Is SaskPower killing the environmentally friendly energy industry?

SaskPower just  announced that the net metering program, has reached its capacity, and as of September 30th, you won’t be able to apply for solar on your propriety.

First approved in November 2018, the net metering program offers rebates for solar installations and credits for the surplus of power you produce. Net Metering allows customers to generate up to 100 kilowatts of power, typically solar, to decrease their monthly power bills. It was widely understood that the rebate would disappear at some point in the future and that such a reduction would reduce demand for solar, but to cancel net metering itself, is a devastating blow. It only leaves a 12 days’ notice to people using and selling solar all across Saskatchewan to react.

Back in the spring

They anticipate releasing a new program in the spring, 6-7 months from now. A lot of companies that do grid-tie only are understandably upset. They essentially have “nothing to sell” for the next 6 to 7 months, until they know if they can connect new solar panels to the grid. The CEO of TruGreen Energy was on the radio this morning talking about SaskPower and the Government and how they might be killing the industry right now.

Many layoffs are anticipated since the solar panel companies won’t be able to pay employees during the 6 or 7 months waiting for news from SaskPower. A lot of excess inventory might also run companies out of business. The whole industry is taking a beating right now and the green energy industry investments coming from out of Saskatchewan will certainly slow down for a while.

Maybe this crisis will bring a pent-up appetite for the solar industry when they open the net metering program again and let’s hope the solar panel companies are going to survive this drought. It will be a big challenge for a lot of companies to stay financially viable during that 6 to 7 months. Let’s hope for the best for everyone in the solar industry and we will leave you on the optimistic words of Mike Marsh, SaskPower president and CEO’s about the net metering program:

“Going forward we will be reviewing the program to ensure it remains financially sustainable and continues to meet the needs of our customers and our company,”.

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