This year Apple has released iPhone 12 and packed it with technology that can’t be compared to other iPhones in the market. It is advisable to get a glass screen protector to protect the screen from crack or scratch and there is no other way to do this by investing your money to buy a protector for your screen, and there are different glass screen protectors available in the market. The screen of the iPhone 12 measures about 6.7″, and comes with a good camera system that can capture clear crystal pictures.

If you have this iPhone 12 you have spent your hard-earned money on, it will bad not to get a glass screen protector. The iPhone 12 happens to be the latest phone that has been manufactured by Apple. Some iPhone users prefer carrying their phones like that without using any casing. It might seem right to them, but if the phone falls to the ground, what will happen to the glass screen? Some people have damaged their iPhones as a result of not using a glass screen protector to protect it from unforeseen circumstances.

Nobody will like to see their phone screen having scratches, fingerprint marks, or anything on the screen. These have shown that there are diverse benefits one can obtain from using a glass screen protector. With a glass screen protector, you can have the peace of mind you are looking for. This glass screen protector is available for the different variants of iPhone 12. If you are lucky you might get the one that comes with tools you will use in fixing it on the screen of your iPhone. Without any further ado, let’s get to see these glass screen protectors.

Best iPhone 12 and Pro Glass Screen Protector

The following are the best glass screen protector you can get for any variants of iPhone 12:

1.     CASEKOO Shatterproof Screen Protector:


The manufacturer of this iPhone 12 glass screen protector has done a great job by offering a 5-year support and premium customer support for their products. It can be used for iPhone 12 Pro Max, and it has a full-coverage to secure iPhone from drops even from 10ft. It has been manufactured from tough tempered glass to make the screen more durable. It has a 4-in-1 compression structure and this increases the intensity of the glass.

Different tests have shown it to protect the screen of the iPhone 12 Pro to withstand falling 22lbs. In addition to this, it can reduce oil, spills, and fingerprint sticking on the glass by 95%. Some users have regarded the screen to be shatter-proofed. It has 0.02 inches, and inside the pack contains a light green installation and two protectors to help users in fixing it on their phones.

2.     Sevrok Screen Protector:


This is one of the best-tempered glass screen protectors you will get to buy in the market for iPhones. When using the glass screen protector, it will take you time for you to observe it has an extra layer of protection on your iPhone.

The protector is transparent, and it is highly sensitive with a 3D-touch. Despite it has a thickness of 0.25mm, it will offer maximum protection from any accident. There is a wafer-thin layer, and this has nothing to do with the display of the phone graphics because you are will enjoy your media the same way it ought to be without using a glass screen protector.

It has different in-built technology, and there is a coating found on the screen to prevent it from oil-resistant and water. Therefore, it plays a vital role against greasy fingerprints. It is simple to place this glass screen protector on your iPhone by following the manual found inside the pack.  Inside the pack, there is a cleaning kit to wipe the screen during the process of fixing the glass screen protector. If you are buying it from Amazon, it comes with other three glass screen protectors.

3.     QHOHQ 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max:


This glass screen protector has been built with advanced superior tempered glass majorly for variants of iPhone 12. The good thing about this product, it has an explosion-proof to protect it from an explosion, and with this, it has an edge over other protectors available in the market. It has a well-specialized surface designed to withstand greasy fingerprints, and at the same time having good sensitivity to finger touch.

It has an extremely firm Nano-plastic design and has been built to filter ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. With this ultraviolet filter, users can see their phone screen better even on sunny weather. The glass screen protector has a slight curve that gives it an awesome arc design. The glass has a thickness of 0.02mm to fit the shape of the phone. It is advised for buyers to follow the manufacturer’s application video guide to enable them to fix the protector on their iPhones.

4.     FLOVEME Screen Protector:

The screen doesn’t only match iPhone 12 Pro Max, but it can be used with another phone for additional protection. In the aspect of installation, it is very easy for even beginners to install on their iPhones 12 using the installation frame. The producer of the product added a lifetime warranty to the FLOVEME screen protector, and the packs have two protectors that are found inside.

The glass screen protector has a military-garde strength that makes it hard to withstand bump and scratches. The glass has been covered with two different layers of hydrophobic and oleophobic to prevent oil and sweat from sticking to the screen of the iPhone. There is a glue found inside the pack to prevent the phone screen from bubbling when it is being applied on the screen.

5.     QJWm Privacy Screen Protector: 


If you are the type of person who likes privacy, the glass screen protector keeps your files, data, and messages away from Intruders. For instance, if you are inside a transport vehicle, and you are having a conversation with someone on social media, anyone who is sitting beside you won’t be able to read your messages when you make use of the glass screen protector. You are the only person that will able to read the messages.

It is ideal for anyone who wants privacy, and this makes it different from other glass screen protectors. It has been coated with a film that prevents oil, water, fingerprints, and many others. The additional protective layer does not affect the sensitivity of the phone. It has been designed to fit the iPhone based on the curved design to prevent leakage of light.

6.     Fotbor Screen Protector:


The fotbor screen protector is nearly a tempered glass screen protector. It adds to the graphics of the iPhone, and make users have smooth user experience when using the iPhone. Dirt, oil, and fingerprint will not stick to the screen because it has been coated with a screen protector. It has a thickness of 0.33mm, and this is the reason lots of iPhone users are going for it.

It has been built to fit iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The auxiliary frame makes it easy for self-installation by the user on his or her iPhone screen. The glass screen protector can resist a force of 5kg, and also counter numerous bumps and drops. It has a lifetime warranty for anyone who is buying it.

7.     SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle EXO Pro:


The glass screen protector provides maximum protection for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. It has a shock absorber that even when the phone is being dropped, it is safe from scratch and bumps. The phone case has bezels to make sure the phone screen doesn’t come in contact with any damaging surfaces.

The exterior of the case is a black shiny body, and this makes it appear as if the phone case was designed by Xmen. The screen protector has been cut into a precise measurement to make sure it wraps the entire body of the phone to offer full protection. Users can still enjoy the different specifications of their iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro. There are different colours of the phone case to provide options for buyers.

8.     Tauri Screen Protector:


There is an anti-blue light shield that is useful at night. It has a military-garde strength to give the iPhone 12 99.9% protection. There is a camera lens protector to prevent the back camera from scratches. The glass screen protector still makes the iPhone camera takes clear pictures. There is an installation kit or manual that helps on the right way to go on installing the glass screen protector.

9.     Maxboost Screen Protector:


This is a superb screen protector designed for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The screen protector is stylish and ultra-thin both at the same time. This is one of the slimmest glass screen protectors that iPhone users can get for their phone. It gives customers 100% accuracy when touching their phones, and it has HD vision transparency.

It helps to prevent sweet, water, and oil from sticking on the screen of the iPhone. It has both hydrophobic and oleophobic layers found on the glass protector screen. The installation frame allows the screen to be installed on the phone with ease, and this can be seen inside the pack. If you are still finding it hard, you can check videos on YouTube to help you out.

10.   Yootech Screen Protector:


The Yootech screen protector has been built with a Japanese protective material. This glass protector offers full protection and it comes with laser technology to fit the entire body of the phone.

The iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro will still maintain its 99.9% transparency and sensitivity. It has a thickness measuring 0.33mm with a 9H surface toughness to prevent any spill on the screen of the phone. It is compatible with the original casing of the phone.



In this article, we have seen different glass screen protectors that can be used on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. These glass screen protectors offer visibility and protection for iPhones. It is clear that no one enjoys having the screen of their phones cracked or scratched, this is the more reason they obtain it for their iPhones. If you are being sceptical about having this screen protector, then, it a must-have to ensure you don’t regret at the end.