your usage.

5.     Response Time:

This is one of the factors to be considered in buying gaming monitors. It has been discovered that a high response time is the major number-one culprit that can hinder the flow of the game. This feature is responsible for the way the monitor communicates with the game console or computer. It is better to buy a monitor with slow response time to produce heavy lag input. If you want the gaming monitor to function well with the console or PC, you need to buy one with a low response time.

6.     Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate is important as the response time, and this happens to be the rate in which the monitor can extract images or pictures that are being transmitted from the game to the monitor screen. When a monitor has a fast refresh rate, the monitor helps the gameplay. This is being measured in Hertz (Hz). There is no monitor you will buy that you won’t see the refresh rate, and some might be 120Hz, 240Hz, and 244Hz. The higher the refresh rate faster the level of images to the monitor, and it is clear that 1 Hertz is equivalent to 1 second. Let’s get to see the various gaming monitors.

Best Gaming Monitors under 300 & 200 dollars

The following are the best gaming monitors you can buy below this amount:

1.     ViewSonic XG2402:

The is one of the best gaming monitors that can be found under the $300 categories. It comes with a 24″ screen to give users a smooth gaming experience. The refresh rate for the monitor is 144Hz and it has fast response time too. Despite the low price, it has been designed with awesome specifications in the market. The stand of the ViewSonic XG2402 allows for adjustment into various angles. The TN panel has funny viewing angles that are not conducive for playing video games

The fast response time has helped in transmitting images or pictures to the monitor screen at a very fast rate. Based on the 144Hz refresh rate, it has made the motion on the monitor screen to look fluid. The FreeSync variable refresh rate technology supports the reduction of screen tearing and can function with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC. The VRR helps the input lag of the monitor screen. There are other features such as two USB 3.0 ports, LED lighting, and speakers. The backlight is flicker-free at the different levels of brightness to reduce stressing the optic nerves during long hours of playing games.

2.     LG 29UM69G-B:

For people who enjoy playing games on a widescreen will find this monitor screen fun to use. The LG 29UM69G-B has a 1080p resolution. It is being operated by an IPS panel that comes with wide viewing angles, and this helps to make the images balance on both sides of the screen. It is so bad that there are some flaws, and this has affected the flexibility of the screen. The refresh rate of the monitor is 75Hz, and this affects the motion speed.

On the other hand, it has a fast response time, and there is a black frame insertion feature that helps to reduce motion blur. There are no USB-A ports for charging external devices, but there is a place for USB-C input that can assist the Display Port Alt Mode, and this shows images from a compatible tech device can be charged simultaneously. If you are after getting a wide view of images, this could be the ideal one for you, and it can be bought under $300.

3.     Acer XFA240:

This is one of the gaming monitors to buy below $200, and it has a refresh rate of 244Hz. The screen of the monitor is 24″ with a resolution of 1080P. In the aspect of the graphics card, it makes use of NVIDIA or AMD. There is still another graphics card known as XFA240 to offer a resolution of 1080P, and this also increases the refresh rate and response time.

One thing to have at the back of your mind, there is no need to look for a high-end system to use, since you can buy a quality gaming monitor with high specifications. The game monitor can function with either a $700 and $800 gaming computer build. For gamers who are in search of a high refresh rate of 144Hz gaming monitor with an affordable rate can consider the Acer XFA240 has an excellent option.


4.     MSI Optix G24C:

Although it can be bought under $200, there are high specifications in the monitor. There is a curved panel display on the monitor screen, and it has a resolution of 1080P, 1ms response time, and 144Hz refresh rate.

It makes use of Adaptive-Sync technology other than making use of the FreeSync. The FreeSync of the monitor was designed via an open-source Adaptive-Sync Technology, and this will allow the new AMD graphics card to function with the Adaptive Sync. Despite the refresh rate of 144Hz, it comes in affordable rates for buyers.

5.     BenQ GL276OH:


If you want a gaming monitor that comes at a cheaper rate, and also with a high refresh rate, then the BenQ GL276OH should be on your list. It has been built with features you can hardly see on other gaming monitors. The screen display of the monitor is 27″, and a resolution of 1080P. The response time of the system is 2ms and it has both HDMI and DVI ports. There are other features that the user can find from this gaming monitor.

There is the presence of low blue light technology to fight against unwanted stress from the optic nerves, and this allows playing for several hours. The contrast ratio of the gaming monitor is 12M, and this creates smooth picture performance during playing video games. Users are going to enjoy their games based on the different media interfaces


A gaming monitor has a role it plays in having a smooth gaming experience. These monitors are expensive, and at the same time being expensive doesn’t mean it has high features. If you know the type of monitor you are looking for, you can be lucky to buy one that comes with different specifications and at affordable rates too. The major thing you should focus on should be on features such as screen type, ergonomics, refresh rate, display size, response time, and many others.