Coronavirus Outbreak

During a crisis, bad and wrong information seems to be the one spread more rapidly than anything good. The novel coronavirus itself is spreading like wildfire in the world, and has recently come to Canada, leading to all sorts of changes to your daily life, and cases are growing by the thousands each day. Unfortunately, when something like this happens, the amount of misinformation on the topic seems to outweigh anything truthful. Here are the most common myths surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak so that this information can be avoided.

Common Myths

Myth 1: Saltwater can “Flush Out” The Virus

Adam Berman, an ER doctor at Long Island Jewish Medical Centre, tells the New York post that, “Saltwater may make your sore throat feel better, but it won’t do anything to the virus.”

Myth 2: Ozone Therapy Cures the Coronavirus

ozone therapy for Covid19This is false. The non FDA approved germicide has been sold as a cheap cure for viruses before, and the novel coronavirus is no different. Ozone purifiers create serious health risks, including lung and cellular damage for both animals and humans, and thus have been banned in many places because of it. With this product, the risks heavily outweigh the benefit.

Myth 3: The Coronavirus Will Go Away in the Summer When It’s Warm

Virus is global, when we enter summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it will be winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Previous pandemics have never followed weather patterns. Officials say that we could still effects of this illness through July.

Myth 4: Holding your Breath Can Prevent You from Getting It

Coronavirus gets into your body via droplets of humid air containing the virus as they exit other people’s lungs. The droplets are suspended in air for some time and can still enter your nose or mouth even if you are holding your breath. Cover your mouth when you cough, even if you’re outside.

Myth 5: The Coronavirus Lives in The Throat, so Drink Lots of Water so the Virus is Pushed into the Stomach Where Acid Will Kill It.

We have all seen this post shared by millions online, these people sharing it mean well, but unfortunately, it just isn’t true. The virus gains entry by the throat, but it penetrates into the host cells, so it cannot be washed away.

Myth 6: Vitamins will Give You Immunity from the Virus

vitamins for covid19There is a China based clinical trial in the works to test the anti-viral impact of vitamin C, taking every vitamin supplement you can get your hands on won’t be the key to keeping the coronavirus at bay. Vitamin C therapy doesn’t have any strong immune supportive evidence. Taking vitamins is never bad, but taking them to prevent coronavirus probably won’t do anything.

Myth 7: The Virus Only Affects Old People

According to the World Health Organization, people of all ages can be infected with COVID-19, although seniors and those with underlying medical conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, and heart disease, appear to be more affected. However, young people have also died from the disease.


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