What to consider when choosing a Hair Salon

When you are looking for a hair salonyou want to make sure you are finding the best. Your hair is a vital part of your image and we understand that when you are searching for a hair salon, you want the best. Whether you just moved to a new location or are just looking to find a new salon, we can help you find the best hair salon by following some simple steps.

Ask for Recommendations from Friends and Family

Often times the best way to find hair salons is to ask friends, family, and neighbors or ask Siri or Alexa for the best hair salon near me. Your family and friends are likely trusted individuals who would not steer you in the wrong direction when it comes to something so important as your hair.

If you see a friend, family member or even a stranger with a haircut or color that you love, ask them where they go and who they see. If you are asking a stranger, don’t forget to get their name so you can tell your stylist who referred you. This will help the stylist to know what type of style you are attracted to and want to achieve.

Continue Your Search Online

If you use Siri, Alexa or any other virtual assistant to get recommendations, try asking her to locate salons near me or hair salon near me. When the virtual assistant returns results, she is pulling from the top-rated salons in your area, usually with SEO. There is a reason why certain websites are ranking higher in a search engine search than others and it is because they are the best, most visited, and trusted sites. Check out the top results and go from there.

Best Hair Salon Burnaby

Schedule a Blowout or Nail and Spa Service

So you found a hairstylist that you think maybe a good fit for you, but you’re not sure. Book a blowout! This is the safest way to test the waters at the shop without having to make any major commitments that could potentially end in disaster. You can also book another service that the salon offers such as a pedicure or a wax. While these services are not directly related to your hair, you still can get an idea of the salon atmosphere and a feel for the staff. If you like the hair salon, the service, the atmosphere, and the stylist, you will likely be prompted to schedule a more committed service. If, however, you leave the salon feeling underwhelmed and unimpressed, you didn’t lose much and you can continue your search for the best hair salon in Burnaby.

Check Your Hair Products at Home

Do you have a certain hair product or brand that you are obsessed with? Like you can’t go one day without applying this product? If that’s the case, many hair product lines have search tools on their websites that you will show what hair salons nearby carry and use the products. If a potential salon is already using the products that you know and trust, they already have a leg up on the other hair salons that do not carry your preferred product line, so they may be a good place to start in your quest for finding the best hair salon.

Do Your Research and Narrow Down the Results

After doing an internet search for “best hair salons near me” or asking your virtual assistant for “hair salons near me”, take a look at the results and narrow them down to the ones that you feel most drawn towards. Take a look at the hair salon website-is it attractive, up to date, informative, and easy to use? Does the website offer multiple ways to get in touch with the hair salon? Do they offer other services too such as nails and spa? The more services that a hair salon offers, the more attractive the salon should be to you. While you are searching for the best hairdresser it is also nice to know that they provide nail and spa services too for when you are looking for a manicure or a massage.

See What Others Are Saying About the Salon

Another key in doing your research of the best hair salon is to check their online reviews. Reviews can be found in multiple places online and usually come up when you do an online search. Weigh the good and the bad reviews to get an idea of a particular hair salon, its services and specific stylists. Some review sites you can use are Google reviews, Yelp and TripAdvisor. People are likely to post a review after receiving a service, and say whether they were satisfied were not. Read a few reviews to get a well-rounded opinion for yourself.

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Utilize Various Social Media Accounts

Social media use is more prevalent than ever and thanks to platforms such as Instagram, hair salons can post pictures of their work for the public to view. Most salons have Instagram and Facebook handles as well as hashtags so you can follow along and really check out their work. If the styling you see posted to social media is attractive to you, find out which stylist is primarily doing the work in the shots you love and reach out. Stylists put these images on social media for this exact purpose, they want to attract new clientele to their shop by showing off their work.

Follow These Steps & Find The Best Hair Salon

If you find yourself in need of a hairdresser, we hope these steps are helpful to you in your search. Do your research. Look at multiple salon websites and reviews before booking an appointment. You will save yourself a lot of stress and tears by doing your research and scheduling with a top hair salon that you feel comfortable with.