Why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is Important for any website.

Nowadays, search engine optimization is more important than ever. It’s necessary for all webmasters to clearly understand what SEO entails and its potential for businesses. So what is SEO? What is SEO? SEO (search engine optimization) refers to a set of rules, which blog or website owners can follow to optimize their blogs or websites… Read more »

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Online Encryption

Importance of Security for Website design and Search Engines

When most people think of website design, they think of the general aesthetics of the site — in other words, does it look nice? Other issues, such as the security of the site and how it encrypts sensitive data, is an afterthought. Security and encryption should not be an afterthought for your website, however —… Read more »

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Regina Dynamic Website Designer Company

Dynamic Website

Dynamic Website Design When doing website design work, there are two basic options for the website, static or dynamic. A dynamic website’s function can be explained from the name itself. The website design of a dynamic layout is built in a way that the information changes, and can be adjusted for specific settings. Time zone’s,… Read more »

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Internet first photo

10 interesting facts about Internet

Did you know? 1. Google processes about 40,000 search queries every second and people send 205 billion emails every day. 2. China has treatment camps for internet addicts.     3. With a 32% increase in rate about 30,000 websites are hacked every day.     4. Jack Dorsey tweeted for the first time on twitter in 2006-… Read more »

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Designing Website in Regina Company

Static Website

Designing Static Website Much like a static IP address, a static website is in a fixed state. The pages within the site are built using HTML and will show the same information to each of the site’s visitors. Typically, in website design, someone will build a site with HTML and CSS, this is the language… Read more »

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Cansoft and REFINED Lifestyles Announces RefinedSEO

Locally owned REFINED Lifestyles Publishing announced today it has launched a division named REFINEDSEO. The new division provides search engine optimization (SEO) services to small and medium size companies within Saskatchewan. Through its partnership with Cansoft of Regina, SK., REFINEDSEO will provide a number of services, including website development and search engine optimization, as part… Read more »

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IBM Partnership to provide best website design and SEO

Cansoft Technologies which is providing affordable and best website design and SEO services, is excited to announce it’s new partnership with IBM as an IBM Business Partner for Software Value Plus. Because of our innovative industry orientation, and to serve our valued customers better services, we have partnered with IBM for both hardware and software… Read more »

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