Every photographer, traveling enthusiast, and hobbyist craves to have a good tripod to capture images without stress. There are mini tripods available in the market for either your smartphone or DSLR. The most common ones compatible for easy transportation are the tabletop tripods. These tripods can enter the user’s pocket comfortably. For photographers who are fond of taking pictures or videos on the go will appreciate this one.

Their small sizes have nothing to do with the function of taking high-quality images. It can either be called a tabletop tripod or a mini pocket size tripod. Every beginner, intermediate, or professional is advised to ensure they invest their money in buying this device for their use. The price doesn’t have to scare you because some are affordable without breaking your savings to buy them.

They are available in different shapes, weights, styles, and heights to ensure they meet every user’s needs. The mini pocket size tripod is a travel tripod because it can be a great companion for tourists who enjoy traveling to different places to experience a new adventure. One thing about the travel tripod is that it can fold into a small package to allow the user to place it inside their bag. A standard mini size tripod has either four or more legs that provide balance for them.

Furthermore, the user can fold the legs around the center part of it. They don’t have the same size as the regular tripod used in shooting movies, but they can offer the same level of satisfaction for its user in terms of providing support. One could derive lots of benefits from using this mini pocket size tripod for cell phone, iPad, and GoPro.

Benefits of Using Mini Pocket Size Tripods in 2021

Some of these tripods come at a high price that will tempt you to break your savings to buy them. If you have been thinking either there is any advantage in buying these mini pocket size tripod, there are lots of gains from using the device, and here they are:

  1. Image Stabilization:

Most cameras come with a technology known as image stabilization that allows them to capture still images or videos. For instance, situations where the camera’s shutter speed will be slow due to the camera not being able to stand firmly. When the tripod is used alongside the camera, it is easier to capture steady pictures without difficulty.

  1. Light Mount:

When you buy a mini pocket size tripod, there is a place where you are going to mount your light to illuminate the images you are trying to capture. A photographer who has deep pockets can decide to buy a sophisticated mini pocket size tripod that will allow them to take pictures on the go. One should buy a tripod that will work well with their tripod mounting plate.

  1. Load Rating:

Buyers need to buy a mini pocket-size tripod with an excellent camera-weight rating that can fit their cameras. If the lens is a bit heavy, the tripod won’t hold the camera firmly. The mini tripods are robust. That is the reason they can provide a load rating for DLSR cameras.

  1. Tripod Legs for Mini Tripods:

It is another advantage for this tripod leg, in the sense that they allow the user to adjust the height of their camera lens. Users can change their cameras to match their eye level with the tripod either on the table or desk. Some factors will lead to a smooth ride in buying these mini pocket size tripods.

Criteria to Check-in Buying Mini Pocket Size Tripods

Some factors will act as a guideline in buying this equipment, and if you are familiar with them, you won’t make any error in buying the right one. The following are criteria to check in buying tabletop tripods:

  • Maximum Payload
  • Sturdiness
  • Easy set-up
  • Versatility
  • Compatibility
  1. Maximum Payload:

The first criteria that every user must have their eyes on especially buying mini pocket size tripods. They are smaller in size compared to the normal ones out there. The weight capacity should be equivalent to the camera’s weight to ensure enough stability to take pictures or videos. Apart from this, the tripod should be healthy to carry other camera accessories like light, lens, microphone, and many others.

  1. Sturdiness:

The sturdiness is more or less like the maximum payload, and it is another feature that is essential in buying mini pocket size tripods. Every smartphone photographer or videographer wants to get a tripod that will help them take still images. There is a hook found on this tripod for users to hang their bags to obtain buoyancy.

  1. Easy Set-up:

Most tripod manufacturers have observed that there are vital things that users are going to find it hard to understand even if they are inside the manual. To install the tripod and use it requires some form of intuitive knowledge from the user’s side to achieve this. Therefore, an ideal mini pocket size tripod is one that is easy to install with no complications.

  1. Versatility:

The versatility of the mini pocket size tripod is essential too. The tripod should have flexible legs and a neck to fit in different situations. For instance, someone who uses his or her phone to capture images want a device that can offer various angles or viewpoints to make their job easier.

  1. Compatibility:

An excellent mini pocket size tripod should fit any iPad, cellphones, or GoPro. There are mounting holes in every tripod for users to mount their smartphones and grip them to the tripod. You can be fortunate to buy one that comes with a release plate to take fast images. There are endless opportunities for using a tabletop tripod for smartphones gadgets and GoPro.

Best Mini Tripods for iPad, Cellphone and GoPro

These are the best mini pocket size tripods for smartphone devices and GoPro:

  1. Manfrotto PIXI Smart:

The mini tripods provide users with the privilege to capture images and videos. The ergonomic grip makes gripping easier without causing any fatigue to the wrist or hands. It has a light for those who are fond of snapping random pictures on the streets. With one swift motion, users can adjust their smartphones to another angle through a modernized push-button function. It can handle different gadgets as far as they are smartphone devices.


  • Comfortable handgrip
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Compactible with other camera devices


  1. Pedco UltraPod II:

If you are working on a very slim budget and want to maximize your money, you can use this mini pocket size tripod. The legs can stand on any surfaces the user decides to place them. The mini-size pocket tripod’s leg has a vinyl and Velcro cinch strap that the user can fold into a smaller size. You don’t have to bother about the tripod because it will stand the test of time. It will surprise you to know the tripod hang on trees or bridges on its own.


  • Lightweight
  • Compatibility with heavy smartphones
  • Attachment with various objects
  • Easy mobility and transportation


  1. Sirui 3T-35K:

One of the things the user of this tripod is going to enjoy it based on its versatility. The tripod can fit into any direction regarding the shooting of images with smartphones. There is an extendable center column that measures up to 8 5cm. The extendable can be detached from the tripod, and it has a foldable leg of up to 180 to ensure steadiness. The compatibility makes it simple for easy transportation in bags of different sizes.


  • Steady head
  • Detachable center column
  • Heavy metal structure
  • Reliable, smooth knobs


  1. Manfrotto Pixi Evo Tripod 2:

The first thing that will attract you to this mini pocket size tripod is flexibility from the legs. The switch is used to change the legs for photoshoots either on the ground level or table. Apart from this, the camera can fit in five different directions through the three extendable legs to offer the highest stability. The knob is used to change the tripod head’s angle, and it can capture vertical images with ease. It comes with compatibility, a top-grade build, and fantastic loading capabilities for different smartphone gadgets.


  • Adaptable legs and handle
  • Loading capacity of 5,5lbs
  • Compactible for fastening of camera


  1. JOBY GorillaPod 5K Kit:

The tabletop tripod is one of the most popular devices with three modes – grip, wrap and stand in the market. Based on the three different ways, it allows live streaming, still life images, and vlogs. It can carry different kinds of pieces of equipment. It can fasten smartphone devices and GoPro to the tripod. As a result of this, the smartphone can rotate 360 degrees with the foot grips’ help. You can be sure to enjoy a high level of creativity using the different mounting to capture superb images.


  • Amazing loading capacity
  • Steady and accurate
  • High-quality materials


  1. Altura Mini Tripod:

The legs are foldable to allow easy transportation from one place to another. If you have a bag, you can decide to place it inside your pocket and travel with it. Different camera accessories can fit well with the tripod as far they are not too heavy or bulky. Users familiar with the tripod can use the automatic one-button locking system to either attach their smartphones or take them out from the mount. The additional steadiness is built alongside the device’s padded feet, and it is compatible with other DLSR cameras.


  • One-button locking system
  • Rubber ergonomic handle
  • Maximum protection of smartphone devices
  • Advanced handle grip


  1. Neewer Desktop Tripod:

Despite its small size, there is no doubt the device has high functionality that can provide cell phones, iPad, and GoPro users maximum satisfaction. There is an option to fold the legs to make it portable and simple for easy mobility. The high loading capacity can carry other accessories up to 11 lbs.

The legs are long and can also generate a plain surface for users who enjoy shooting on the ground. You don’t have to be afraid of the tripod’s head being damaged because there is always a replacement to it by using a screw hole. The head of the mini pocket size tripod can move 360 degrees to get a series of shots at different angles.


  • Firm legs
  • Small size and portability
  • Built-in red or black colors.


Most mini pocket size tripods can offer optimal balance for smartphone devices like the standard conventional tripods. There are different things to enjoy from this device, such as lightweight, flexibility, portability, and many others.

Every smartphone user will experience satisfaction from using the device in capturing still images with their phones. Those who enjoy traveling from one place to another will use the device to have more adventure on the road and create remarkable memories. You can save your money and buy the gadget to spice up your journey.