Traveling through RV rental in Vancouver

Are you trying to plan a trip this summer? Renting an RV in Vancouver might just be the perfect vacation for you and your whole family. We talked to Happy Holidays Motorhome and they were kind enough to plan a trip for us. Here is the trip they have planned for us:

rv rentals in Vancouver

Day 1: Getting to Gibsons

A car will be waiting for you at the airport (taxi or uber) if you are arriving on the day your trip starts. If you are already in Vancouver, they will pick you up from the hotel and bring you directly to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. You will then board the ferry that will take you on a scenic ride to Gibson, BC.

Once you arrive in Gibson, a member from Happy Holidays team will be there waiting for you as you exit the ferry. They will then bring you to your fully stocked and ready to road-trip RV.

They will take the time to inform you of all the vehicle features and they will give you all the information you need like tourist information and how-to videos on how to operate the vehicle.

Your Campground for the night: Langdale Heights RV Park and Pitch and Putt

Day 2: Exploring Robert’s Creek in your Vancouver RV rental

Robert’s creek is not too far away from the first campground. There, you will find a beautiful temperate rainforest, some amazing waterfalls and some of the freshest air you’ve ever breathed.

For the Golf enthusiast like our CEO, the trip continues with a round of golf at the Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club. For those not interested in golf, just stay in your RV rental in Vancouver and enjoy the view!

To finish the day in beauty, you should enjoy a meal at the Gumboot Restaurant and then have a relaxing evening.

Your Campground for the night: Robert’s Creek Provincial Park

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Day 3: Visit the Waugh Lake

The Waugh lake is our next destination in our RV rental in Vancouver. Waugh lake is often described as a piece of paradise in BC. You should take this day to relax, go swimming and explore the area. This beautiful area is far from a tourist trap and the crowd is always minimal or completely absent. You will be tempted to stay there for longer but more beauty awaits!

Your Camground for the night: West’s Resort

Day 5: Stoping at Garden Bay

As you are driving toward Gibsons again, you should take a small detour into the Garden Bay. You will find there a beautiful little pub with an amazing view of the harbor. Sit down relax and enjoy beer and lunch. If your trip in an RV rental in Vancouver brings you there on a Sunday, you might even be able to listen to live music! Once you are done with the beer and the music, there is a lot of little trails perfect for a day trek.

Your Campground for The Night: John Henry Resort and Marina

RV Vancouver

Day 6: The Soames Hill Park!

A great way to start this day is by packing a small picknick and having breakfast in Soames Hill Park. You will want to hike to the mountain top. There are 2 ways to go up there, we suggest you take one up and the other one down. Once you are on top of the mountain, you can your breakfast with a breathtaking view!

Start the day off by packing a picnic breakfast, and heading to the nearby Soames Hill Park! There are many trails through the forest, and 2 ways to the summit…. Both are worth it! Hike to the top, and sit down to enjoy your lovely picnic. Enjoy the view, take a few photos, and head back down. Get down the mountain after taking a couple of pictures and enjoying the view, your day in your RV rental in Vancouver is not done!

Once you are done with your hike, there is still plenty to see and a lot more to eat and drink! You can choose from a variety of local pubs and restaurants that are close to the mountain.

Your Campground for The Night: Langdale Heights RV Park and Pitch and Putt

Day 7: Last Day in Your RV Rental in Vancouver!

Enjoy your last morning in one of our RV rentals in Vancouver. Once you are done with breakfast, you will need to meet with one of our Happy Holiday Motorhomes staff members at the ferry terminal. Once we are done with the final checkup, you will be sent on the ferry and a cab will be waiting for you on the other side.

RV Rental, Another Way to Travel in Canada

If you have any questions about RV rental in Vancouver, don’t hesitate to contact Happy Holidays team. They will help you plan the perfect trip for you and your loved ones.