Moving is seen by many as a grueling and expensive process.  That is why some people may choose to renovate their home instead of buying a new one. This decision can make a lot of sense for you since you might like your neighbourhood and your community. One of the most common mistakes people make is not calling their insurance company in Regina. At MyCH, insurance broker in regina they want to make sure that you are covered if the unforeseen happens to your home.

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Questions you might want to ask your insurance broker in Regina

No one likes to pay more for their home insurance in Regina, that is perfectly normal. Although, if you don’t ask your insurance broker in Regina a few simple questions, it might end up costing you much more money that you had planned.

Here are some questions you might want to discuss with MyCH before remodeling of your home.

1. With my current home insurance in Regina, am I covered while my house is being remodeled?

When remodeling your home, you may have to move out for a number of days and this might end up affecting your insurance coverage.

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If you are doing extensive work and you need to leave the comfort of your home you will need to speak with your insurance broker in Regina to ensure that your home insurance policy does not need to be changed.  Different insurance companies have different definitions of what constitutes a home being vacant or under construction and your insurance broker in Regina can best advise you what, if anything you need to do to ensure that your insurance coverage remains in force.


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2. Am I covered by my home insurance in Regina if a worker/contractor gets hurt while working on my propriety?

Most home insurance in Regina won’t automatically cover accidents involving contractors or workers on your property. One thing you need to make absolutely sure when choosing your home renovation company is that they have a Commercial General Liability insurance policy and that they are covered by Workers’ Compensation. Asking these simple questions might save you a huge headache if anything were to happen.

2.1. What if I do the work myself ?

You should still advise your provider of home insurance in Regina to make sure that everything is in order. This might seem a little bit too much but it’s better to be safe than sorry!


3. Will my home insurance in Regina go up if I remodel my home?

Depending on the remodeling that you do, it might actually do the opposite. Some home improvements might actually lower your policy premium.

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If you have an older home and part of your remodeling involves upgrading your electrical,  plumbing system, heating system or roof those renovations might end up saving you money on your insurance premium.


Other renovation and upgrades might end up causing your policy to go up, but if you don’t declare them and have a claim they may not be covered. A good example of things that might end up raising the premium of your home insurance in Regina is if you increase the square footage of the home, finish your basement or install a pool.


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At Cansoft, we had such a good experience with MyCH that we wanted to share it with you! If you want to make any changes to your home, don’t hesitate to call MyCH to make sure what is covered and what is not. At MyCH they believe in a simple and personalized insurance. They want to make sure that your home renovation goes smoothly and that you are covered even if it doesn’t!