The Automotive Industry 

Car dealership marketing can be a difficult task since most people would not consider themselves as a car expert and are wary about making big purchases without doing some research first. Car dealerships have evolved and are now benefiting from their potential customers going on the web mostly to find deals and information on the car they want to buy.  Even if most people will go on the web to find a dealership first, it’s not that easy to reach them, there are a lot of competitors online. With the assistance of an SEO company, you can improve your visibility despite the impressive number of competitors.  Car dealership

SEO As a Form of Advertising

Dealerships are a commonly advertising on the internet with constant campaigns for deals and events. The danger of that is that your potential customers can become uninterested due to the impressive amount of ads and marketing campaigns. Search engine optimization then becomes an ally for your company when potential customers search the web for a car.  SMedia uses a type of artificial intelligence and behavioral targeting online through SEO that assists buyers with their purchases. With this software, they become in tune with their demographic’s needs with their purchases. So instead of bothering people with incessant advertisements, sMedia’s car dealership marketing strategy involves fine tuning what they show and to who to show it.


Automotive Digital Marketing In Your Company

Dealerships are different than most other businesses, most people do not just walk by and decided to buy a car. So as a business, the information your demographic gains is almost entirely dependent on outsourced marketing. Dealerships also have a very limited demographic due to the lack of repeated customers. Most people will buy 4-5 cars in their lifetime for themselves. Because of this, dealerships have to work a lot harder to gain customers. All dealerships must get creative with their advertisements, and digital marketing becomes a key part of building that demographic. Besides newspaper advertisements and magazine articles, automotive digital marketing turns into your only solution for advertising, so hiring a company who is an expert on SEO specifically could be make or break your brand.

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What is sMedia?

In 2011, the founders of sMedia recognized the gap in car dealership marketing, which was that people are always left guessing. Marketing teams don’t know how to identify engaged customers due to running vanity metrics. They don’t know how to reach their demographic and end up spending too much money attempting to do so. Meanwhile, General Managers of these companies try to justify high marketing costs with small outcomes. sMedia believes in the use of data through technology that recognizes purchase intent to assist dealerships all over North America. sMedia has helped over 450 dealerships across North America capitalize on this technology. sMedia’s success was recognized by Google when they became the first Google Premier Partner in Saskatchewan. They aim at helping dealerships primary demographics to their Vehicle Detail Pages and helping them convert.  Dealership and seo