Vancouver’s Top Custom Home Builder: Satisfy Every Unique Need

We are the number one custom home builder in Vancouver. If you are looking to design and create your custom dream home, we are here to help. We have the most experienced builders in Vancouver to help you make your dream of a custom luxury home a reality.

Let’s face it, for most of us, the thought of building a custom home is daunting. There are so many details to be addressed, where do you begin? Building a custom home in Vancouver requires a vision, a lot of patience and an experienced team of professionals who can help guide you through the entire process. Luckily, we have the most experienced team of home builder in Vancouver, so you can build your custom home with a reasonable price and the best customer service. With the help of the best digital marketing service in Vancouver, we get our name out.

How Long Does It Take to Build Custom Homes in Vancouver?

The process of building a custom home often takes a year to a year and a half to complete. The design and permitting phase can take up to six months itself. After this, the actual building of the luxury home can take anywhere from ten months to a year to complete. If you decide to build a home in Vancouver, you are likely going to be paying more than if you were to buy an already built home, however that is not to say that building an affordable custom home is impossible.

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The overall cost of building custom homes in Vancouver will vary greatly on the client and their specific budget, wants and needs.

Much of the cost involved with custom homes is the customer’s choices in features and amenities within the home. For example, one client may spend $6,000 on an Ikea kitchen while another spends $60,000 on kitchen cabinets alone. As the top custom home builder in Vancouver, we have built homes of all shapes and sizes with budgets that vary greatly. We use good SMM to keep up.

Regardless of budget, we guarantee the best service in Vancouver.

We draw up our prices based on the customer’s wish list. If when the number comes out it is too high and needs to be reduced by 10%, we will then look at which materials we can swap out to make the luxury home more affordable. Using the SEO-friendly web design, we have our expert design team heavily involved with the planning of the custom homes. So, we can go through costs as we go, which helps to reduce the shock by knowing which choices will cost what.

Custom Home Building Process

The process to make your custom home dream come to reality can be lengthy, but if you are looking to build a home in Vancouver, we are here to help you with that process. Here are some helpful tips to consider when thinking about building a home in Vancouver. You need to consider your financial status and having a plan for your custom home, just like before you rent a luxury apartment.

Organize Your Finances Before Building a Home in Vancouver

If you are looking to build a custom home in Vancouver, you will be required to take out a construction loan. Construction loans are not offered by every lender so you will need to do your research on this one. If you do not already own the land that you plan to build your custom home on, you will need to finance the land too. In many cases, you will end up having two closings, both of which will incur settlement fees. You can do research on banks rank high using SEO on Google who have good rates or policy.

Custom home building is considered risky by most lenders

They will likely require that you have excellent credit and funds available to make a 20-25% down payment in order to qualify for the construction loan. Additionally, lenders who are considering lending to those who wish to build a custom home in Vancouver also require the person to have additional funds on reserve to cover any unforeseen glitches in the project.

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Start with a Plan for Your New House

If you already own the land in which you wish to build a custom home in Vancouver, you should plan to meet with your builders and architects at the site so that you can discuss any potential issues. If you do not already own land, we can help direct you to the perfect site to build your custom dream home. It is essential that your custom home plans are in alignment with the land in which you wish to build you Vancouver home on. You would not want to design your perfect home only to later realize that the land cannot accommodate the luxury home. Check our well-designed website for more information.

Let’s Help You with Pre-construction

Prior to beginning the process of building your custom home, we will walk the property in Vancouver with you, to determine how much pre construction work will need to be done before the home building can commence. Pre-construction work can include things like tree removal, driveways and utility placement. Or, for instance, if you want get your AC system done, we can help making the contact too.

Avoid Delay and Extra Building Expenses

As the number one custom home builder in Vancouver, we pride ourselves on helping you plan out your custom home down to every last detail. We will be with you every step of the way from the foundation to the roof or the kitchen renovation. We strive to save the customer as much money as possible during the process while still providing top notch service and top-of-the-line craftsmanship in Vancouver. We encourage you to make all decisions related to the building of your custom home before the construction of your luxury home begins as to avoid materials not being available or needing to have things ripped out and rebuilt due to a change order.

Choose an Experienced Home Building Company in Vancouver, BC

Good planning and having the best home building team on your side throughout your custom home building will ensure the experience will be nothing but dreamy. Our team is not only the most experienced home building team in Vancouver, but we are the most efficient and professional as well. We also use professional marketing team to help us. We understand the significance of building your dream custom home and it is not a job we take lightly. We take the time to talk to our customers, get to know them and their visions and help bring it to light. Give us a call today to see why we are the number one choice for custom home builders in Vancouver!