The best car dash cams help to protect a vehicle from thefts, and the device has some similarities peculiar to CCTV. There are various types in the market with specific prices. Most of these car dash cams come with extra safety features to produce maximum output.

The installation of the device will require the service of a professional to ensure it is wired enough to provide the right info to the owner in case of any emergency. It is pointless arguing because most of these cameras center on recording videos for future purposes.

For instance, if you are out of your lane when driving on the highway, the car dash cam will notify you to readjust your car. Besides, it can function as an emergency response system and also driver assistance. Therefore, if you get involved in an accident it will call the emergency response system to come to rescue you.

Technology is influencing the rate at which video tech is increasing especially for image quality. Most of these dash cams can shoot 4k videos to produce clear footage. On the other hand, most of the dash cams can be seen in action cameras like GoPro models, and they could have the same features like frame rate, viewing angle, and video resolution.

The best one to purchase is the one that has night vision in it. It is essential to find dashcam models that come with voice control. Some scenarios might warrant you using your voice to control the dash car cam, and it is crucial to check either there is voice control or not.

The reason why it is important to install the wires or the device is to avoid unwanted accidents or being electrocuted. There are key factors to follow to buy the right one for your car model and to have maximum output.

Factors to Consider in Purchasing Car Dash Cams

There are numerous factors to check out before buying this device (car dash cams), and they are:

  1. Resolution:

It is an important factor when it involves the use of car dash cams. There are some you will purchase but the resolution is too low to keep track of details of vital information. For example, if a camera is 1,080p, then it has almost 1,080 pixels vertically.

It is advisable to buy one that comes with lots of pixels and it will make the image become clearer. Therefore, you might be doubting the one to buy, but a 1,080p resolution is the best way to go in this game.

  1. Field of View:

It refers to the wideness of the camera, and how it can capture images from any angle. A wide view car dashcam gives more room to the car owner to see more dangers, but there is a limit to it. Going for something moderate in terms of field of view to avoid affecting the image quality because the pixels are not center on the image.

  1. Frame Rates:

It is important to put the frame rate of the car dashcam into consideration too. Most of the products out there have a frame rate of 30 fps (frames rate per second), and it is the recognized standard for drivers or car owners who have an interest in buying it.

Some car dash cams might have time two of the normal standard frame rate as 60fps. The major problem with the 60fps is the fact it can run out of memory storage easily compared to the one with 30fps.

  1. Night Vision:

The feature is useful to some drivers or car owners, especially for those who drive at night. When there is insufficient light for the device to capture images, the car dash cam will be useless. Even when the location is dark, at least there should be light to record the event that is going on.

  1. Mounting:

The only way you can enjoy the effectiveness of the device is by mounting it to your vehicle. Most of these dash cams are mounted to the dash of your vehicle, others can be on the windshield. The reason why people prefer the dash is to reduce the number of materials cluttering their dash.

  1. Wireless Connectivity:

For wireless connectivity, might involves the use of either WiFi or Bluetooth to connect the device to the internet or other smartphones. If the car dash cam is connected to the user’s phone, it can control the settings, footage, and many other features. The use of the internet opens the device to lots of features to maximize the usage of the device.

  1. GPS Record Location:

The essence of the GPS Record Location is to check the location and speed of the vehicle to figure out various disputes or issues. Another advantage is to help car owners locate the exact location of their vehicles especially when it is being driven by any person. If you want to track the location of your car, it is preferable to purchase a car dash cam with GPS.

  1. Storage:

The higher the storage, the larger the video footage can record. If you buy a car dash cam with less storage, it might run out of space or memory within a limited time. For beginners, some dash cams might come with a little external storage to record video footage.

There are still dash cams with a MicroSD card slot to serve as an external storage space for the dash cam when the main storage is filled up. It is important to check the storage space of the dash cam to know the amount of video footage it will contain.

  1. Footage Protection:

The feature is crucial for the dash cam to possess to protect it from an accident. For instance, the G-Sensor helps to spot out a slight change in momentum and transmit the video footage for the dash cam to save it. There are situations a ghast accident might occur, and the storage or the dash cam can be affected.

  1. Audio Recording:

Audio is another thing that the dash cam should be able to capture for further inquiries in emergencies. It can record vital conversations inside and outside the vehicle. For you to buy the one with audio recording, you have to check well, because it is not all the dash cam that comes with audio recording.

Best Car Dash Cams

There are various dash car cams for car owners to purchase:

  1. Nextbase 622GW:

It is one of the flagship car dash cams with high video quality, geolocation services, and better stabilization. These features enable the device to pinpoint a moving vehicle with the proximity of a three-meter radius. The video footage for the device has a cinematic appearance with clear details. As a result of this, it can pinpoint the registration of any vehicle.

There is a polarizing filter at the front of the car dash cam. Digital image stabilization helps to eliminate unwanted shakes during capturing of images or videos. The good thing is the device can function well with Alexa Skills allowing the user to use his voice for control.

Despite the dual WiFi that comes with it, still, there is an issue with connecting it to other tech gadgets to transfer images or videos. Besides, the 3-inch touchscreen at the back is easy to use without any complications.

  1. Nextbase 522GW:

It is one of the superior car dash cams to purchase. The resolution is good and the wide-angle lens gives car owners enough viewing range. Besides, there is a fast responsive three-inch touchscreen at the rear side of the camera, and it can function with the Alexa functionality.

With the presence of the dash cam skill, it can carry out various functions, start, protect, and stop recording. The video footage can be shared with a smartphone either through the use of WiFi or Bluetooth. The role of the emergency EOS system helps to notify the emergency services of your location details if they can’t get you after an occurrence of an accident.

  1. Garmin Dash Cam 66W:

It is easy to use and install in the home. The Garmin dash cam comes with easy features that make it easier for the armature to operate. Also, the user interface can offer lots of features that offer valuable assistant for drivers on the open road.

In the market, the number of car dash cam that can record video automatically is not much. The G-Sensor detects an accident and saves the footage. The user of the device can operate it using voice commands like save video, ok, take pictures, etc.

  1. Viofo A129 Pro Duo:

The Viofo car dash cam is one of the recognized in the game. It comes with a 4k resolution to capture images. The front side of the camera looks heavy compared to various rivals, and there is inbuilt GPS in it. The presence of the GPS makes them unique from other products.

The casing is plastic and there is trick technology for the device that contributes to the overall build. The powerful capacitors make the power last long rather than looking for a light to charge it up. Besides, 4k resolution is another thing to enjoy from using it, and the footage can reveal a large number of details in any kind of weather.

The dual recording of the device was both carried out using the rear and front cameras. It is easy to set it up and the smartphone application can save video very fast. There are various features such as motion detection, GPS tracking, automatic emergency recording, parking mode, and many others.

  1. Garmin Dash Cam Tandem:

The dash cam allows users to have a clear view of events occurring both outside and inside the vehicle on the highway. The feature makes it simple for cab drivers to keep their eyes on passengers inside the vehicle.

It has a good compact design that has a clip-in magnetic mount which is installed at the rear view of the mirror. Users can take it off when they are not using it. The lengthy USB cables are run neatly inside the car, and at the same time can function as a cigarette lighter.

The dash cam is suitable for incident recording, whereby, in a situation, your vehicle bumped by another car. The car dash cam will record it too to show evidence of the accident. It has a Garmin Drive app that is available for both iOS and Android phones.

Videos and audio footage can be seen through the MicroSD card. The front camera offers awesome pictures for viewers to view. On the other hand, the front camera can capture images in the back or white in low light conditions.

Pictures from both the front and rear cameras can be viewed at the same time. The video footage comes with a timestamp and speed to offer extra details to the video. Due to the voice control feature, users can operate the device without using their hands.


The car dash cams come in various specifications and features that differentiate them from one another. They help to record live video and audio to ensure maximum security for your vehicle. It implies no theft can steal your vehicle because awareness will be made to the car owner. It is a good investment for anyone mindful of their car protection.