Cansoft and REFINED Lifestyles Announces RefinedSEO

Locally owned REFINED Lifestyles Publishing announced today it has launched a division named
REFINEDSEO. The new division provides search engine optimization (SEO) services to small and medium size companies within Saskatchewan.

Through its partnership with Cansoft of Regina, SK., REFINEDSEO will provide a number of services, including
website development and search engine optimization, as part of REFINED Lifestyles Publishing’s POD (Page One
Dominance) strategy.

According to Wayne UnRuh, CEO of REFINED Lifestyles Publishing:

“This is a significant step in our company’s strategyto help our customers achieve POD. Providing local businesses the opportunity to compete for positioning on the first page of Google, along with other search engines, ensures our clients will grow their customer base and market share. In combination with our Fully Engaged services, our clients are reaching the New World, Fully Engaged and Traditional customers that exist today.”

Cansoft CEO, Kazi Mamun, adds:

“While Cansoft has been involved in website and SEO services for the past five years, aligning with REFINED Lifestyles Publishing and their suite of Fully Engaged services creates a unique opportunity to achieve POD for small and medium size customers for a reasonable investment.”

More information will be released December 19, 2016.

About REFINED Lifestyles Publishing

REFINED Lifestyles Publishing is a Saskatchewan based media company focused on providing traditional and non-traditional media solutions to small and medium size businesses in Saskatchewan.

About Cansoft Technologies

Cansoft Technologies is a Canada based software development company, network solutions, website and SEO provider. Cansoft has been helping small and medium size businesses grow through technology application and services, including the development of applications, websites, specific operating programs and strategic IT advisory services.