July 27th, the day of celebrating our distillery in Saskatchewan

From a historical standpoint, July 27th is quite a day. July 27th,1214, King Philip Augustus and the French middle classes rally against all odds and defeat Emperor OttoIV and his international coalition with King John of England. July 27th, 1694, British Parliament founded the Bank of England. July 27th, 1946, Gertrude Stein passed away. On the same day in 1953, the Korean war ended, and on July 27th, 2018, our master distiller Dustin Christianson, who works for the best distillery in Saskatchewan, turns 30!

Let’s celebrate one of our best team member’s birthday, and IT IS FRIDAY!

It is not an easy job to maintain the best distillery in Saskatchewan, but Sperling Silver always keeps a strict standard on spirits, and we have special tours for visitors. On this special day, we discuss with our distiller Dustin about how to be the top distillery in Saskatchewan.

Distiller Dustin Says:

“As I found out, it is relatively easy to create the recipe but it is an entirely different chemistry. Spirit is a conductor and sometimes an amplifier of flavors and aromas. What may have worked on the plate, doesn’t always work in the glass. You have to know what you are doing to keep the best distillery in Saskatchewan running. The first three years were spent doing a lot of trial and error. Now in our fifth year, our research and development in much more refined. We will spend months if not years developing new and better ways to improve our products, and always be the top distillery in Saskatchewan that bring our customers new things.”

Some EXCITING NEWS we want to share

We recently took part in 3 prestigious international competition and represented Saskatchewan very well! A very important part of our evolution started in January, 2017, when we hired and trained a new master distiller. Now we are winning international awards. We will keep doing our best to make Sperling Silver top distillery in Saskatchewan.


  • Gold Medal for French Laundry Vodka
  • Silver Medal for Earl Grey Tea Gin
  • Distillery in Saskatchewan of the Year 2018


  • Best Canadian Vodka for French Laundry
  • Gold Medal & Best Honey Liqueur for Hemp & Honey Shine
  • Silver Medal for Pirate of the Prairie Rum


  • Best Agave Spirit for Killya Organic Saskatchewan Cactus Juice
  • Best Moonshine for Ole Jeds Moonshine
  • Best Single Malt Rye Whiskey for
  • 100 Bushels Single Malt Rye

To support Saskatchewan businesses with us

We know you are proud to support Saskatchewan businesses, and especially when they are getting international attention. As the best local distillery in Saskatchewan, our products are everywhere, for example, Sobeys currently carries 17 of our products. SLGA carries 17 of our products, too.

We hope you will carry some of Saskatchewan’s best premium products

We started distilling in 2012 and have evolved from our humble beginning. Now we are growing much stronger and we are THE distillery in Saskatchewan with our best customers. We will extend a special Saskatchewan home grown price. We believe in local helping local. Let’s put the SPIRIT of SASKATCHEWAN first, and keep the distillery in Saskatchewan the best.

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