John McAfee: A President-Wanna-Be or An Advocate Needs Attention

John McAfee just declared to run for president of the United States. This is a great week for crypto lovers and may be it will make a change in the history of the USA politics too. The world’s famous anti-virus software magnate John McAfee posts on Twitter that he will stand for elections in 2020. He claimed he would look for Libertarian Party ticket again, which he lost to former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson.

If necessary, John McAfee said, he will create his own party. Recently, McAfee is planning to launch a physical cryptocurrency called the “McAfee Redemption Unit” (MRU) later on this month, this might be seem related to his announcement of running for president.

John McAfee highlights of this year

As a cryptocurrency pioneer who is supported by crypto maniacs, John McAfee has made some argumentative announcements. For example, John McAfee believes cannabis should be legalized, and the transportation security administration should be shut down. He’s also been implicated in a murder by the government of Belize – which he claims is part of a conspiracy to extort him. Also, one article on CCN website, questioned how MRU was going to work:

“Each MRU has an initial face value of $9.95 and can be redeemed for a one-minute in-person meeting with McAfee (they’re stackable).”

John McAfee states that 341,000 MRU notes of numerous denominations have been printed, with a total circulation of 6,050,000 MRU and an implied market cap of $60.2 million. If we assume that the 72-year-old McAfee set aside 10 hours per day to meet with MRU holders, it would take him nearly 28 years to fulfill these obligations. Given his age and lifestyle, that timeline is a little optimistic. If he dies before those 28 years, MRU holders will not receive anything.”

Based on the Business Insider report “The crazy life of former fugitive and cybersecurity legend John McAfee”, McAfee lives a wild life which mixed with legendary business creating and allegedly illegal activities. So far, this controversial business tycoon seems quite serious about his announcement for running Presidential election in 2020.

Is it the new era in the United States of America’s politics?

No matter what happened later, this kind of news brings something potentially groundbreaking: if McAfee became the president of United States, we can definitely expect Bitcoins, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies being used in every possible way. Big influence would be made on Internet, technologies and global economy. For Top-rated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies like Cansoft (Vancouver), it pays attention to big movements in the tech industry. The fact that cryptocurrency-related business merges into political moves is a vital sign of a game-changing moment. Cansoft will keep you posted on this interesting story, to see how far John McAfee can go on his second running of a presidential election.