Some tablets come with lock-screen widgets that allow you to access your most common activities like checking the weather, looking for your next appointment, or tracking your screen time without having to unlock your tablet. The most important decision to make when you’re shopping for a tablet is what size screen you want Tablets come in a variety of screen sizes ranging from seven to 14 inches, so you’ve got a lot of options. Your choice should take both readability and portability into account. If you’re looking for a tablet you can hold in one hand and you’re comfortable with a smaller screen, a seven-inch tablet may be perfect for you.

While there’s certainly no rule against owning devices from different manufacturers, there are definitely advantages to buying a tablet that’s built on the same platform as your phone. The biggest benefit is familiarity. If you’re already familiar with Android or iOS as operating systems, you’ll feel right at home the first time you power up your tablet if you buy one with the same OS. In addition, some tablets and phones from the same brand offer extended functionality when used together.


  • Storage: Tablets are basically computers under the hood, and every computer needs file storage for the operating system, apps, and personal files. Storage amounts vary between 16GB and 256GB, with the associated cost increase you’d expect. The “right” amount of storage will vary depending on the user; if you keep most of your stuff in the cloud, you don’t need a ton of space, but if you like to keep a lot of movies or TV shows with you — or you have a large photo collection — you’ll want to invest in a tablet with enough room.
  • Cameras: You can use a tablet camera to take pictures, but holding one up for just the right angle can get pretty awkward and unwieldy, so most people use them for video conferencing services like Google Hangouts, Skype, or FaceTime.
  • Processor: Every tablet needs a central processing unit (CPU) to run. Most tablet manufacturers make their own processors, so it’s often difficult to compare, say, the iPad’s A12X chip with the Qualcomm processors found in many Samsung tablets. To get a sense of how different tablets actually perform, watch video reviews and see them in action.
  • Speakers: While tablet speakers can’t hold a candle to headphones or a pair of proper speakers, built-in speakers still matter. Most tablets have two speakers for achieving a stereo effect, but some still rely on a single speaker for mono sound. If you plan on playing music through your tablet’s speakers, get one with speakers on either side for optimal sound separation.

Huawei Tablet Review: Mediapad M5 vs T5 vs MateBook Signature


The Huawei MediaPad M5 lite features a brilliant 10.1-inch 1080P display so you will not miss a thing while watching your favorite movies or playing games. For an even better viewing experience, Huawei ClariVu technology further enhances display brightness and clarity. Perfectly designed to protect your children’s eyesight, the Huawei MediaPad M5 lite offers an enhanced eye-comfort mode that effectively reduces harmful blue light and provides smart reminders when the device is too close to your child’s face, or when your child reads while laying down.

The Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite is an elegantly designed tablet with a metal unibody build and 2.5D curved glass edge, perfectly combining aesthetics with ergonomics together. Its gentle, minimalist curves provide a luxurious look, while its slim, lightweight design delivers a spectacular hand-feeling, Equipped with advanced 2048-layer pressure sensitivity, the Huawei M-Pen lite Stylus enables you to naturally jot down notes and write memos with full responsiveness.


  • Display 10.10-inch (1920×1200)
  • Processor Kirin 659
  • Front Camera 8MP
  • RAM 3GB
  • OS Android 8.0 Oreo
  • Storage 32GB
  • Rear Camera 8MP
  • Battery Capacity 7500mAh



  1. .DESIGN

The MediaPad M5 Lite emits up to 427 nits of brightness, making it brighter than the 398 category average, the 400-nit Tab 4 10 Plus and the 405-nit Fire HD 10. The 489-nit iPad is even brighter than Huawei’s slate, however. The colors of the Toy Story 4 ad retained their tones as I moved 30 degrees to the left and right of the screen. The MediaPad M5 Lite’s touch screen offers accurate touch reception. As I tapped around the Android interface and Chrome, I noticed that the tablet responded to my touches correctly, though the responses became a bit slow when the slate was taxed to its limits.

  1. AUDIO

Get ready for a lot of sound. The Huawei MediaPad M5’s quad-speaker array blasts a lot of volume, enough to fill a large bedroom — or disrupt many people’s work in an open office, as I accidentally discovered. But as I listened to a medley of music on the slate, you’ll hear high-pitched vocals and synths loud and clear while the drums get reduced to mere cymbals.


I saw the reason for the Lite in the Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite’s name when I put the machine’s Kirin 659 processor and 3GB of RAM to the test. While this machine is meant for kids who may have lower demands for processing power, I encountered difficulties, as I saw the slate pause more often than not.


The Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite is one of the longest-lasting tablets we’ve ever seen, surviving 13 hours and 13 minutes on the Laptop Mag battery test (web surfing at 150 nits). That’s 3 hours longer than the 9:50 category average and similarly longer than the times from the iPad (10:07) and Fire HD 10 (9:04). The Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus (13:06) posted a similarly long time.




  • Excellent Display
  • Excellent Sound
  • Thin, Light, Durable
  • Long Play Time
  • Smart UI & Eye Friendly

The HUAWEI MediaPad T5 is an eye-catching tablet with a premium, refined design. Its symmetrical metal body is crafted with care and is sleek and lightweight (about 460g) enough to be portable and comfortable to hold. Dual speakers produce high-quality, robust audio for your favorite music. The octa-core processor with a main frequency of up to 2.36 GHz gives you great performance while consuming less power. Memory size can easily be expanded by up to 256 GB using a Micro SD card.

The HUAWEI MediaPad T5 comes with a stunning 10.1” display (1920 × 1200 resolution) that delivers excellent detail. The 16:10 aspect ratio makes it perfect for watching movies or TV shows and browsing websites.



The HUAWEI MediaPad T5 is an eye-catching tablet with a premium, refined design. Its symmetrical metal body is crafted with care and is sleek and lightweight (about 460 g) enough to be conveniently portable and easy to hold.


The HUAWEI MediaPad T5 comes with a stunning 10.1″ display (1920 x 1200 resolution) that delivers excellent detail. The 16: 10 aspect ratio makes it perfect for watching movies or TV shows and browsing websites.

  1. SOUND

Dual speakers produce high-quality, robust audio for your favorite music. The HUAWEI Histen audio technology makes sound richer, giving you an immersive cinematic experience.


The octa-core processor with a main frequency of up to 2.36 GHz* gives you great performance while consuming less power. Memory size can easily be expanded by up to 256 GB using a micro SD card.


Based on Android 8.0, EMUI 8.0 is meticulously designed for a smoother, more intelligent and intuitive user experience. Your apps load faster and run without inexplicable pauses.


Eye-comfort Mode reduces harmful blue light to create healthy reading conditions for you and your family.



MateBook boasts one of the most secure file storage systems in the industry. But just because it’s secure doesn’t mean it requires a complicated access procedure. MateBook comes equipped with a side fingerprint sensor that lets you unlock with a single touch and integrates seamlessly with Windows. Weighing less than 1.5 pounds, Huawei Mate Book still manages to house a high-res 12-inch screen, fingerprint sensor, and 9-hour battery within an impossibly thin metal enclosure. Ideal for anyone on the go. Huawei Mate Book is designed with simplicity in mind. Its sleek exterior is crafted from a single sheet of metal and other high-quality materials. Every corner, edge, and port is precision-crafted and polished to perfection.


  • 2 -in-1 PC running Windows 10 Home with a 6th Generation Intel Core m5 processor
  • World class security with an ultra-fast fingerprint sensor
  • 12” IPS display
  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Compatible with Huawei MatePen


  1. DESIGN;

This hybrid is sleek, slim, and insanely light (680 grams and a mere 0.7 mm thick) a testament to cool minimalism. It comes in gray or a subtle golden hue, all metal on the back, and featuring a front that is very nearly all glass, with tiny bezels of merely 10 mm surrounding the screen. Another tremendous design innovation is the implementation of an impossible-seeming fingerprint reader placed along with that aforementioned narrow bezel. However, multiple testers found it to be accurate, responsive and easy to use, considering how narrow an area the reader is scanning.


Here’s the thing about that much-touted lightness of weight of the Huawei Matebook: it still feels solid somehow. This is no delicate flower. The keyboard snaps solidly to the tablet, and the metal-encased pair stand up to all manner of folding and unfolding with gusto, despite their thinness and lack of weight.

As for security, the side-edge fingerprint reader as mentioned is one of the best encountered in recent memory, offering reliable scans along with ease of use as well as allowing the designers to sacrifice none of the slimness and sleekness of line the machine has.


The full-sized keyboard is the bearer of the aforementioned faux-leather case, which doubles as the stand for elevating the tablet screen when attached. The keyboard clicks satisfyingly and reliably to the tablet screen via a series of pogo pins.

  1. WEBCAM;

The webcam is a front-facing 5MB cam that is perfectly useful for light teleconferencing or Skyping with the family.


The aforementioned Intel Core m3 to m5 processors featuring speeds from 2.2 GHz to 2.7 GHz are snappy and responsive, great for video, light gaming, word processing or surfing multiple web pages all at once. The standard 4GB of memory is perfect for most users of machines of this class, as is the minimum 128 GB of storage, which runs to 512 GB.


The on-board graphics render stunning colors and smooth display for light gaming, videos, and presentations of the kind likely to be done on a laptop/hybrid, beyond respectable in this regard.


Testers found that Huawei’s claims of nine hours of battery life may be slightly exaggerated, however even coming slightly below that mark is plenty respectable for a laptop/tablet hybrid of this kind, especially burning as bright as it does with that gorgeous 12-inch display.



Sleek design, classy packaging, and a gorgeous display all packed into a lightweight, slim hybrid means that Huawei has hit a home run with its first foray into the world of Windows laptop/tablet hybrids. The Look & Feel. The Huawei MediaPad T5 is designed just as I would want a tablet designed, with great features and ease-of-use top of mind. It’s has a great screen display, good battery life, and is user-friendly. It’s also light-weight so it can easily fit into a purse, briefcase or backpack.

The Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite’s fantastic battery life and brilliant screen suggest that Huawei is making solid ground in the tablet wars and specifically for gaming, takes some of the fun out of this family slate (which needs some more work in the parental-controls category).