If you are looking to buy the best home theater speakers for your surround sound system, then you have many things to consider. It is not just about the budget you have at your disposal – although, I guess that’s fairly important. A lot of Home theatre owners are finding trouble dealing with random fluctuations of electricity. Hence they are looking for the best home theatre power manager for them.
It may sound like an easy task, but to find the right home theatre power manager is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of diverse factors that go into getting the right power manager for your place.

First, before we dig in the list of the best home theatre power managers, we need to analyze what kind of home theatre you own. You need to know all the basic details about your home theatre.  As we all know that any amount of sudden spike or dip in the voltage can harm any electronic device that is plugged in at that particular time. For the same reason, every home theatre owner should get one power manager. Moreover, as the home theatre is always plugged in and there is no certainty of a constant or smooth flow of voltage, this is something that you must buy for your home theatre.

Also, try to understand the system and pattern of electricity and the voltage fluctuations of your place. This further helps you to get the best home theatre power manager for yourself. Now, let us see the various options that you can choose from to get the best home theatre power manager for yourself.


Investing in a surge protector that’s designed for home theater equipment is a small price to pay in order to protect your very expensive equipment from the unforeseen consequences of power surges or electrical line noise. But selecting a surge protector can be a daunting task.

Type of Equipment: What kind of equipment will you be plugging into your surge protector? Home electronics, computers, office equipment and workbench tools have different protection needs. Be sure to choose a surge protector that protects your equipment on all inputs, including telephone lines (RJ-11), computer network (RJ-45) and cable jacks (coaxial).

Cord Length & Plug Design: Determine how far you will place your surge protector from your grounded AC outlet, and select a surge protector with a cord at least that long. If you want to place furniture flush against the wall in front of the AC outlet, choose a surge suppressor with a right-angle plug.

Number of Outlets: Determine how many items you will be plugging into your surge suppressor, and purchase one with at least as many outlets as you expect to need. Remember that transformer plugs are wider than standard plugs. Select a surge protector that will accommodate transformer plugs without blocking adjacent outlets.

Indicator Lights: Most surge protectors include diagnostic LEDs that confirm power availability and protection status. After repeated power surges, the protective circuitry will burn out so it’s important to know whether or not your surge protection is still functioning.

Protection Modes: Residential power outlets have three wires: hotline (H), neutral (N), and ground (G). Since your home theater equipment is connected to all three, you need a surge protector that protects all three lines, covering the two protection modes: full normal mode (H-N) and common mode (N-G / H-G).

Safety Testing: Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a facility that conducts independent, product safety testing. Surge suppressor manufacturers use UL to test their products according to the UL 1449 safety testing standard. There are several editions to the UL 1449 testing standard. The most current one is the 3rd Edition, which tests to a higher degree of safety than earlier editions

Response Time: The response time tells you how long it takes for the surge suppressor to turn on before it is actively preventing a surge from affecting your equipment. The response time is rated in nanoseconds (billionths of a second). The lower the number, the faster the response. The best surge protectors for home theater equipment have less than one nanosecond response time.

Clamping Voltage: While the response time tells you how quickly a surge suppressor takes to “turn on,” the clamping voltage tells you at what level of surge voltage the suppressor turns on. High clamping voltages allow a higher level of surge voltage to get to your equipment. So, the lower the clamping voltage rating, the better the protection. The best surge protectors for home theater equipment have clamping voltages of 140V.

Energy Absorption: A surge or spike in its most basic terms is raw electrical energy. And energy cannot simply disappear, it has to be either dissipated as heat or absorbed by something else. Surge protectors absorb surge energy and divert it away from your sensitive home theater equipment. Therefore, its energy absorption capability, rated in joules, is a good indicator of the quality of the surge protector. The higher the joule rating, the better the energy absorption. The best surge suppressors for home theater equipment have a joule rating over 3000.

EMI/RFI Filtering: Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) cause data loss, A/V interference, and sometimes even computer memory loss. The EMI/RFI filtering is rated in decibels (dB). The higher the number, the better the protection. The best noise filters for home theater equipment have about a 60dB rating.

Maximum Surge Amps: This represents the maximum current that the suppressor can tolerate before the surge damages the suppressor itself. The higher the number, the better the surge suppressor. The best surge suppressors for home theater equipment have ratings as high as 150,000 amps.

Finally, there are a few other considerations you should address while shopping for a surge protector. Some surge protectors come with a warranty that covers the replacement of your computer and audio/visual components if the surge protector fails. Another consideration would be a surge protector’s energy efficiency. If energy efficiency is important to you look for a “green” surge protector, which has special circuitry to reduce energy consumption



It is one of the best power managers that you can get for yourself! They provide wonderful and safe voltage protection that will ensure that your home theatre does not get affected by any power or voltage volatility. The power manager promises to Keep your home theater equipment safe with this 8-outlet surge protector that features an 1875-joule rating and cable, satellite, antenna, telephone, and network line protection to protect components from power spikes and surges.


  • Premium Filtration: Improves Picture and Sound. Provides clean power by filtering out noise common to household power.
  • AVM (Automatic Voltage Monitoring): Protects equipment against prolonged over/ under voltages by disconnecting the power and reconnecting it when safe power returns.
  • COAX/SAT Protection: Protects equipment from electrical surges that travel over Cable, Satellite, and Antenna lines.
  • 12 Volt Trigger: Allows source equipment to activate or deactivate outlets 5-8 on the M8-HT-PRO.
  • Telephone/LAN Line Protection: Protects equipment from electrical surges that travel over Telephone and network lines.
  • 8 Outlets: More outlets for all of your power needs.
  • Surge Protection: Exclusive Protect or Disconnect circuitry. In the event of a catastrophic surge such as lightning, it completely disconnects AC power to connected equipment
  • Hi-Def Ready: Designed to work with your High Definition system



This can be a real electrical lifesaver for many of us! If you own a home theatre and you are looking for diverse and multipurpose use, then this power saver might just be the one for you! All you need to do is assess your home theatre and get the Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot power manager. This will greatly save you and your home theatre from any voltage or power fluctuation. Protect your devices from power surges with the Belkin 12-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector. The generous 8-foot extension power strip features six regular outlets and six Block Space outlets that accommodate oversized power adapters without blocking other outlets. With an intelligent circuit design that detects and accommodates the power needs of your devices, the multi-plug power strip ensures your devices perform optimally.


  • 12 surge-protected outlets
  • 3,940-Joule energy rating
  • 8-foot/2.4-meter heavy-duty power cord



This power manager is not is only great for your home theatre, but it is also a wonderful way to keep your smartphones and other smart devices safe as well! This keeps all your connected devices and gadgets unaffected by any power or voltage fluctuations. This comes with a warranty as well, so you don’t need to worry about the long-run issues with this one.

However, the price can be a bit heavy for some of the home theatre owners. Moreover, they don’t provide an extended warranty that you can get with some of the other power managers that we have mentioned here.


  • 540 Joule surge protection energy rating
  • 6-outlet wall mount surge protector
  • 2 USB ports provide a combined 2.4 Amps of charging power
  • Designed to fit a 2-outlet configuration. Center screw firmly mounts unit on the wall or can be removed by gently lifting off the red washer on the back of the unit



Power your home or office with the 2 grounded outlets & 3 USB protected by One Beat. Simple design and compact size, ideal for tabletop or bedside for home and office. Enable multiple devices working simultaneously. Most devices and home appliances can be connected.

Compatible with 100~240V worldwide voltage, meaning you could use it while traveling overseas together with a travel plug. However, it’s NOT a voltage converter and your device needs to support 100-240V as well


  • 13A UL Approval Braided Extension Cord
  • 3 Fast & Smart USB High-Speed Charging
  • 2 AC Outlets 100~240V
  • Low Profile Flat Plug
  • 5 ft braided extension cord
  • LED Indicator Light



it comes with 12 sockets that you can use for your home theatre or any electrical appliances. Moreover, it can help you regulate the fluctuating voltages with the help of its fuse technology.

The fuse will help you cut back the sudden dip or rise in the voltage so that your home theatre stays safe. Moreover, it comes with a warranty as well. So make sure that you go through this before you make your final call.
However, proving no source through which you can connect your internet cable can be a bit disappointing.


  • 120V/15A Rackmount Surge Protector provides critical power protection for data centers, network closets, and VOIP phone systems.
  • Output: 12 NEMA 5–15R outlets (6 Front and 6 Rear); Input: NEMA 5–15P straight plug with 15 feet power cord.
  • Versatile rackmount options: Allow for installation of the PDU in the following configurations: 0U (vertical, under counter, and wall mount), 1U (horizontal, vertical, under counter, and wall mount).
  • Additional features: Network-grade plugs and outlets, industrial-grade metal housing, and cord retention tray



We hope that now you can shortlist the best home theatre power manager for yourself. Make sure to get the best one for yourself as they can save you from a great deal of expense! Moreover, make sure to know your home theatre well before bagging the right one! Go through the list and share it with everyone you know who owns a home theatre.

These power managers can be some of the best choices that you can tap from this list of home theatre power managers. This will set you and your home theatre free from any electricity fluctuation worries! The only issues with these power managers are that they are a bit pricy.