Rolex Then:

Since its creation in 1905, Rolex has inspired dreamers and people who like to challenge themselves. The founder, Hans Wilsdorf, founded a company that specialises in timepieces distribution in London. Back in those days, most wrist watch were not very precise or efficient but he had a dream of a watch that would perform and that you could wear on your wrist. With that dream, he built the empire that is Rolex in Canada and across the world.  

Nowadays you can find retail stores that sells Rolex in Canada coast to coast, from St-John (Newfoundland and Labrador) to Vancouver (British Columbia). It has never been easier to buy a Rolex in Canada but some might ask what makes it such a great watch? Let us explain! 


Rolex Canada

The Prestige of Rolex in Canada

Wherever you are in the world, everyone has heard about Rolex. The prestige and fashion statement that comes with buying a Rolex in Canada is unpredescent. Some people will buy a Rolex in Canada just for the brand, others who knows more about watches will buy it for the performance and the product overall quality.

The Quality of the Watch

You don’t need to be a watch expert to know that Rolex is a brand that inspires quality. Those watches are reliable, sturdy and incredibly solid. It is not the kind of watch that will break if you drop it on the floor by accident. They are considered to be pieces of art by the collectionners. A Rolex also has everything you need in a watch, they have developed their industry for more than a 100 years after all.  


Canada Rolex

Tailored for your needs

Rolex was always a synonym of innovation in the watch industry. In 1914, the founder of Rolex had one of his watched submitted to pass the Chronometer Certification granted by the Kew-Teddington observatory. In 1927, Rolex released the first water-resistant wristwatch in the world. A couple of years later they released an automatic winding mechanism. It is finally in 1945 that they released the Datejust, a watch that would combine the three features and revolutionize the world of the wristwatch. A lot of improvement and aesthetics features have been added throughout the years to fit our constantly evolving lifestyles. For example, in 2012, Rolex decided to release a watch that could be used for deep-sea diving. The watch was waterproof up to 12,000 metres (39,370 feet), setting a world record for the deepest diving watch in the world. 

Rolex in Canada Now: 

Now-a-Days, there are many different reasons to buy a Rolex in Canada, either for the style, craftsmanship or the innovations. It has never been easier to buy a Rolex in Canada, they even ship them if you can’t find a retailer next to you! As a company that is proud of our own innovations in SEO and craftsmanship in Website Design, Cansoft is always following the new trend Rolex is setting for their industry