Granite Queries

The process of turning a mountain into a countertop is a cool one to say the least. The process begins at a granite query. These granite queries are located all over the world– where there are mountains at least. Depending on the geographical location of granite, different colours will be produced as it depends on the ground in which the slab comes from. China’s granite supply is mostly brown, whereas Brazil’s ranges from beautiful blues to deep reds. Brazil produces 90% of the worlds granite supply– which is a whole lot of granite.

Getting out of the Mountain

In order to extract the granite from the mountain, workers take very long drills and sink them into the rock until they form a block. In order to break the rock from the mountain a variety of tactics are used including; water jets, flame jets and explosives! They then separate from the mountain and usually fall to the ground in a cube

From Cube to Slab

In order to be ready for commercial use, further processing is needed. First, the cube of granite gets loaded into a gang saw, which cuts the saw into slabs– which you see in our warehouse. One cube can take hours or sometimes even a whole day to cut through, and produces about 60 slabs of granite! However, the slabs not done yet.

Slab to Supplier

In order for a granite slab to become the works of beauty you see in our store, they have to go for further processing and be ‘beautified’. To do this, resin is poured all over the stone in order to strengthen and polish the stone. This brings out the stones colour, intensifies the patterns and gives it that beautiful shine.


Supplier to Your Home

Once the granite has been polished and ‘beautified’ it is shipped off to the supplier. Regina Granite is then able to pick out the best stone available and ship it to our store. Our long-term working relationship with our suppliers ensures we get the best granite there is. Come on down to our store to look at our massive selection of granite today!