Have you ever thought about getting a table to hold your laptop when lying on the bed and sofa?

Do you want to have breakfast on the bed to enjoy a relaxing weekend? Then ask no more, because with a laptop table for your bed, you will be comfortable having those early morning breakfasts without getting off your bed.

If your job requires sitting on the keyboard for a few hours, but the table on a regular table and stand up to work, laptop tables for the bed will help relieve neck and shoulder pain.

You can work or entertain with these little tables, watching programs, having breakfast, reading papers, or even writing my thesis. It is very comfy as you could spread your legs under the tray. Could be folded and easy to store and save space when not used.



This laptop table has an environmental and high-density PVC Leather laptop surface, the texture of the laptop table stand allows traction and also prevents things from sliding off. It is also an ideal gift choice. On the laptop stand, by the left side is a little drawer in which you can keep your mouse, USB cables, tape, pens, eyeglasses, laptop stopper, and other small items.

This table is light but sturdy, folds flat for space-saving storage and portability. With an executive Office Solutions, you get to set up your laptop or writing work station anywhere in your office or home. You can also use it as a laptop workstation, laptop table for bed, a children’s bed table, a mini writing table, laptop couch desk, a standing table for office work, it always becomes a great balance for relaxing and productivity.

Other users’ reviews;

  • This desk is everything I wanted. It’s highly adjustable, so you can get it positioned *exactly* how you want it. I’m also notorious for sitting in super weird positions when I’m in bed or on the couch, but this thing accommodates it all. I can easily sit with my legs crossed, or with them propped up under/behind the desk, it’s fantastic. I also am plus-sized, so I was worried there wouldn’t be enough room, but it’s perfect.
  • I initially purchased this to use this on top of my laptop table to make it a standing desk. I loved it very much and found different ways of using it. I love using it as a sofa table and now spending most of the time sitting in a chaise placing my laptop on this table stretching my legs beneath it. It has sufficient space to accommodate a 15-inch laptop and coffee mug.
  • This bed desk is definitely a tad more expensive than the others I’ve seen, but the quality is definitely there. It’s very sturdy and I love that it has a little storage drawer on the side. The top of the desk is leather, which gives it a premium feel it. After using it for a week, the leather looks and feels very good, although it did develop little dots where the laptop sat…which I guess is expected.



  • Pvc leather laptop surface
  • Convenience storage drawer
  • Foldable portable lap desk
  • Adjustable laptop table



Are you an avid lover of comfy bed? or now you’re recovering from a past surgery, what you need most is here! It perfectly fits a small size laptop, or tablet & phone, also read or do arts and crafts while sitting on the sofa or having breakfast in bed. No assembly required it is ready to go right out of the box! The desktop card slot design makes it easy and convenient to place on mobile phones, iPods, books, and magazines. The anti-slip and W-legs are stable and the legs are folded to save space and flexibility. (Please note the table legs can be folded but the height cannot be adjusted.)

This table is easy to fold out, perfect for storage and transportation, you could put it behind the door or the corner of the home when not in use. It is very lightweight, easy to carry and play, and allows you to enjoy your spare time, breakfast, or dessert on the bed and sofa. go out camping is also an ideal choice.

Other users’ reviews;

  •  I bought this table so that I could use my laptop/tablet on it as a homework station. The bed tray makes me so comfy on my warm bed or sofa while having my laptop as well as snacks with me. I am able to work or entertain with this little table, watching programs, having breakfast, reading papers, or even writing my thesis. It is very comfy as I could spread my legs under the tray. This is a good little table for the price.
  • Reading other reviews I was a bit hesitant thinking it wasn’t sturdy but it’s completely fine. Sure the legs don’t lock but they are stiff enough when to open it’s not going to fall over. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Any stand can fall over on a bed but if you’re using it you shouldn’t have an issue. I just use it to put a keyboard on while on my couch and it works great for my needs.
  • I bought this table so that I could use my laptop/tablet on it as a homework station. This is a good little table for the price. It is lightweight, intended for light duty. The legs fold out super easily and overall the table seems sturdy and stable enough.



  • Pre-Assembled & Smart Design
  • Portable and Convenient
  • Work Healthier



No assembly required! Your favorite desk organizer is here! The Adjustable legs make carrying easy and hold your computer. With this laptop table, what you just have to do is just press the lock buttons joints on “each side” to choose your favorite angles and positions. This table also comes with an ergonomic Table that can Also Be Used for a Couch Laptop Desk, Recliner Laptop Table, Book Reading, Lying in Bed, Adjustable Standing Desks, Writing Desk, Tablet / Kindle Holder.

This table provides the Most Comfortable Typing Angle and Reduces Neck and Shoulder Stress. You can get rid of your back pain thanks To Its unique design.

Other users’ reviews;

  • This stand works perfectly with my Surface Book for easier use in bed, on the couch, or sitting anywhere else to relax. It’s super versatile in the ways it can be configured so that it can be adjusted for pretty much any purpose- from bed stand to standing desk or for a desktop tilt of your laptop.
  • They are a lot of products that allow you to use a laptop or iPad on a miniature table over your middle while you’re in bed. I looked at all that Amazon had, and I chose this one, as the best one for my needs. After I received it, I examined and tested it very carefully. It works perfectly. For me, the use of this is more than a minor convenience. In two weeks I’ll be having complicated abdominal surgery. I’ll be about three weeks flat on my back in a hospital bed.
  • After having surgery, I had to stay in bed 90% of the day for several weeks. My TV is at a level that it is uncomfortable to watch for a long period of time in bed. I purchased this so I could continue to use my laptop while lying in bed. I was able to watch a lot of movies online and it worked out great. I only needed it for about 6 weeks, but it was a lifesaver.



  • Ergonomic Laptop Riser
  • Tablet / Kindle Holder
  • DJ Stand
  • Sound Equipment Table
  • Writing Desk
  • Book Tray / Book Reading
  • Laptop Stand for Recliner and Sofa
  • Standing Desk



This is a Multi-functional computer table for the couch, bed a laptop desk for the lap, a laptop bed tray for working, gaming, studying, writing, and eating. It also fits 11-17″ laptop computers.  It has an Aluminum alloy legs fold for storage under the sofa or bed. MDF wood finish, curved ergonomic tabletop designed for sitting it also has a hope handle for transport. No assembly is required. This Laptop bed tray is perfect for lap desks for work, games, reading, eating and school from the comfort of your bed, floor, sofa, or couch. This table is a great work from home gift & bed accessories.

This Table comes with folding legs, a book stands with a storage slot, tablet groove, storage drawer & rope handle. It can also be used as a bed tray for eating and a laptop.

Other users;

  • Wow, this has to be my best buy this year. I sometimes have to spend long hours sitting with my legs up on the bed. I haven’t been able to use my laptop when this happens as I hate the touchpad and prefer to use a mouse which is nigh on impossible to do when your laptop is balancing on a pillow precariously placed on your belly and there’s no hard surface.
  • This table is huge! I can fit all my workpieces, notebook, laptop, cell phone, and the all-important coffee and still have lots of room. The coffee/phone drawer is genius, I can zoom call on my phone and still work on my computer, the drawer is also large enough for a notebook and pen to be stashed at the end of the day. I’ve used this in bed, on the floor, and as a standing desk when I put it on my kitchen table, it’s a little wide to use on the couch but I imagine if I had a coffee table that it would work from the couch as well, we are just heathens around here
  • I was forced to work from home due to Covid-19 and I’ve been working uncomfortably for months since I don’t have a desk. I was using stacks of pillows to create a place to set my laptop but that was not stable. So finally I decided to invest in a folding desk and I love it! It has plenty of legroom and it’s very sturdy. It’s spacious enough for my laptop, mouse pad, and lunch when it’s lunchtime



  • Folding laptop table for bed and sofa
  • Large, stable, portable folding table
  • Multipurpose laptop lap desk
  • Lap desk workstation table



Perhaps you prefer to work with your laptop or simply enjoy your breakfast while in bed. If so, the Medical Overbed Table is the perfect solution. The Vaunn Medical Overbed Bedside Table rises and lowers easily, requiring the slightest of upward pressure, making it user friendly for all ages and needs. Once your desired height is reached, the tabletop locks firmly and safely into place. The swivel casters make it extremely lightweight and comfortable to move from one position or room to the next. The laminated surface is textured, making it difficult for items to slide off your table.

You’ll fully appreciate the enormous support and utility this table offers you. If you seek durability and reliability, the Vaunn Medical Overbed Bedside Table from Beyond Med Shop is the ideal solution you’ve been searching for.

Other users’ reviews;

  • I bought this table when I was having reconstructive knee surgery, and I knew I would be stuck in bed for seven weeks. It was easy to put together, maybe 10 minutes max. It fits a 17 Alienware laptop, meds, bar of chocolate, cellphone, and a couple of cans of water with space left. Mind you, the laptop is 10 lbs.
  • The Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table was exactly what we needed! After a two-month hospital stay, we needed several medical supplies at home for my parent to transition back into daily living. This table made so many everyday tasks easier.
  • The wheels make it easy to move and change sheets when needed and the actual table can be positioned over the bed for meals, which eliminates twisting and turning to a side table or unstable tray. The table is a family and caregiver’s dream. It also looks nice and doesn’t seem like you’re in a hospital. Very nice warm wood tones. My brother found it very easy to put together. Just a couple of pieces and the wheels.



  • Infinite table positions
  • Premium finishing
  • Improved durability & reliability
  • Highly recommended by doctors



It’s no secret that humans wish to do things the simplest and most comfortable way. Sometimes comfort is not the best choice, because it can cause negative effects later.

Just because you wish to perform from your bed together with your computer on your lap, that does not mean it’s good for you. You should always remember your physical health, even while working. If you’re employed from home and use your laptop from your lap, this is often especially important. So having a bed laptop table is very important.