Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is monitoring and/or repairing everything about you or your business that shows up online.  This includes websites, blog posts, social media, and images. Basically, it is anything that comes up online about your business. If negative content is being circulated, this is something that could have negative effects on your business. Our team monitors your online reputation and seeks out ways to repair your image and negative content.

  1. Do I really need social media/ORM?

Yes. Let us explain why. As a business, you may not be interested in social media, but social media users may be interested in you There are people leaving reviews of your products, complaining, asking questions. You might not see all that but your potential customers and your potential employees will. That’s because they will Google your company before buying a product or service from you. Research shows that over 85% of consumers use the internet to research before finalizing a purchase decision!

Social media is where your target audience is. Apart from maybe a couple of rare exceptions, people of all ages, interests, and socio-economic statuses are on social media. Every popular Social Media platform has a bigger reach than all TV channels combined.

If done right, social media marketing can create trust and loyalty with current and potential customers.

For businesses to thrive online, social media and ORM must go hand-in-hand.

  1. Do I need a social media content manager? What do they do?

If you are not comfortable with using all of the social media platforms by yourself, or don’t have enough time to manage the platforms yourself, you will want a social media content manager to do this for you. Social media content managers do more than just “upload pictures to Facebook”. They will:

  • Manage a publishing calendar for you (which involves researching the most effective times to post content that will gain the most reach from your specific target audience)
  • Schedule Posts (which involves creating posts ahead of time and also making quick changes if current events or opportunities come up that you can take advantage of marketing wise)
  • Curate Content (which involves research of your intended target audience in order to create content in which they will find valuable and appealing)
  • Engage with customers (reply to all comments, negative and positive reviews and questions via social media)
  • Review analytics and make recommendations
  • Run experiments to optimize social media posts
  1. “Why is ORM better than hiring somebody in-house?”

The primary benefit to having an agency manage your social media is experience. By focusing specifically on social media, agencies have the ability to stay up-to-date on current changes and know all of the ins and outs of the various intricacies of social media.

  1. “How can you know about our business if you don’t work for us?”

All of our clients are asked to give a brief description of what they do and who their main target audience is. This will outline much of the typical information we need to get started. As we deepen our relationship, we’ll become an extension of your team and we pride ourselves on learning as much as possible about the inner workings of your company.