Vancouver based Funding with its offices in Vancouver and Surrey offers a borrower many mortgage options to choose from that meet his needs.

Whether a borrower has excellent credit and income or has income and credit issues, crown funding has a mortgage for him and that too at competitive rates.

Here are the mortgage options for a borrower to consider:


With the introduction of the stress test, stricter bank qualifying guidelines and skyrocketing prices of Vancouver real estate, no wonder many borrowers cannot qualify for bank mortgages. If a borrower does not qualify for a Bank or Alternative mortgage for the purchase of a property in Metro Vancouver, then the third option is to opt for a private mortgage.

Crown Funding offers instant approval for a private mortgage and cash in five days for borrowers in Metro Vancouver and all other major cities in British Columbia and Ontario. Private mortgages are equity and not credit-based. The private mortgages do not work with any specific debt ratios so the income qualifying is relatively easy. Private mortgages are especially helpful for the borrowers who are self-employed, on a fixed income or between jobs. A borrower can also get a no income verification home equity line of credit.

private mortgage, private mortgage vancouverMortgage amount ranges from $10K to $3 million. Crown funding has mortgage programs that offer no payment option for a year so the borrower can have a breathing time and get control of his finances. All a borrower needs is to call or fill out an application on


With the ever-rising prices of real estate in Vancouver, most borrowers cannot come up with the required down payment. Crown funding offers help with the down-payment under its Purchase Assist program. This program offers a 2nd mortgage of up to 95% of the purchase price or appraised value, whichever is lower. This helps increase a borrower’s down payment and help him get a lower rate and save on mortgage insurance. A borrower can also use this program to borrow up to 95% of the appraised value of his home for debt consolidation or Equity Take-Out.

Six months of bank statements or income verification required for this program.


Is your Home listed and you need to pull out some cash? Maybe you need money for the deposit on another purchase or to get your home ready for sale? Before you put your home for sale, a realtor will recommend fixing up small things, fresh paint, improving the curb appeal and staging the house. All that requires extra money which most borrowers may not have. Crown funding can assist and do it hassle-free. No income verification is required for bridge loans.

Crown funding offers First Time Home Buyer mortgage with 5% down. This program does require mortgage insurance. A borrower must have Good Credit, Good Income and have the seasoned down payment in his bank already. A family member or a close relative can also help the borrower with the down payment.


Bank turn down? Alternative or ‘B’ Bank lending is for borrowers who do not fit into the rigid guidelines of the bank mortgages. The rates are slightly higher from that of the bank rates but lower than the rates charged by the private mortgage lenders. This program requires income verification but flexible in debt ratios and accepts a low credit score.

Crown funding offers a Home Equity Line of Credit with or without income verification. The interest rates for no income verification Heloc are higher.

The Home Equity Line Visa is as good as it gets. This program offers credit limits from $25,000 to $250,000 or more in the 1st or 2nd position. This program requires income verification and the rate is based on the credit score and loan to value ratio.

3 Simple Steps to get your mortgage from crown funding:

  1. Apply Online or call 1-833-FIND-MY-MORTGAGE (1-833-346-3696).
  2. Get Approved Instantly if it is a Private Mortgage
    Or pre-qualified if it is a conventional or Alternative Lending.
  3. Get Your Money
    For Private Mortgages, you can get your money in 5 business days.