Buying the best soundbar in the market can be demanding for some people who have no idea the criteria to consider before making payment. Most people crave to have a fantastic home theatre in their homes, but they don’t know where to begin. There is nothing as exciting as watching movies in your living room, and you are getting a cinematic effect in terms of sound and picture quality from your TV set.

There are more things to achieve when using a soundbar compared to home theatre speakers. You don’t need to have a large space in your apartment before you can use this device. With a smaller space, you can set it up and start using it immediately. Some of them allow users to plug their MP3 players to play a different genre of music. One thing to note every soundbar has its specifications that make them unique in their various ways.

It is better to buy one that can function well with your TV and other gadgets you have in your home. There is an option for the user to stream live TV shows or programs without any hindrance. Presently, everyone wants to buy a soundbar since they know it can turn a home into a theatre. It is one thing to buy a slim TV to have fantastic pictures and videos; in the same vein, soundbars enhance audio quality.

You need to know the type of soundbar you intend to buy because some features won’t be compatible with your system. Therefore, if you are going to enjoy your movies, an external soundbar is necessary for this to happen. It would help if you considered yourself lucky to come through this article to acquire the right knowledge to buy a good quality soundbar. People want massive value for their money, and this is the reason they buy soundbars.

We admire having a good flatscreen, but sound plays a role in creating a balance of satisfaction in our home entertainment. Most of the soundbars come in a smaller appearance that allows them to stay in front of the television. If you consider the size of the device, you won’t think of buying it. The size has nothing to do with the kind of effect this device can produce in our homes.

The sound bar’s smaller size allows users to have a broad view when watching movies on their TVs. There are still soundbars with other features such as HDMI input, wireless subwoofers, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. These features allow for easy connectivity with other tech gadgets. Let’s have a detailed understanding of the soundbar.

What is Sound Bar?

A loudspeaker that can produce audio sounds from a vast enclosure, more comprehensive than the height. There are different places soundbars can be mounted in the house, such as under a television, above the TV or any other comfortable place. The soundbar has different speakers arranged in a cabinet and based on the arrangement; they produce the surrounding effect. In addition to this, this device has its subwoofer to give it a stereo sound. It is an incredible device to buy if you want to experience a surrounding effect in your home.

Which one is better: Soundbar and Home Theatre System?

Home theatre is big in appearance and occupies considerable space. Most audiophiles who are comfortable with a home theater might decide to buy this and set it up. In the last ten years, soundbars have gotten recognition regarding their functions, affordability, and easy setup. If you want to set up your home theater system, you need to spend more money buying speakers, amplifiers, A/V receivers, etc.

The soundbar can produce effective sound because they are arranged in a single cabinet. You don’t have to do many wirings in the soundbar compared to owning a home theatre sound because the speakers inside the soundbar are connected already. When you want to work on a minimal budget, it is best to go for a soundbar.

Things to Consider in Buying Sound Bar

There are different things to consider in buying a soundbar, and here they are:

  1. Number of Channels:

Most soundbar lovers or experts consider this feature the first thing for anyone who wants to buy it. Every soundbar has its numbers of TV channels, subwoofer, and two extra channels for other gadgets. If you desire to have a surround experience, a soundbar with three more channels is preferable to buy, and this is for right, left, and center speakers connected to the main bar.  A soundbar can still have five channels that allow users to add rear, left, and right speakers to the main bar.

  1. Active vs. Passive:

There are two significant types of soundbars: active and passive; the only thing is that the former is more popular than the latter. The active soundbar has an inbuilt amplifier to give total resonance and a vibrating effect. The only thing left is to connect it to your socket and start using it.

On the other hand, passive soundbar looks like the standard convectional surround sound speakers. There is no inbuilt amplifier, and this requires you to look for another receiver and run different wires of each speaker into the soundbar. The critical thing is to have a receiver to ease the setting up of the device.

  1. Connectivity:

Here, it is another thing to consider because you will be connecting other tech gadgets to the soundbar. Therefore, there should be something like a port to allow easy connectivity for this to happen. Apart from having an HDMI for this easy connection, there are other things like RCA audio, USB input, Bluetooth, WiFi to connect your devices. We are going to see each of them.

  • HDMI: It uses a cable to connect your other gadgets, and it is ideal to use it for soundbars that come with numerous channels.
  • Bluetooth: It allows user to stream audio from your tablet, computer, or phones.
  • WiFi: It enhances easy access to music on different internet platforms such as Pandora, Spotify, TIDAL, etc.
  • Optical Port: It allows easy connection between soundbar and television. It is one of the efficient connections available to use.
  • USB Inputs: It enables users to plug their device and play music or watch movies with ease.

Best Sound Bar 2021

  1. Samsung HW – Q950T Sound Bar:

It is among the top-rated soundbar we have in the market r that is gaining sales rapidly. It has a long bar, two satellite speakers, and a wireless subwoofer. Movie freaks will enjoy the surround sound they will get watching their favorite TV shows, sports, movies, and many entertaining programs.

The way it is designed gives it a well-balanced sound in the living room to create a cinematic effect. It comes with a strong bass suitable for excellent sound effects. There is an option to change the sound by making use of an equalizer and presets. Users can play lossless formats with the soundbar. The WiFi allows the streaming of music from any internet music platform.

In terms of its sound, it is still smaller, like the typical home theatre sound that uses tower speakers and ceiling. If you buy a 55-inch TV, it won’t fit well. It implies there is no need to bother about finding satellite speakers since you will experience the same performance. On the other side of it, you can get an immersive sound.

  1. JBL Bar 9.1:

It is a soundbar with a fantastic wireless subwoofer and two extra satellite speakers. These speakers can stand on their own by placing them around the living room. It has a balanced sound that produces an excellent audio effect. There is an extra thump that makes it easier to generate sound effects when watching cinema movies. You can’t be left out listening to audiobooks or podcasts with this soundbar.

The channel enables users to produce clear sound using different physical inputs. People who enjoy playing audiobooks can do this without any difficulty. In terms of connectivity, there is an inbuilt Chromecast and Bluetooth. The sound enhancement is not superb compared to other soundbars because it lacks dialogue enhancement feature. In addition to it, there is no way one could tweak the voice since there is no graphic EQ; still, the sound is a must-have.

  1. Bose Sound Bar 500:

The manufacturer of this product is fond of producing excellent sound from small packages. There are an inbuilt Amazon Alexa Voice control and laudable balance. It offers different options for streaming music or video either using Bluetooth or Alexa-based streaming. It comes at an affordable price that ensures deep bass elements, a separate subwoofer, and a satellite.

Despite the affordable price of buying this soundbar, it doesn’t affect its functionality in any way. If you want a complete audio experience to enjoy your movies, the Bose soundbar is a better option for anyone. The rubber padding offers steady vibration of the device to ensure balance. There are additional ports like optical ports, HDMI cable, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc., to connect other gadgets.

  1. Bomaker Sound Bar 150W:

It has a sound level pressure of 120dB that offers more precise sound quality. It comes with four different speakers to produce bass, crisp quality, detailed midrange, and treble for music. You can decide to place the other speakers in any room area; still, you will enjoy the same sound quality. There is no need to find a cable for the soundbar to connect the subwoofer.

You can adjust the sound to either bass, equalizer, dialogue, or anyone that captures your ear. It is easy to operate by using the remote control of the device to adjust it. Within a click of the remote button, the right sound for the soundbar is set. It has a Bluetooth option to connect other tech gadgets such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc.

Furthermore, devices like Playstation, TVs, Amplifiers, Blu-ray players, and Projectors are connected to the soundbar. If you don’t want to place it in front of your TV, there are other parts of the house; still, you will get quality sound. It comes with a two-year warranty for customers if there is any fault along the line of using it. Baker has been in the business of manufacturing soundbars for more than five years.



Buying a soundbar worth all the hype you have seen on various eCommerce sites on the internet. It won’t be right to buy one without considering some factors to get the right one in the market. The number of channels is crucial for anyone who wants to invest in a soundbar. The good thing about it you don’t have to break your savings to buy one because there are affordable soundbars you can buy on a slim budget.