Do you know in most homes you will see blenders use as a food processor for varieties of food items? Some of these blenders are noisy when they are blending food, while others produce quiet noise. The major thing depends on the type you want to buy for your house. The noisy ones might even inconvenience members of the household.

Most people find it hard to choose a specific blender to suit their usage. If you are someone who is in love with drinking smoothies, you can use the blender to get your favorite drink ready. It is one thing to have the money to buy a decent blender, and it is another thing to have the right idea to buy the best blender in the market.

If you have been confused about buying blenders, the article will unleash various types of blenders to suit your budget. It is best advised to carry out various research in purchasing any blender or check customer reviews from previous buyers to make a good decision. Everyone aims to buy something that will stand the test of time.

In the past years, we have seen different types of blenders that have made smoothies, frozen drinks, milkshakes, and many other drinks. Using the blenders inside the kitchen makes the cooking process easier. If you are the type who doesn’t like stress, it will be a good idea to get one to blend your ingredients, and also have various tasty beverages within a short time.

Types of Blenders in the Market

There are various types of blenders in the market. On the other hand, these blenders function like food processors because they help to process smoothies, liquid mixtures, and even varieties of fruits. Presently, there are three major kinds of blenders, and they are:

  • Conventional blenders
  • Immersion blenders
  • Personal blenders
  1. Conventional Blenders:

These are big blenders use every day to sort out various blending needs. They come in big size and require enough space inside the kitchen for them to fit well. The good thing about these conventional blenders they have heavy motors that enables them to perform heavy tasks. You need to be financially buoyant to buy these types of blenders.

  1. Immersion Blenders:

An immersion blender is also called a mini blender or hand blender. It can blend various ingredients inside the container. There is an electric motor responsible for propelling the blades in cutting the food item. There are some cases of using these immersion blenders when a pan is on a fire. There are differences between this type of blender and other types of blenders.

  1. Personal Blenders:

It is one of the most sought-after blenders for preparing quick meals or drinks like smoothies. It is not advisable to use this type of blender for heavy-duty or tasks because they are not built for that purpose. Buyers who are working on a small budget or who have a small amount in their pocket can go for these blenders.

Factors to Consider in Buying Blenders in the Market

These are the various criteria one has to check in buying a blender for use, and they are:

  • Working space
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Maintenance
  • Price
  • Pitcher
  1. Working Space:

Everyone has to know the space the blender can occupy before buying it. The tallest blender in the market is 20.5-inches, therefore it is hard for this type of blender to fit under your kitchen cabinet. Buyers must have accurate dimensions to know the size of their working space to place their blenders.

  1. Power:

There are blenders out there that come with strong horsepower or higher wattage to perform the heavy-duty. Besides, these blenders have a fast work rate compared to their counterparts. As a result of this, the price for buying this blender becomes expensive. For instance, blenders with high wattage of 1500 watts can blend nuts into butter within a short time.

Besides, they can blend grains into flour and also arrange smoothies. Some blenders come with 1100 watts for crushing ice and for pureeing cooked vegetables together, while the ones with 600 watts are mainly for light drinks.

  1. Speed:

The immersion and conventional blenders come with various speeds to regulate the grinding of food substances in the kitchen. There are options for users to either pulse or operate the device continuously. You can be fortunate to find one that has extra presets to suit specific tasks like smoothies, soup pureeing, ice crushing.

  1. Maintenance:

A conventional blender is easier to clean compared to other blenders. Buyers of the device can clean the blender without any stress and even the blade. Users can wash the blades to remove foods that have clung to them.

  1. Price:

In the market, there are some blenders you will find at under $100, and they function well. In addition to it, you will get the correct functions for anyone you will buy in the market. No matter the money you have in your hand you will see one that will suit your budget either personal, immersion, or convectional blenders.

  1. Pitcher (Jar):

The pitchers for blenders are made from glass, and it gives easy compatibility to contain both chill and hot contents. If the pitcher is made from low-quality materials, it can break easily. On the other hand, thick glass for the blender will be too heavy to carry. It is preferable to buy one durable plastic to make the appliance lighter and safer during usage.

Top Rated Blender Reviews 2021

These are the following blenders in the market for buyers to our base in their homes, and they are:

  1. Cuisinart Hurricane CBT 2000:

It is one of the blenders you will buy in the market and be rest assured that you are not spending your money. One of the major setbacks for this blender it has low wattage but can still function in preparing smoothies in cutting large chunks of fruits in the kitchen.

Another thing about the blender it can transform raw produce into hot soups without much effort. The preprogrammed settings or buttons on the device are for making soups. It is good to know the blender won’t function well in crushing ice

The compatibility of the blender makes it easier to use. You don’t have to bother about creating a large space for the blender, because it takes only a small space. Although it is not too quiet, it’s comfortable for home use. The device has no cord wrap, and this makes it difficult especially when one is not using it.

  1. Ninja Professional BL610:

It is a large family blender with a 1,000-watt motor for crushing ice and also preparing smoothies. The user of the high-priced blender would enjoy its functions too. Other features come with the blender-like smart lid that prevents spiking of either milkshakes or soup from the jar pitcher.

Another advantage of the blender, it has a non-slip handle and base. The control panel of the blender has an easy wipe-clean finish for users who want to ensure their device is clean. There are various settings like low, medium, and high to regulate the operations of the blender.

  1. NutriBullet 600:

It is one of the classic blenders anyone is going to buy in the market. Also, it can crush nuts, ice, frozen fruits, and many others. It doesn’t have any speed control; therefore, users have to make use of low wattage to crush nuts.

If you are after buying personal blenders, it is one of the blenders you can buy. There are various sizes of these blenders to fit various purposes. Besides, some have two blade options to carry out heavy tasks.

Therefore, people who are after blenders to prepare milkshakes, sauces, smoothies, etc. can invest their money in NutriBullet 600. Based on the affordable price that comes with buying the blender, there is no way you can compare its functions to a traditional family-sized blender.

  1. KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond Blender:

It is a blender for smoothies, and it is one of the best blenders to have in the kitchen. It can blend nuts and soups in the kitchen. The device can perform various functions like chopping, mixing, stirring, and many others.

There is a motor made from steel that makes it durable for various tasks. The jar pitcher weights 60-ounce, and they come in various colors. In terms of cleaning or maintenance, the panel can be wiped easily.

  1. Nutri Ninja BL480D:

It is a strong blender with a small capacity, but the thing about the appliance it has a bulkier base compared to the other blender manufactured by the same producer. There are various sizes in the market and also sip lids for each of the sizes.

The size of the Nutri Ninja BL480D makes it ideal for preparing smoothies and protein shakes. The appliance can perform a task like creating almond milk, chopping spinach, and frozen fruits. The base of the device is heavy and there is a control panel art he’d to suction to avoid unwanted spillage.

  1. Oster Pro 1200:

The blender can function alongside any food processor attachment to prepare varieties such as baby food, nut, etc. There are different control settings such as low, medium, and high. For instance, if you want to prepare salsa, you can use salsa mode on the device.

It has a 68-inch jar pitcher for preparing smoothies and create large soups. By closing the lid properly, you will prevent leaks during blending your food or smoothies. Customers get to enjoy a decent money-back guarantee should there be any malfunction during its usage.

  1. Nutri Ninja Duo:

The blender has two various pitchers – personal and family-sized. Despite these two jar pitchers, it is affordable for buyers. There are numerous preprogrammed settings for different controls for tasks like frozen drinks, pulse, smoothies, etc.

The Auto IQ serves to detect the blending method to use for any item you add inside the jar pitcher. The various settings on the blender are for various functions, and it has a wattage of 1,600 watts. There is no need to bother about the noise when because it produces a quiet sound.


Most of these blender models are designed with tech features. Another thing is the durable materials to ensure they last for a longer time while giving out optimum performance. Buyers should use various factors like maintenance, functionalities, safety, and many others as yardsticks in checking the blender they want to buy before making payment.

If you happen to be a beginner, you won’t find it strenuous to find the blender to buy. Remember your budget is crucial to the type you will purchase for your usage. You need to keep the models you want to purchase in mind to have decent performance even when you will buy something affordable. If you don’t have one, it is never too late to buy one for your home use.