Are you aware there is a more exciting way of taking part in a car race game without being inside the TV screen? Technology has made it easier for gamers to have absolute fun when playing games, especially car racing. The primary thing that can make the game enjoyable is buying an ideal Racing steering wheel for maximum performance. There are different types in the market made by various brands, but you can only buy the one that suits your needs.

The two popular brands for this racing steering wheel are Logitech and Thrustmaster. These two brands have gained a mass reputation based on their consistency in producing top gear producers for gamers. Buying a steering wheel with excellent features is the best thing to do for anyone who wants a long-lasting performance or gaming experience. Many game freaks have gotten pleasure playing their auto racing games on their PCs.

In this article, we will look at Logitech and Thrustmaster to see the numerous specifications that make them unique from each other. The good thing is if you can’t afford one, you will always find another one that will be at the price you have budgeted already for the race steering wheel. Therefore, you don’t have to panic about finding the right device to enhance your gaming experience, especially for racing and other adventure games.

The most exciting thing about using this product, they give the user a true feeling of riding or taking part in an auto racing event in real life. The premium wheel comes with a pedal to give users maximum control of their cars during car racing. With this race steering wheel, you can have you drive at whatever speed you want to obtain. There are numerous benefits of using this steering wheel.

Benefits of Racing Wheels

You don’t have to ponder the gain you will get from using this product for your car racing game because its benefits are numerous:

  • Offer fantastic feedback during car racing.
  • Provide real-world experience of driving a car
  • Absolute control of car compared to using keyboard or joystick.
  • Abundant performance for a competitive edge with other cars in the racing game

It will be wrong to dash into the market to buy these different steering wheels without considering the right features during your purchase.

Features in Buying Race Steering Wheels

These are the following features:

  1. Size:

The dimension of the Race steering wheel you will buy is crucial in your decision before making payment. Suppose you are living in a smaller apartment. In that case, it is better to buy a giant steering wheel, but if your apartment is too small, buying a large steering wheel is never advisable.

  1. Customization:

Another factor every buyer has to consider because has to do with the control of the racing car. A race steering wheel with customization buttons allows users to program it very well, including the pedals. The wheel’s customization could be between 180 to 270 degrees, and it is vital because some games work well based on degree rotation.

  1. Pedals:

After getting an immersive experience, gamers need a product that comes with a good pedal for authentic gameplay. Anyone you want to buy; the pedal must have enough resistance. The wheel should accelerate in terms of speed and brake to control the speed in case of danger.

  1. Leather Grips:

The leather grip’s essence is to allow a firm hand grip for users to hold the steering wheel securely. It is the leather grip that makes the user experience an actual life situation of driving cars. Although there is some steering wheel with rubber grip, therefore, you won’t compare them to the leather ones.

  1. Led Indicators:

If you want to add more spice to your gaming experience, the one with LED indicators should be a better choice to suit your needs. These LED indicators offer signals to help users change their gears or accelerate to a top speed to beat their opponents.

Race Steering Wheel

These are the best Race steering wheels you can buy in the market, and here they are:

  1. Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel:

The brand has produced many wheels that are compatible with PlayStation wheels. Presently, one of their products has three pedals that make it easier to use with either PS3 or PS4. The inbuilt clamp allows users to set it up quickly on the desk for car racing. The control for this Race steering wheel offers smooth control and accessible buttons to provide maximum power.

The paddle is made up of stainless steel and makes it possible to have firm control in auto car racing. One of the product’s major flaws is the low resistance, but you will have access to three different pedals. In addition to it, the clutch is designed to offer additional functions too. Based on the affordable rate, it will be a privilege to get a decent wheel and a complete pedal set.

  1. Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari GTE Official Force Feedback wheel:

It comes at a high price; still, it is one of the best race steering wheels to purchase. Users can obtain immersive control of their cars and also have a real-life sensation of driving cars. One of the features that make the product stand out is the excellent motor that can perform pushing and pulling of your vehicle. Besides this, you will feel the friction between your vehicle and the road as the race steering becomes light when you are using it.

The Thrustmaster can work with PS3 with no hindrance, and you will gain maximum confidence driving a car in an auto racing game. Users will enjoy the steering wheel due to the durable materials used in building it. It allows users with an option to upgrade it into a more advanced wheel. There is a toggle switch to assist users in using any car and a red indicator stripe to show the wheel’s position during car racing games.

Furthermore, suppose you are in dangerous situations. In that case, the brake of the steering wheel can give you complete control with meaningless wheelspin. Under the lower part of the device, a base plate allows users to rest their feet. It is absolutely of the steering wheels to purchase to enhance your gaming experience.

  1. Racing Wheel Apex from HORI:

Initially, the brand was involved in producing controls for adventure games, but they have started building car racing games. Their wheels are compatible with both PS3 and PS4 games. Before using the device, you need to make a minor adjustment in the wheel and control options to ensure maximum compatibility. It comes with an adjustable rotation angle of 180 degrees for fast movement. It is possible to boost it to have 270 degrees of rotation.

The wheel has a chunky design, but it has a smooth surface for a firm grip. The user can reset the control buttons to either brake bias buttons or pit radio to have great control during car racing. Inside the wheel rim, there are two buttons joined with each other, and they make it easier for users to look behind during car racing. It has no clutch pedal but an adjustable footrest to keep the plastic pedal under your feet.

  1. Fanatec CSL Elite Starter Kit for PS4 and PC:

It will surprise you that the money you will be paying to buy this product is not equivalent to its value. There is no need to argue because it is one of the best steering wheels for PS4 games. It has a superb pedal and wheel to offer a high level of control. The force feedback motor on the wheelbase is strong enough to provide fast speed. Based on its design, users will feel as if they are driving a real car.

There is a clamp to secure the product to either your racing seat or desk without bolting it down. The shifter paddle can click in a satisfying way to offer wheel grip. The inbuilt screen helps users to see different calibrations or control of the car racing games. It has a clutch pedal and users can upgrade the brake pedal into a load cell version, and it offers more comfort using the product for your game.

  1. Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel:

No matter how you are trying to minimize your budget, avoid spending heavily on buying a race steering wheel. It will be wrong to forget the features or specifications that will make the game pleasurable. It has advanced feedback with vibration technology to make users feel like they are driving cars in real life.

One of the fantastic features of the product is the affordable price. In terms of specifications, users can use it for a long time before changing their body parts. There are no restrictions to the steering speed. Therefore, users can drive their cars using different speeds they want to use.

  1. Logitech G920 Racing Wheel:

The product’s pedal sites are positioned together, and people with larger feet will find it hard to use. In addition to it, the cables are short, and the wheels are suited for only PlayStation 4 consoles. Although it has an ergonomic handle still, using it for several hours will lead to sores on users’ hands.

Another feature that makes the steering wheel stands out is the pedal because it will require immense pressure from the user’s leg to ignite the brake. Users can reassign the brakes back to the clutch pedal. It is best advised to hang the pedal on the racing seat or on a non-slipping floor like the rug to make it active.

  1. Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel:

The force feedback of the device makes the racing game fun. Users can push the wheel into various degrees of resistance and also offer a realistic feel. You have to be serious before buying the product because of the high price. It has a feet pedal, but plastic makes sit give little or no resistance to users.

You can compare this race steering wheel’s functionalities or specifications with other times you have in the market; you will have a deluxe feeling using it. Although the vital force is feedback not too efficient, it works well. Buyers working on a tight budget can go for this one; still, they will obtain 900 degrees of rotation using it for their racing games.


Everyone wants to have maximum fun during their racing games and also getting that real-life experience. Technology has made it much easier to invent numerous tech gadgets to increase their level of satisfaction playing video games. They are available in different brands, features, and specifications. However, it depends on the buyer’s choice to pay the price of anyone they intend to buy.