How to Avoid Awkward Conversations with “that” Aunt at the Dinner Table This Christmas

We all have that one aunt that loves to ask “What have you been up to? What are you doing for work? Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?” and so on. We have come up with some clever ways to avoid all of these on-the-spot questions and ease the awkwardness this holiday season.


  • Have some prepared answers in the back of your mind so you don’t have to sound like a complete failure when Aunt Hellen is asking what you are doing with your life.


  • An obvious lull in conversation is an aunt and uncle’s favourite opportunity to ask you serious life questions you have no intention of answering in front of your whole family. This is a perfect time to excuse yourself to go to the washroom, ask someone to pass the gravy or go for a drink refill.


  • This last tip is for the brave ones out there. If your single aunt or older cousin asks why you haven’t found a partner yet, you can fire back with the exact same question. We can’t guarantee that this won’t make things 100x more awkward, but the attention will definitely be taken off of you for the time being.