A portable mini projector in 2021 (also known as a pocket projector) is a non-mounted projector that’s typically no bigger than 8″x8″x4.” They usually do not have a dedicated position and any included mount is usually a stand of some kind. These projectors are designed to be used on the fly with any semi-solid flat surface as the screen and do not require as much adjustment and precision as a mounted projector.

When compared to normal projectors, it can be tough to see the true value of smaller projectors, but there are plenty of applications perfectly suited for them. Some of the high-end options can be used as stand-ins for the cheap or low-end full-size projectors, in the case of a strict budget. Mini-projectors are capable of creating sharp crisp images, but they don’t compare to the larger more powerful models for a few key reasons. On account of their larger size, bigger projectors tend to have more room for finely-tuned technology and inner components that serve better in the creation of higher-quality images.

There are many projector models that serve different functions. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task due to confusing marketing and similar product-types and titles. Many users have questions about the differences between important devices. One such question revolves around the differences between projectors and mini-projectors.

The primary difference between projectors and mini projectors is that full-size projectors aim to provide the highest quality image at the largest possible size, in comparison to mini-projectors which are geared more toward convenience and portability.

Below is a review of the above mentioned top-quality mini projectors that you can find on Amazon.

Best Portable Mini Projectors 2021

  1. QKK Mini Projector:

This projector works well, especially for the price. It does have a lag or noticeably slow refresh rate. The pixels become apparent at 40″ Diag. projection. It is not very bright so at the largest size, the room has to be absolutely dark. It has easy controls through the remote and the fan is not too loud. The speaker is adequate.

It also comes with a semitransparent fabric screen and I was able to project what appeared to be 1080 x 1920.  You can use a lightning to HDMI/USB adapter to connect your smartphone freely to the QKK projector. If your phone is an Android system, then use a micro USB/ Type c adapter to connect it as it has AV/USB/SD/HDMI/VGA/Headphone plugs which allows you to play most media players on it like PCs, Macs, video games like PS3/Xbox, blue-ray DVD player, TV stick, Roku stick, and mobile devices.

Also not forgetting that the QKK projector supports to be used with the universal tripod stand or mounted to your ceiling, For the price, the machine and screen are a bargain and definitely worth checking out.


  • Brightness: 4500L
  • Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Max Support Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Display Size: 30″-170″
  • Display Technology: LCD
  • Light Source: LED
  • Lamp Life: 50,000 Hours
  • Surprise: Packed with 100″ Screen
  • Item Weight: 4.09 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 3 x 9.3 x 6.4 inches


  1. VANKYO Leisure 470 Mini Projector:

The VANKYO Leisure 470 has a range of 4.27 feet to 26.57 feet and a maximum screen size of 250 inches. The optimal projection distance is 9.84 feet to achieve an optimal projection size of 90 inches. You can enjoy a visual feast in the widescreen while placing the mini projector flexibly anywhere. With 1280x720P native resolution, 1080P supported resolution, 3500:1 contrast, and a 90% NTSC you get to enjoy a clear, realistic, and realistic reproduction of detail.

Equipped with 2 HDMI ports, USB port, VGA port, AV port, this projector is easily compatible with a TV box, TV stick, chrome cast, PC, laptop, tablet, external speakers, play station, DVD player, card reader, USB stick, media players, iPad, iPhone, and an Android smartphone.

The powerful video projector also comes with a built-in stereo speaker to produce a high-fidelity sound effect and you could experience extra sound quality with external speakers via a 3.5mm AUX cable (not included) and the dual-fan system based on the advanced noise reduction technology feature it comes with has solves the annoying airflow problem of overheat and noise.


  • Contrast: 3500:1
  • Projection Distance: 4.27-26.57 FT
  • Projection Size: 39-250 Inches
  • Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 6.6 x 3.3 inches
  • Product Weight: 2.98 Pounds
  • Wireless Technology: Wi-fi Display
  • Compatible Device: Smartphone & Tablet
  • Contrast Ratio: 3500:1
  • Lamp Life: 50,000 hrs
  • Supported Resolution: 1920*1080P
  • Optional Screen: 39″-250″


  1. Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector:

The advanced DLP optical engine boasts superior led brightness, exceptional color accuracy, and pristine picture quality (best performance when used in dark to the dim-lit room of course). You get to enjoy stunning HD video and imaging in the palm of your hand with the small DLP pocket projector from KODAK.

Integrating revolutionary innovations in compact digital design, this miniature movie player produces high-quality imaging in a truly portable package. Compatible with today’s most popular entertainment devices, the projector includes a 3.5mm input and integrated HDMI, USB, and Micro SD hookups.

Simply connect your PC, Mac, cable box, gaming console, or HDMI (connecting to Apple iOS iPhone, iPad, and Android phones tablets and devices) video player without the hassle of complicated buttons and menu screens. Just plug, play, and experience a pocketful of possibilities from this top mini projector.


  • 100” max screen size
  • 1300:1 contrast
  • 25 ansi lumen brightness
  • 640 x 360 resolution
  • 2-hour max playback
  • Weighs 150g
  • Dimensions 3.1 x 3.1 x .79 inches



You may not get the crisp image you are looking for as with normal-sized projectors, but mini projectors should be bright and large enough for midsize classrooms or conference rooms, as well as providing longer battery life for your personal and extended use and the mini projectors mentioned above are amongst the very best that you can find currently on Amazon.