What it takes for Cansoft to be the best SEO company in Vancouver

seo company vancouverGoogle is always keeping an eye on user behaviour and changing its algorithm accordingly. After the expansion of smart technologies google voice search is now able to answer a series of queries instead of a single search keyword.

Being the best SEO company in Vancouver means:

  1. You have to be industry leader in SEO market,
  2. You should deliver quick result with efficiency,
  3. You must focus on conversion and
  4. Most importantly staying on top of the changes search algorithms.

Google’s Voice Search in 2020

Consider a real-life situation: let’s say you are new in Vancouver and you have just started a new business. Considering SEO is the best marketing technique you can use to grow a business you are looking for a SEO company. In typical way you may go to Google and search ‘SEO company Vancouver’ or ‘SEO Vancouver’. Then you may look at the companies in Vancouver providing SEO services and do some research on them. Also look at what other services they are providing.

But in real life- you may just ask a friend- hey! Which company does best SEO in Vancouver? Then your friend who probably mentioned Cansoft’s name to you. Then you may ask him again- what other services Cansoft is providing?

Your friend may answer like this-

The other services Cansoft is providing:

  1. Website design
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Software Development
  4. Social Media Marketing and
  5. App development and etc.

Google Voice Search is trying to replace same real-life situation. Search is not stopping on single search; you can do a conversation search with a series of questions. Google is keeping track of the previous searches and helping you with the conversation. Google is investigating on behalf of you and doing the research on ‘best SEO company in Vancouver’ and ‘other services they provide’.

The 4-year old kid is growing up

Google bot’s intelligence can be compared with a 4-year old kid. Google is still not perfect to keep track of the chain of search and continue the conversation. But there is reason why Google is still the number one search engine! Considering that 20 to 25% search is going to be voice search, Google is improving the voice algorithm to deliver the best results. So, businesses that depend on or can take advantage of the voice search in the year 2020. Same like the search- ‘the best SEO company in Vancouver’, people are also searching through voice- ‘find me the best restaurant nearby’ or ‘who is the best dentist in town’.

What it means for the SEO companies in Vancouver

best seo companyAs a growing tech city Vancouver is being known as the next Silicon Valley.  People in Vancouver also adopting new technologies and advancement of search engines. It will be a greater challenge for the SEO companies in Vancouver to stay and top and keep their clients on top if they are not changing their way of doing search engine optimization. It’s not 2013 anymore. Most of the SEO companies have failed to keep up with the major changes like Penguin and Hummingbird. Now another big challenge SEO companies will face how to optimize a webpage for Search Engines. Cansoft Technologies is closely monitoring all the changes are coming in 2020 and proud announcing that- “We will stay on top of the mount Google and keep you alongside us”.