Every year, more and more trees are cut down to provide paper. The biggest user, and waster, of paper is offices. Here is how the Postica app can prevent a lot of this waste.

Office Uses

If you’re the type of person who works at a desk with hundreds of Post- It notes all around your computer and office, then the idea of Postica might be alluring to you. This application for your computer creates virtual sticky notes that can be shared with friends. This allows you to keep notes on your computer, from important phone numbers to grocery lists, in the same scribbled down ideas as a Post-It note. Postica provides a blank space where notes can be dragged around and saves their location so that it looks the same on any computer. Sending your husband the grocery list has never been easier. It is fairly easy to attach a file, change the colour of the note (hello colour coordinated organization!), and email them to another user. But paper sticky notes are so easy to use, why change the way that you stay organized?

Paper Waste

posticaA big issue that offices face, even in the digital age of the 21st century, is the amount of paper waste created. Tiny sticky notes, office memos, secret Santa shopping lists, the number of lists we make within the office daily is staggering. The average office worker generates about 2 pounds worth of paper and paperboard products every day, and uses 10,000 sheets of paper in a year. It is estimated that a good-sized pine will produce around 10,000 sheets of paper, this means that each office employee uses on average 1 tree every year. That’s each worker, in every office, in every country, all over the world. Using an app like Postica in the office could literally save the world. Keeping all offices digital can save around 938 gallons of water, 2.5 trees, 56 gallons of oil, 12.15 cubic feet of landfill space every year.

What is Postica?

Postica, in the least amount of words possible, is a Post-It notes app. The service lets you create a slew of tiny sticky notes that can be maneuvered around as much as you wish. They sit on your desktop, and don’t hover over pages that you’re looking at, unlike other sticky notes apps. The app is all about your own personal notes space, that being said, however, you can share your notes with others, and they can send notes to your workspace too. Each note is confined to just 140 characters, the same length as a short text or short tweet. You can also add a single file to each note, and most users can add over 5MB in size. There is no official cap on total storage so sticking to smaller files is probably best. The outstanding feature of this app, Postica, is the file uploads. While it might take a few moments to upload, this is a great way to backup documents online and add a note to them. Postica also has an integration with Twitter, you can add the social media giant as a friend in the Postica app, and subsequently stick notes via direct messages.