Hisense might not be a top brand that most people are conversant with in the world of 4K TV, but they have products that can compete with other brands. This brand is known for its affordability compared to other products such as Samsung, Sony, and LG. Some of these products that came out before Hisense was very expensive and users have to spend well before they could afford them.

Over the years, buyers have been searching for another TV they can buy without spending much money to get high specifications. Hisense is another TV for buyers who don’t want to break their live savings or go bankrupt to create their home theatre for a surround sound effect. The higher the screen sizes, the higher the price buyers have to pay in buying their desired Hisense TV.

This brand has different 4K resolutions and screen sizes to fit the needs of numerous buyers. On the other hand, they have LED TVs, OLED TVs, 4K UHD TVs, and many others. As a result of these varieties, buyers can select a particular TV to suit their needs. Some of their TVs are smart TVs that allow users to stream their favorite stations through the Android application on their smartphones. There is no argument that this brand for Android TV has various features like native voice control, screen mirroring, etc.

For instance, the Roku models allow game consoles, playback devices on their own without using HDMI. Many buyers who have bought this Hisense TVs can convert it into a voiced-enabled remote without any need to control it with their hands. In addition to it, numerous features come with Roku TVs: smart functionality, ambient light rejecting screens, surround sound system, and many others.

The good news is no matter your financial budget; you will find one particular 4K TV that will match your budget. Most buyers feel buying Hisense TVs are very expensive, but they are not. One thing that is spectacular about this brand is that you will see the value for your money, and you do not need to regret buying it. Every year the company are fond of launching new products into the market. In the year 2020, they launched different brands like Hisense 65H9F, Hisense 65H8F, Hisense L5 series, etc.

What Is A Laser TV?

Presently, Hisense has different laser TVs integrated into their projection televisions. It is through this optical laser they produce clear and crystal quality images. A digital light processing chipset in a laser television comes in different configurations, either single or triple-chipset. Inside this chipset, several microscopic mirrors produce different pixels on the screen. It is through this users get to see the reflection of white and color light on the screen.

Furthermore, the triple-chipset uses a triangular prism to shed white light on the screen through optical laser. As a result of this, it helps remove the rainbow effect that will lead to blurred images. Users will see this on different Hisense TVs like projectors, commercial cinema projectors, home laser TVs, and many others. For instance, the 100 and 120-inch of this brand have to surround sound system to create a cinematic effect.

There is no difference between these Laser TVs and other types of TVs because they have the same or similar features like compatibility, voice controls, Google Assistant, Alexa Voice, Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi, and many other applications. On the other hand, you might be lucky to find one with awesome quality pictures at an affordable rate.

Hisense 55H78G, 55H6590F (H6500F), and H55U7A Review 2021

These are the following Hisense TVs with good quality pictures and surround sound:

  1. Hisense 55R8F 55-Inch ULED 4K Roku TV:

Hisense televisions have excellent graphics for those who are passionate about having high-quality pictures. You can rely on this brand to offer you the amazing resolutions you desire to buy. It is built with a ULED panel with 56 local dimming zones, and this has a role to play in its contrasting to produce diverse colors for more lifelike images on the screen. Besides this, there is a peak brightness of over 700 nits, making it ideal for illuminating dark rooms.

However, there is a possibility of having edge-to-edge images on this Hisense 55R8F. It has features such as dual 10-watt speakers and Dolby Vision, HDR support users, to have that immersive cinematic experience while watching movies on the TV screen. Roku plays a major role in integrating this device to stream numerous applications, shows, songs, and movies with loved ones.

There is no complication in using this Hisense TV because of the game consoles, satellite boxes, HDMI inputs, or other complicated menus. The Roku app users will find it difficult to use their Android or iOS devices to control the TV using their voice or Google Assistant. Besides this, users will have two free months of enjoying their favorite TV stations like Cartoon Network, MTV, Sound TV, Sky sport, and many others.

  1. Hisense 55H8G 75-Inch Quantum Series 4K ULED TV:

For buyers who have enough TV space in their apartment can buy this particular Hisense brand; it is an amazing 4K ULED TV. The 75-inch TV can fit into any home theatre space to project high-quality images. Based on the Android features, users can download applications from Google PlayStore, and it is compatible with Amazon Alexa. It is through the Hi-view chipset and ULED technology that helps to produce other non-UHD images.

In addition to it, there is a supportive enhancement for users to control the volume to drive away unnecessary noise. The 90 local dimming zones allow color contractions. If you are the type, who admires or likes going to cinemas to see different movies, you will experience that surround sound effects watching different movies in your apartment. You can even play music through your smartphone using the Bluetooth feature on the Hisense 55H8G, while the Chromecast support is for streaming videos directly on the TV.

  1. Hisense 65R6D Quantum Series 65-Inch Android TV:

In terms of smart functionality, it is one of the top-selling Hisense TVs. It is designed using the Android TV features to perform multiple functions like access to applications like Youtube, PlayStore, Netflix, Hulu, etc. The voice remote allows users to control the numerous parts of the TV by using their voice. There is also compatibility with the device with a feature like Alexa-enabled devices to help in voice control. If the picture quality is blurred, the Al-assisted automatic scene recognition allows users to adjust the picture setting to get a fantastic viewing experience.

Furthermore, the Chromecast is another advantage for family or friends to share images. Some parents don’t like their kids or children getting access to some TV stations. Therefore, they restrict their kids’ access by using passwords to lock those stations. You can enjoy 4K images with the updated ULED panel, and the Dolby Atmos technology feature inside the 10-watt speakers offer surround sound.

  1. Hisense 32H4F 32-Inch Roku TV:

Some buyers might not like something big based on their homes’ small cinema space; the Hisense 32H4F is a superb option for buyers. It is ideal for places like dormitories, bedrooms, Montessori classrooms, and many other areas. Users can enjoy watching their favorite shows with good quality pictures. It is not hard to access thousands of applications on this TV since it runs on the Roku platform.

Users can also change the voice control of the TV’s applications by using their Android devices or iOS. Connecting the TV with Amazon Echo or Google Home Smart Speaker is much easier to give audible voice commands. The input latency and the refresh rate are also adjusted to counter effects like stuttering and screen tearing. It is simple to obtain a better listening experience using this TV.

  1. Hisense L10 Series 100-inch 4K UHD Laser TV:

It comes at a staggering price; still, there is incredible technology for the user to enjoy. The laser part of this Hisense TV is built to fit the typical theatre projectors available in the cinemas. Having this TV in your apartment will give you that cinematic sensation. In terms of lighting, there are various colors like bright and deep blacks. Buyers with small space in their homes can set up this device.

Super sharp images for the device is through the laser projector technology. In addition to it, there is a wireless subwoofer and Harman Kardon audio system to provide surround sound during watching blockbuster movies, footballs, music, etc. Downloading apps or streaming live TV is another smart functionality of the TV.

  1. Hisense 50H6570G 50-Inch 4K Android TV:

The Hisense TV has good screen resolutions and other features. Users with a low budget can opt for this premium 4K TV. The Dolby Vision is responsible for the fantastic pictures on the screen. Besides it, non-4K content comes in an advanced viewing experience. Like the other Hisense 4K TVs with smartphone features, users can use their Android mobile devices for controls.

The remote has an inbuilt Google Assistant that can work with the Alexa Voice. Surround sound features in the TV help buyers cut down the streets of looking for extra money to get an external audio device. If you have gadgets like speakers, subwoofers, or soundbars, you can link them to the TV through Bluetooth connectivity.

  1. Hisense 40H4F 40-inch 4K Android TV:

It has an incredibly high-definition display, diverse content options, a satisfactory resolution of 1080p, inbuilt WiFi, and smartphone features to perform functions for streaming, gaming, etc. These images you will get from this TV is clear and free from blurring and picture lagging. The game mode helps to cut down input lagging and also give rise to fast video game action. As a result of the surround sound, getting detailed sound is relatively easy.

The Roku TV feature makes it easier to access the cable using a single touch. There are over 5000 streaming channels and other exciting programs on this television. Android and iOS users can control different functions of the TV. User will have the opportunity to capture key moments in various games, movies, and sports through the laser projector technology. There is a one-year money-back guarantee for buyers who might find fault or aren’t satisfied with the TV’s functions.



Hisense TVs are still one of the best brands that have great 4K TVs. The good thing is they are in the market at affordable rates for buyers who can’t afford to buy other brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, etc. Most of their TVs have the latest Hi-View chipset through the Al to allow users to access different movies, games, live streaming, and optimize the pictures’ quality on the screen. You are sure to have 4K resolutions on the screen since it has a ULED panel for an incredible viewing experience.