A projector is an optical device that projects an image onto a surface, it creates an image by shining a light through a small transparent lens, but other types of projectors can project the image directly by using lasers.

A projection screen is an installation consisting of a surface and a support structure used for displaying a projected image for the view of an audience. A projector has become an inseparable part of offices, schools, and colleges. A presentation cannot be established without the use of the projector. In a company, almost all the boardroom has a projector installed. It basically adopts the operational principle of image projection whereby the projector accepts a video or image input, processes it with the assistance of its inbuilt optical projection system consisting of a lens and optical source, and projects the enhanced output on the projection screen. The surface is usually white in color or sometimes a wall because it can be used as an alternative to a television or monitor in large gatherings, almost everyone is required to communicate the content, purpose, and value of his or her work to customers or colleagues, projector helps that communication by expanding the image of your computer screen to be large enough for a room full of people to see.


We are going to look into where we can use a projector;

CLASSROOMS; projectors are used in schooling area for describing a topic, with the aid of a projector, videos or photograph become more enjoyable and children can easily learn the fun way.,

COMPANIES; they are used in big companies and enterprises for meetings, presentation and conference purposes.

HOME; we can even use projectors as home theaters in our various homes that permit you to see the movie which gives you the whole cinema feeling.


  1. Large picture size; you can use them to create very large display screen experience of a business or personal film theatre in your own home.
  2. Alternative for large screen television; it is a cheaper substitute for a 60” plasma TV, the projected picture is typically very bright and projectors can be used with some of the room lights on.
  3. Space-saving; a small projector that is set on a rear shelf or bookcase takes up no floor space in the room, when it is not being used it is hardly visible.
  4. Easy to install; they are very light and can be pulled out of the box and install it with no problems whatsoever.
  5. Low cost; it doesn’t cost much to get a projector and a side speaker in your home.


There are so many reasons why projectors are great to have around the house and a lot of ways to use one that you might not have thought of, here are few reasons why everyone should get a projector;

  • It is better than television; the images on high- end projectors are two or three times the size of a smart TV, and it serves as a great viewing angle.
  • 3D images are much clearer on a projector than on a flat-screen television.
  • Portability; a portable and modern projector with a good resolution can easily go just about anywhere.
  • Games; using a projector takes playing video games to a whole new level.


As projector technology improves and become more affordable, more and more people are getting a chance to enjoy big-screen experiences in the comfort of their homes, in order to pick the best experience, you need to pick the right projector, these are things you should consider when purchasing a projector:

  1. Reliability; the best way to make sure that you are buying a reliable model is to read customer reviews to know what people are saying about that particular product.
  2. Budget; you don’t have to go bankrupt to acquire a projector, there are projectors of different budgets available for you depending on their uses.
  3. Connectivity; projectors generally come with VGA ports, there are many other options available for people who want it for games and movies might want it to have an HDMI port.
  4. Sound; some projectors don’t have a quality inbuilt speaker, sound is very important for home entertainment. The best way around this is to source for quality speakers separate from the projector.
  5. Picture quality; this mostly depends on the surface that you are projecting pictures on. The best way to avoid picture quality issues is to have a roll-out screen and a tripod.
  6. Brightness; the brighter a projector is the better, it needs 1,000- 5,000 lumens to be bright.
  7. Lens and zoom range; this depends on how you want to use the projector, these features will determine the size and positions of what will be projected.
  8. Portability; if you want a projector you can carry around or travel with then you might want to choose a smaller size.
  9. Resolution; projectors used for presentations do not need to have a very high resolution but for movies and games, you definitely need a higher resolution.
  10. Technology; most projectors can be either liquid crystal display or digital light processing, but liquid crystal display are the most reliable.
  11. Environment; outdoor projectors need to have superior all-around quality, they have more brightness and a higher resolution, and a very good contrast ratio while indoor projectors have a good quality but you need to get one that doesn’t make too much noise.
  12. Home or business; you need to pick the one appropriate for your needs, for business projectors, most of the time they will be used for projecting still images, a home projector is used for video games and movies so your projector should be able to handle motion videos.
  13. Contrast ratio; images with a higher contrast ratio are better than those with a lower ratio, it compliments brightness.




Outstanding projector screen is suitable for home theater, business meetings, exhibitions, conventions, presentations, etc. 16:9 screen diagonal 120” offering 104″ x 58″ viewing area, also good for outdoor and indoor activities. It is universally suitable for most LED, LCD or DLP projectors on the market. All screens are made with a high-quality material that has thick matte white to avoid light penetration for a clear image. Our outdoor movie screen provides vivid color and sharper image.

You don’t need to worry about wrinkles or creases caused by screen folding. Fold it in small size and take it to wherever. Stop wasting time leaving the screen hung for days or ironing it. Just hang it and turn on your projector.


  • Format: 16:9 HD
  • Size: 120 inch
  • Viewing Size: 104″ x 58″
  • Support: 160 viewing angle √
  • 1080P Full HD √
  • Front Projector √
  • Rear Projector

Suitable for:

  • Home Theater
  • Business Meetings
  • Propose Marriage
  • Exhibitions
  • Conventions
  • Presentations
  • Education

This product has 4.5 stars out of 5 and a global rating of over 7,107 ratings and is available at a tremendous value in this link



QKK LED projector upgrades with high Native Resolution which can meet all your home entertainment games or indoor and outdoor movies. It’s also ideal for home entertainment like movies and video games. The projector packed with a 100″ Portable projector screen for our customers’ Daily home theater use. It’s the definitely best choice for your outdoor camps, trips and night movies with the family. The projection display is 40”-170” at a distance of 1-4m (the ideal projection display is 120” in 3M).  The aspect ratio is 16: 9/ 4: 3 with manual focus and keystone.

QKK QK02 Projector has upgraded the brightness to meet customer’s needs. It can work perfectly with USB/SD/HDMI/AV. No matter where you are, no matter what device you have, just choose QK02 Video Projector to project the great display image for your happy family movie nights. Max support a 170″ display size, with this, you don’t need the expensive TVs but can enjoy your video games on the big and clear display easily. Start to enjoy the large game views now by choosing QKK QK02 projector.

You can use a lightning to HDMI/USB adapter to connect your smartphone freely to our QKK projector. If your phone is an Android system, then use a micro USB/ Type c adapter to connect it to our projector.


  • Brightness: 4500L
  • Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Max Support Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Display Size: 30″-170″
  • Display Technology: LCD
  • Light Source: LED
  • Lamp Life: 50,000 Hours
  • Surprise: Packed with 100″ Screen

This particular product is available at an incredible value in this link



This 100-inch Portable projection screen, 16:9 format, 160° Wide Viewing Angle. Premium PVC matte Projector screen. That offers sharp and high-resolution images, the wrinkle-free screen is easy to clean. The projection screen can be set in about 5 minutes without any complicated tools. No screws, no strings only several kinds of accessories, enough to set it up.

Our projector screen constructed from sturdy heavy-duty rust-resistant metal and glass fiber rods for increased longevity and durability and which brings reliability and safety for your comfortable experience. Fits neatly into a carry bag for transport or storage.  This projection screen can be used both indoors and outdoors, like camping, backyard movie, large commercial activity center, school, offices; on any venues: presentations, conferences, weddings, parties; for any entertainments: sports events, movies, TV shows, video games.


  • Unique Tripod Stand Setup: With a light-weight, collapsible and stable tripod, our stand is extremely sturdy standing on the ground and easy to set up and take-down. It is extremely convenient and portable for your outdoor, camping, and traveling experience.
  • Excellent quality materials: SKERELL’s tripod projection screen adopts four layers of design, careful material selection, advanced technology, to create a delicate product, add fun to your
  • Wide viewing Angle: Viewing film Angle wide up to 160 degrees, many people can watch together without pressure.
  • Easy to carry packing: The projection screen is packed with a metal shell for stability and durability. The overall material is light and easy to carry

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VANKYO 120″ Stay True Projector Screen adopts a surrounding widened black-side tension structure to make the surface of the screen flatter, and the black side is straight without sagging, the rectangular effect is perfect with a wrinkle-free, non-deformable, crease-free fabric. Make it easy for you to have your own home theater. With projector screens for home theaters, you can get impressive clarity and impact.

VANKYO 120″ Stay True Projector Screen evenly diffuses projected light and you will experience the perfect visual enjoyment of the best images and color reproduction.

Easy to be installed by the hooks or ropes and with rectangle shape but without creases. It also supports hand-wash (not machine-wash) and low heat ironing.

It can be folded as small as you can, and won’t take space, convenient to take with you where you go. Easy to transport and set up for traveling.






TOPVISION T6 Projector is mainly used for home cinema and video games, NOT recommended for Powerpoint, Word, Excel, or business presentation. For all home projectors, It will perform the best effect if under a relatively dark room environment.


  • 80% Brightness Improved
  • The 5500L and latest LED light technology, provides 85% more brightness over a similar projector.
  • Enhanced Color Contrast Ratio
  • A high 3500:1 contrast ratio makes video and image more colorful and vivid, it protects your eyes and allows you to observe every detail.
  • Portable and Convenient Design

This projector is small, compact design allows you to carry it anywhere you want with ease.



In this guide I have talked about the benefits and advantages of projectors and factors to consider when purchasing a projector of your own, there are so many reasons to consider having a projector either for outdoor and indoor purposes and the products I listed out can give you both purposes.

I trust that you will enjoy reading this chapter and will find the information useful in your purchase.

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