How to hire an SEO company in Vancouver (what to do and what not to do with your marketing dollars):

seo vancouverCheap is not always the best option! Looking for an SEO company in Vancouver but thinking that it’s gonna be expensive, well, consider it as your investment for business development.

A well-ranked website worth much more than a prime real estate in downtown, cause you are not limited by geo-location.


Since it is about ranking on Google, go to Google and search ‘SEO Services’ or ‘SEO Services Vancouver’ or ‘SEO Company in Vancouver’.


AVOID Ads (cause they are paying Google to be there since they cannot rank themselves)


AVOID Map Listings (cause it just shows who is near you not always who are the best)


AVOID the listing sites like or (most-likely some companies are just paying them to list their website)
Now you see the dentist with good teeth, who are able to outrank all other companies to be on top. 


SEO company in vancouver

Contact the top 3 companies and see who you would like to work with based on how they deliver results and what their expenses are. Give them a call or request a free quote before you start thinking it’s EXPENSIVE.


This is going to be the best investment decision you have ever made after starting a business. SEO is not expensive it is investment.