Samsung is one of the top brands in the electronic market. In terms of TV, they have manufactured several TV series for buyers with various budgets. As a result of this, there are many options, and new varieties enter the market every year. It will surprise you to know they even have 8K TVs and Neo QLED with different specifications and functionalities. If you don’t want to mount the TV, the good thing is some come with a tripod stand.

For buyers who are after MicroLED displays, there are Samsung TVs available in a larger frame like 88-inch, 99-inch, and 100-inch sizes. These are the things that make the brand quite exceptional from other brands. Therefore, no matter the size of your living room, there is always a Samsung TV to suit your apartment. Based on their numerous screen technologies, their vast options for contrast, picture quality, color range, etc.

When you search for curved TVs or any TV, you can bank on Samsung to meet your needs with the right features. In addition to it, their TVs are well designed to add beauty to any apartment. Those who are Samsung freak or lovers are fond of anticipating the latest TV the company will launch into the market. To buy a Samsung TV, you must know the right features to avoid purchasing a Samsung TV with lesser specifications.

Features to Consider Before Purchasing Samsung TVs

Some factors are crucial for buyers to have at the back of their minds when shopping for the latest Samsung 6 series, Samsung 7 series, and Samsung 8 series. These are the factors:

  • Screen resolution and size
  • Audio and HDR Support
  • Curve vs. Flat
  • Voice Control


  1. Size and Screen Resolution:

It is one of the first things or features to consider in buying a Samsung TV. You need to know the size that will suit your apartment, either standing or mounting one. If you live in an apartment that is too small, it will make sense to buy a large screen because it will occupy your room. Therefore, the size of your apartment is a determinant in buying any Samsung TV. On the other hand, if the TV screen is too small, the user will be missing out on different colors or details. In addition to it, it will lead to overcrowding around the TV, making viewing uncomfortable.

After the size, the next step is to get the screen resolution. There are different Samsung TVs in their 4k, OLED, ULED, 8k, and many others. In most homes, you will find Samsung TVs with 4K UHD resolution. This type of TV is getting more popular in virtually every home. The reason for using this resolution is due to the fact they offer four times the number of pixels you will obtain in 1080p full HD. It implies you have means of acquiring more details, high picture quality, wide color range. Most of the streaming services come with UHD content, and they will work weekly with this kind of resolution.

Although many Samsung TVs run on 1080p full HD, they are useful in other rooms like kitchens, bedrooms, dining room, and children’s playroom. It will shock you to know that this brand is not left out in the TV production with 8k content to help users watch or live their favorite programs.

  1. Audio and HDR Support:

Most of their TVs have enhancement for High Dynamic Range technology that helps analyze movie scenes one after the other to give optimal color, picture, and contrast. Presently, the latest Samsung TVs use Quantum High Dynamic Range technology, while some Samsung TVs use Dolby Vision.

The truth of the matter is there are still similarities between the two versions: Dolby Vision and Quantum HDR technology. One of the significant differences is that the latter is compatible with the latest version of Samsung TVs, like the QLED panel, to obtain amazing OLED quality images. You will get a surround sound using the TV to watch your favorite movie based on the presence of Dolby Atmos.

You might be fortunate to buy one with Bluetooth connectivity to install wireless speakers, subwoofers, or soundbars to have a cinematic effect in your apartment. Suppose you don’t want distraction or disturbance. In that case, you can use the Bluetooth feature to connect it to your headset to have private listening. At the same time, you also enjoy your movies, music, or video games.

  1. Curved Vs. Flat:

Samsung has curved TVs available in the market and they come at affordable prices. You need to make up your mind either you will buy a curve or flat Samsung TV. If you buy a curve Samsung TV, you have to know you will get an Ultra-wide viewing angle, decent watching experience, and full-color volume in the curve screen at any angle, and it helps the user get the same picture quality from any other sitting position.

The major problem with buying curved television is finding a customized bracket to mount the TV on the wall. On the other hand, you can’t compare a curved TV to a flat TV when it is being mounted to the wall. These flat TVs have anti-flare coatings to allow buyers to enjoy color volume and various angles without a curve.

  1. Voice Controls:

It is one of the essential features you have to check in any Samsung TVs. Most of the TVs in this article allow the user to make voice commands. Any of the Samsung TV models you will function with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Some Samsung TVs can be connected to other external speakers. It enables voice commands using microphones. The brand has also added other features to their TVs to make them top-notch. Users can launch applications, stream movies, and many others. Let’s get to see the Samsung TVs ranging from Series 6 to 8.

Samsung 6 series vs. 7 Series vs. 8 Series TVs

These are the following TVs under this category:

  1. Samsung UN55RU7300FXZA 55-Inch 4KUHD 7 Series:

Curved TVs are not well known in the market, and this particular brand of Samsung has been built to reduce blurring to ensure clear images. In addition to it, there is an automatic depth enhancer to allow users to have an immersive viewing experience. There is a 4K UHD processor and also a 4K UHD processor to offer smooth media.

There is also room to connect the TV with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for numerous voice controls. It has a smart functionality to allow easy access to apps such as Apple TV, Hulu, and Netflix. Besides, it has extra support for Chromecast and Apple Homekit for fast streaming in your smartphone and sharing them with family or friends.

  1. SAMSUNG 65-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series:

You will get colorful images that come out with a crisp effect. It is a 4k TV, and you will get the 4k UHD screen, and a universal guide to help select content appropriately. As a result of the fast ultra-processor, everything on the screen is transformed into 4K. A High Dynamic Range offers the user a diverse spectrum of colors and great visual details.

The Auto Game Mode feature helps the user switch to the game mode by minimizing the screen’s input. As a result of this, you will have a smooth gaming experience. The one remote control can handle various external gadgets connected to the TV. If you feel it will be stressful using this TV, then you are wrong. It comes with a universal guide to offer a list of contents for different streaming or broadcasting channels.

The Voice Control is for getting control of the TV and other external devices with your voice. There are various enhancements in the TV that help the user experience very easy. With the assistance of 3D surround sound, your apartment can become like a cinema. It is easier for users to switch between two various gadgets using the Bluetooth multi-connection.

  1. Samsung QN65Q6FN FLAT 65” QLED 4K UHD 6 Series:

The QLED TV comes in more than 1 billion shades, while the ambient mode conforms the TV screen into a unique visual display. It can function with Voice Assistant and also make it to search for different contents, flip channels, weather forecasting, and many other things. Users will see dramatic depth on the TV screen from the darkest to the brightest scenes. The TV’s ambient mode can decorate an apartment, and how the TV blend with home décor is impressive. The Bixby voice and Smart TV helps users to stream live program using a unique universal guide.

  1. SAMSUNG 43-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series:

If you have a spacious apartment, you can go for this TV size. Although you will see a low input lag, the images you will get are of high quality. The universal guide helps you select your content, and you can upscale the TV’s resolution into 4k for precise details and vivid colors. The Smart function makes it easier to control the TV and increase the watching experience.

You will see clear crystal images, and with Amazon Alexa, you can open different apps to search for movies, music, shows, etc. It has other ports like HDMI, VRR, and a 120Hz panel. For gamers who are after a four-party switch game, it might not be the best for them. This brand of TV can offer a 120Hz refresh rate.

  1. Samsung Q800T 8K QLED:

It is an 8K TV that produces crisp images. There is an Object Tracking Sound to obtain good width and height to the audio quality. On the other hand, the TV has no punch, making the High Dynamic Range prevent blooming. The truth is buying this Samsung 8K TV; you won’t even think of purchasing another TV because you will get amazing pictures and a sharp processor.

In addition to it, there is immersive audio of Object Tracking Sound to give an incredible cinematic effect. There is no way you will compare the TV resolution’s sharpness to standard HDTV, and due to this, it offers 33 million pixels. The processor is an Al Technology to give it full 8K power for viewers’ experience. The quantum processor helps locate the input source to eliminate image noise, define edges, and restore other lost details. Even in a dark room, the TV can optimize the screen to produce unique pictures.



Samsung is one of the TVs with the highest price rate, but some are affordable for buyers. You need to find one that comes with innovative features to carry out other functions. One of the things you will enjoy from any Samsung TV is the clear images and surround sound to make you enjoy your favorite shows. An excellent way to enjoy your TV is buying a Samsung Soundbar to produce more sound quality.