What is a Medical Aesthetician?

Many have heard the term “esthetician”, but what is a medical aesthetician? A medical aesthetician is a person who has been trained to perform skin-care medical techniques such as laser hair removal treatments, botox injections, photofacial skin rejuvenation, laser wrinkle reduction, tattoo removal, and other skin treatments. The difference between a medical aesthetician and an esthetician is very simple, estheticians are your typical spa workers or makeup clinicians that do facials, makeup, and general over-the-counter type of skincare. Medical aestheticians are trained by medical professionals in the span of a 6 week program that involves classroom learning and hands on practices.

How Medical Aestheticians Improves the Medical Industry

Although medical aestheticians have only a short term study period, they have an integral part of the skin care field. Medical aestheticians work with cancer patients, burn victims, surgical procedures, and other clinical skin care. When a person gets their medical aesthetics certificate it can also help them become applicable for different medical roles, such as medical laser technician, clinical instructor, medical consultant, spa therapist, and other related medical positions. Basically, medical aestheticians are filling the gap that is necessary between basic skin care and surgical skin procedures.

Medical Aesthetics

The Process of Becoming a Medical Aesthetician

Becoming a medical aesthetician is a fairly straight-forward task. Dr. Ali Cadili founded the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics which provides a medical esthetician course as well as botox & dermal filler course. The medical esthetician course consists of a 4 week online course on medical esthetics theory, then 2 weeks of in clinic classroom training. The 4 weeks on medical esthetics theory can be taken anywhere and without having to compromise your busy schedule. The 2 week in clinic instruction is very hands on, you’ll receive instructor lead presentations, videos, and real experience doing treatments such as micro-needling, chemical peels, laser hair removal, body contouring, and everything you’ll need to complete your medical aesthetics course in record time. The School of Natural Medical Aesthetics also provides their students with the option of paying off your classes in parts instead of having to pay all at once. 

Dr Cadili

What Is The School of Natural Medical Aesthetics?

Dr. Ali Cadili founded the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics to provide a more convenient way for busy people who are interested in medical aesthetics to gain their certificate. Students will be working with professionals located in Regina, Saskatchewan in our advanced clinic with real patients. The school also has a scholarship program awarding 500$ to a Canadian student entering their first year of university in either an Arts or Science program. The student must have at least a 3.0 GPA and is required to write an essay in regards to how the scholarship will help them attain their goals and aspirations.