Free Down Payments With Jade Townhomes in Regina

Jade Townhomes Grants in Regina

Jade Townhomes in Regina is helping you live the life you aspire to live, with a beautiful new townhome in Greens on Gardener in Regina. You may be eligible for a City of Regina Capital Grant that allows you to buy a new condo for sale in Regina, with as little as a $1,000 down payment!

Aspire Attainable Homes

Aspire Attainable Home Ownership Program is a wonderful nonprofit social enterprise that helps Regina residents that have been caught in the city’s growing housing affordability gap. They deliver well-appointed, entry-level homes for you, the first time home buyer! Jade Townhomes had founded the Aspire Attainable Home Ownership Program, in which they partnered with the City of Regina, builders, developers, lenders, lawyers and a plethora of other people to provide you with an affordable home. Together, they work to help make homes more accessible by bringing the upfront costs down.

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Providing City of Regina Grants

The Aspire Attainable Home Ownership Program will provide you with City of Regina Grants to select Jade Townhomes. This is a fantastic opportunity to use the grant towards your down payment or to reduce the price of your new townhouse.

How It Works:

All Aspire Jade Townhomes are priced at market value, and all recipients must be able to qualify for a mortgage. Once you get approved for this program, the Aspire Attainable Home Ownership Program will provide access to a down payment grant from the City of Regina Capital Grant Program. These grants can be either a partial or full down payment, up to a maximum of:

$10,000 for 1 or 2 bedroom homes

$15,000 for a 3 bedroom home

The First Five Years

If covering your down payment wasn’t enough, the City of Regina and Jade Townhomes are offering even more! They’ll provide you with a 100% property tax abatement, as long as you continue to meet their ownership criteria for the five years! Buying a new townhome in Regina has never been easier, thanks to Jade Townhomes