Gaming tablets are one of the gadgets you can buy for your kids because children are fascinated with something that can make them feel entertained. These gaming tablets come in various inches, specifications, products, and many others. Kids find it easy to read the information on their tablets, compared to the ones found on print books. For this reason, if you want to grab the attention of your kids from unnecessary distraction, gaming tablets are the best way to do it. There is no way to dispute the facts because it has been seen by various buyers.

Android gaming tablets are still useful because of the roles they play in the grooming of kids. Parents who want to buy these gaming tablets for their kids are in search of the best ones to come with advanced features. The major thing is to buy an affordable gaming tablet with different features like strong parental controls, rugged covers, and many others. The good thing about it you don’t behave to bother about this, because there are different gaming tablets in the market with numerous features.

Furthermore, since they have different screen size, you need to know they have different key features that you must evaluate before making any payment as a buyer. These gaming tablets are cheaper compared to the prices people have placed in their minds, and this has made it easier for parents to buy for their different kids. For instance, a parent with three kids can decide to buy three gaming tablets for their kids, based on its affordability. This makes it possible for parents to avoid spending their lifesaving in the process of buying gaming tablets for their kids.

If you are lucky enough to buy the ones with parental controls, you will able to regulate the way they make use of it. Formally, lots of persons thought tablets were mainly for adults, but games have been modified into tablets to make kids fully engaged. Technology has changed geometrically, and this has contributed to the invention of gadgets that has been transformed into games. Without any further ado, let’s get to see the various features to consider before gaming tablets for kids.

Features to Consider Buying Gaming Tablets for Kids

Before buying any game tablet for your kids, certain key features are necessary to be checked before making any move to make payment:

  • Parental controls
  • Durability
  • Pre-loaded content
  • Battery Life
  • Screen Size and weight
  • Cost

1.     Parental Controls:

Any gaming tablet you are planning to buy as a parent for your kids should be the one that comes with parental control. If it doesn’t have parental controls, you can still install parental control app into the gaming tablet to ensure some important parts of the gaming tablet is being protected from children such as the setting, display, or any other areas associated with the control of the tablet. Another thing you can add to the gaming tablet is child-safe browsers to help parents limit location tracking.

2.     Durability:

There is the probability for kids to bump or drop to the gaming tablet on the ground, and if it happens the tablet is not strong enough, it will be damaged. This is the reason parents have to buy the ones that have a rugged appearance to withstand any accident. It has been suggested that the use of a protective case can also make gaming tablet durable during usage, but buying this case is another way of increasing expenses. Some protective cases help in protecting the gaming tablets from spill or water.

3.     Pre-loaded Content:

Most of these gaming tablets have some programs that have been installed in them already, but the only thing left is to get another extra software to download. Any application you are going to download should be the one that is appropriate for your kid’s age and development. One thing you should know is some of these gaming tablets have apps that have been installed for children already. It is advised that any software you want to install on the tablet is not the trial version.

4.     Battery Life:

This is one of the features that have to be put into consideration before buying gaming tablets for your children. Since the device or gadget will be taken from one place to another, the battery life is very important for the tablet. It will be painful for kids playing games, eventually, the battery goes off, and this is the more reason you should buy the one that can at least 8 hours of battery life. Kids who like playing adventure games will want a device that will last long when it is fully charged.

5.     Screen Size and Weight:

The screen size and weight of the gaming tablet are important too. You need to buy the one that your kids won’t find it difficult handling it. Young kids might find it strenuous in carrying a heavy gaming tablet in their hands. The ideal size of the gaming tablet shouldn’t be larger than 10 inches, but for pre-teens, it will be ideal to buy a tablet that is smaller than 7 inches. Therefore, the larger the screen, the higher price of buying the gaming tablet. Every age has the type of gaming tablets that are good for them in terms of weight and size.

6.     Cost:

Every parent who wants to buy a gaming tablet must have a fixed budget in place already. If you are going for a gaming tablet with lots of features, then you have to be ready to spend more on buying them. Some of these expensive ones are versatile that must prevent you from upgrading the gaming in six or twelve months. The higher gaming tablets are expensive, but they have fast processors and hard drives. On the other hand, the lower cost tablets have lesser storage capacity, and won’t allow the storage of heavy graphics app.

Best Gaming Tablets for Kids

These gaming tablets come in different inches, and for this reason, we are going to see the ones in 8-inch and 10-inch sizes:

1.     Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablets for Kids:

This is one of these best gaming tablets you can buy for your kids as a parent because it has some specifications you are not going to see in other tablets. It is better the than the 7-inch gaming tablets available in the market, instead not planning to get one with lesser screen size, you can add extra money to buy this one. It comes with a higher resolution display, larger storage, 12 hours’ battery life, and many others.

In addition to this, there is USB-C charging, and this made it a bonus for families who will like to update to the recent specifications. There are dual stereo speakers integrated with Dolby Atmos support, and a stand with colours like pink, blue or purple. Therefore, buyers of the product are going to enjoy a two-year warranty, and also free to have Amazon Free time-unlimited, parental controls, and many others.

2.     Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablets:

The Amazon Fire HD 10″ is another gaming tablet that is suitable for kids. The manufacturer of the tablet has been able to enhance numerous specifications such as screen size, resolution, fast processor, USB-C charging, RAM, and many others. There are still protective cases you can get to protect the gaming tablet from damage.

For anyone who buys the gaming tablet is going to enjoy a two-year warranty, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, and even parental controls. In buying this gaming tablet you have to make sure they are functioning before buying it.

3.     Verizon Gizmo Tablet by Samsung:

It has been rebranded by Samsung, and it has awesome specifications that will attract any parent to buy it. It is more or less like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 with a rugged appearance. There is a unique feature on the gaming tablet that differentiate it from other gaming tablets, and that is the presence of “Kids World”, and it allows kids to gain access to over 300 educational applications through the default settings.

If you want to enjoy the Android tablet experience, you can do this by exiting the mode. One of the things that have made this different is based on the password that is being required.


4.     Samsung Galaxy Game Tablet:

The gaming tablet is not meant for kids, but it has been well-built to have a rugged appearance. This allows it to control temperature, vibration, pressure, spills, dust, etc. There might not be all the features require to fit in the demands for kids, but it can’t survive kid’s torture test compared to other gaming tablets.

There is an option for parents to add other applications for their kids or tablets. Although it is expensive, the whole family can make use of it from kids to adults. It will surprise you to know it can be used for browsing to search for information.


5.     LeapFrog Epic:

The name of the gaming tablet is familiar to lots of parents, and they have been involved in the production of numerous devices for children. LeapFrog gaming tablet is the major tablet that has been produced by the company. It comes with an average screen and a slow processor.

The good thing about the gadget it has been manufactured for every user and the operating system is Google’s Android with a well-customized user interface with different features such as parental controls, shatter-proof display, MicroSD card slot, etc.


6.     Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablet:

The gaming gadget has a strong processor that allows it to launch a gaming application on time. It has the latest Android version Android 9.0 Pie, and there are no unnecessary ads. It has a screen display of 800, and 1280 IPS display which gives it a bright colour to enhance the picture quality from different angles.

There is an Eye Care mode that optimizes and adjusts the backlight automatically especially at night. There are double speakers to offer a surround sound to games and videos. The high-speed network connections allow users to play games, video chat, watch movies, etc.


7.     Tagital T10k Android 8.1:

It has been built with a high processor with 3GB RAM. This allows parents to use it for multitasking with their kids. It has been loaded with operating software of Android 9.0 Pie and other pre-installed Google apps. It has an inbuilt FM to allow parents to listen to their favourite radio stations. The battery can last up to 11 hours to allow kids to play games for several hours.



Gaming tablets are important in entertaining kids, but there are prices that differ from each other. You need to know the feature of the one you are buying to detect either its value is equivalent to the money you are going to pay in getting it.