Are you aware there are situations you will be playing a game online, and the internet goes off during the game? This can be painful for game lovers playing adventure games because you won’t be able to tell when your enemies are going to attack you. This is the reason it is better to buy the best wireless WiFi or router gaming that even in bad weather, there will be no network interference. When the network goes off, it means the game will start rebooting itself again, and this could be time-consuming leading you to lose the game.

The good thing about wireless WiFi is based on the fact you can play online games with your friends from anywhere they are in the world as long as you have a strong internet connection. The best thing to do is to save yourself the same by paying for any of the wireless WiFi you are going to see in this article. The only thing is going to cost you money since you want to buy the best wireless WiFi. The earlier is better to save you from spending extra money in the long run that you have spent heavily on buying a smartphone or gaming console.

Most people who are familiar with online gaming are aware that the major thing they have to conquer is getting wireless WiFi to enable them to conquer any online gaming interruption. People who have been able to do this are enjoying a superb online gaming experience. There are a lot of routers in the market that are below 100 dollars to buy in the market. Generally, wireless WiFi or router has been categorized as “gaming” grade, but before it was seen as unattractive boxes that were kept behind a desk to perform a task.

However, more technological or online gaming companies are paying rapt attention in making sure buyers enjoy their games. It should surprise you to know that a wireless router like Tenda is still making waves in the market. Despite the low price of the device, it offers high coverage of almost 2Gbpad total bandwidth to offer real value to buyers. There is no doubt that a good network connection is important in playing online games. Many people buying this wireless WiFi don’t even have any idea how it operates to give a strong network connection in online gaming services.

How Does a Wireless WiFi or Router Work?

A good wireless WiFi or router is a must-have to withstand a bad network, because it acts as the bridge between the device and the internet by distributing a wireless internet connection to different laptops, mobile phones, TVs, and many others. There are still people who want to buy good wireless WiFi but they are not ready to invest their money in making that happen in real life. The only way to resolve the issue of the bad network is by buying one of the best wireless WiFi or router in the market.

As a result of the different wireless WiFi or router available in the market, it is difficult for buyers to buy the ideal one that they don’t have to regret. There are lots of features that have to be considered in buying the best wireless WiFi in the market. Even if you buy the latest wireless WiFi or router in the market, you are still bound to commit errors if you don’t know these features. In this article, we are going to see these various features.

Features to Consider Buying a Wireless WiFi or Router

The following things will make you a wireless WiFi that will give you a reliable connection for your online gaming, and here they are:

  • Frequency
  • Coverage area
  • Smart features
  • Speed
  • Mesh support

1.     Frequency:

Different wireless WiFi or routers have different frequencies or bandwidth in which they operate. This wireless WiFi can be either single, dual, or tri-band. It is important to check the one you are buying to ensure it can give you the features you are looking for. This will enable you to have an idea of the number of devices they can connect regarding their speed (3,000mb/s). The network that can offer fast speed is the 5GHz network. For online gaming, the best one to buy is the dual-band wireless WiFi.

2.     Coverage Area:

This can also be regarded as the range, and it shows the distance the device can go to give a strong signal or connection during playing games. Therefore, buying a wireless WiFi that is below $100 demands you have to check the coverage area to be sure of the thing you are buying. If you live in a big building, it is advisable to buy a device that has a large coverage area. For instance, you might decide to keep the router in your living room, and while you are in your bedroom, you are still playing your game. Experts have encouraged buyers to go for long-range wireless WiFi or router to offer superb connection.

3.     Smart Features:

Due to the advancement in WiFi technology, most tech gadgets have been designed to have different smart features such as smartphone app, voice-controlled, beamforming, detachable antenna, and many others.

4.     Speed:

This is one of the important features buyers fail to check before making payment for wireless WiFi. Most of these wireless wifi or router function well in fast speeds like 900Mps. A router with at least AC1599 and above is preferable to have. If you are playing games on your mobile phone, a speed of 300mps is fine, but using other gadgets such as a laptop, or smart TV, then 1200Mbpd should be used.

5.     Mesh Support:

Using a mesh router is very outstanding when it has to do with removing dead zones. They don’t just broadcast wifi signals merely from a single point but offers different access points. This applies that mesh wireless WiFi is better than a WiFi extender. In this device, a point function as the router and links to the modem, while the different access points help to capture the signal from a WiFi router. On the other hand, this access point is called satellites.

Best Wireless WiFi or Router for Gaming Under $100

The following wireless WiFi you can buy below $100 in the market:

1.     Tenda AC Wireless-AC 1900:

There are lots of wireless WiFi or router for game lovers to use for their online games. This particular one “Tenda” is the least gaining more reputation in the market. Their AC18 still happens to be ideal value a game router is supposed to be under $200. It has unique speed and reliability that comes with a price. Inside the port of the AC18, there is a dual-core processor that can push out a total bandwidth of approximately 1900 Mbps.

The bandwidth of the device has been divided over a 50GHz and 2.4GHz. The AC18 has Excel with the several inclusions of the Broadcom turbo-QAM technology that enables it to move up to 600Mbps of additional bandwidth under load, and the speed of the device is being made possible through the high powered antenna. Although, Tenda doesn’t have any branding that can be found at the back like other routers. It comes in four gigabit LAN ports and 1900Mbps.

2.     Belkin AC 1900:

This device is known for its fast speed like Tenda wireless WiFi and router. Belkin AC 1900 comes at a higher price, and the speed can be compared to the one of AC18. The same speed has been discovered in this device (Belkin AC 1900). The dual-band design of the wireless WiFi goes up to 1900Mbps leaving 1300Mbps being reserved for the 5GHz band.

Moreover, the Belkin has a higher power to the Tenda based on the kind of technology being used in the production to enhance HD streaming and online gaming compared to other wireless signals. This implies there is little issue in reclaiming bandwidth into online gaming. Sadly, the Belkin is not in the line of the AC18 based on the absence of the antenna. There is no definite number of the antenna inside the box.


3.     D-Link AC1750:

This looks like the Nighthawk router based on the way they look regarding bandwidth, QoS, and many others. However, it is similar in appearance to the DIR-859, and it can be bought for less than $100. For the Nighthawk, the bandwidth is approximately 1750 Mbps, 450 Mbps compressed to the 2 4Ghz bands.

It has an amplifier that has been divided into three-antenna to allow it to cover the far distance. In terms of speed, it is also known and can be bought for under $100.

4.     TP-Link AC1200:

This is not the most impressive wireless WiFi or router on paper, but the kind of performance it brings to the user has made it quite exceptional in the market considering the price.

The dual-band design faces many challenges on the 2.4Ghz band. Therefore, you don’t have to be surprised about it. The 5Ghz of the device offers a speed of 867Mbps that can rival the AC1750 and AC3200. at a reduced cost.

The three antennae present in the device offers more coverage compared to the price users have to pay to get it. In the aspect of the specifications, it is not going to attract many buyers but can deliver when it matters most. The moderate speed can accommodate moderate internet signals that have large bandwidth for playing games online.

5.     Amazon eero Mesh WiFi Router:

This is an affordable wireless WiFi or router to buy, and it can support a mesh network. The supporting system for the device is pure mesh technology, and the router can cover up to 1,500 square feet. The eero has been added to the eero WiFi system to allow for a broad range of connectivity and has been supported with of 500 Mbps.

The device can work with other applications such as Google Assistant, Google Home, and Alexa device to manage the WiFi access for smart devices. You won’t face any difficulty during playing games online due to the firm connection via the TruMesh technology. This can be installed within at least 10 minutes. The mobile app can be downloaded and used on both iOS and Android devices for parental controls.



There are numerous wireless WiFi or router in the market, and for some of them the value they offer doesn’t match the price they are being sold. You need to know how to find the best in terms of bandwidth for it to match your online gaming. In this article, we have seen different wireless WiFi or router that we can buy for under $100 to have a good gaming experience.