Getting fencing, doors and windows in Regina has never been easier.

At Cansoft, we like to advertise local companies that are doing professional work in Regina. Glacier Glass is one of them and they have started 4 new websites for your convenience, Regina Glass, Regina Windows, Regina Fencing and Regina Doors. These 4 new websites were created to facilitate the communication between you and the experts that work at Regina Glass. They allow you to communicate directly with their team of glass experts for example. It also gives more visibility to Glacier Glass, a family owned company that has earned the trust of their clients since they started in 1979.

glacier glass

Glacier Glass

Like mentioned before, Glacier Glass is a family owned company that offers a multitude of services, from windows repair in Regina to patio doors and vinyl fencing, to only name a few. It is that huge diversity of professional services that has led them to build 4 new portals for people to be able to reach them easily without having to browse through all their products.

Regina Glass

This website is dedicated to everything that is glass installation and glass repair in Regina. The regina glass division will take care of your windshield repair in Regina, pattern glass and many more. You have a big home renovation project and you need help selecting your glass products? Regina Glass will take care of everything from the start to the final installation.

Regina Windows

This website is dedicated to everything that is windows installation and windows repair in Regina. The Regina Windows division of Glacier Glass is there to help you with all and any windows need you might have. The Regina Windows portal creates a direct link between you and their team of experts that will be in touch with you as fast as possible. Contact them for more information and a free quote!

Regina Doors

This website is dedicated to everything that is doors installation and doors repair in Regina. The Regina Doors division is there to create an easy link between Glacier Glass and the potential clients that might need help with their front door, patio door or entrance door in Regina. Their team is insured and accredited for any and all door installation and door repairs in Regina. Send them an email today for any home improvement project that might involve changing or repairing a door.

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Regina Fencing

This website is dedicated to everything that is fences installation and fences repair in Regina. They will build you a brand new fence or repair the one that you already have and they will do it for the best price in town. The quality of their work is guaranteed and they have years and years of experience. All workers are insured and accredited to avoid any headache on your part.

Contact Them

If you have any questions about those services or if you want to get a quick, free quote, give them a call or write an email today. You can also contact us to ask about their services. They are a professional team that will get your project done fast, efficiently and with nothing but quality results.