Designing Static Website

Much like a static IP address, a static website is in a fixed state. The pages within the site are built using HTML and will show the same information to each of the site’s visitors. Typically, in website design, someone will build a site with HTML and CSS, this is the language of static websites.

Creating a static website is a quick and simple part of website design, as they require no Web-based programming or database engineering. A static website is ideal for anyone wanting to create their first website and learn the basics of web development and general website design information.

Over the years, Canada has seen a surge in computer scientists and web developers. In Regina, software development and website design has seemingly taken over, and the City of Regina is becoming a booming part of the technology industry


Many website developers in Regina working in website design are building static websites, and they can become quite complex, featuring intricate details and various types of multimedia. Basically, static websites have all the functions of any other website, but they are toned down. Static websites are built for maximum functionality, and while they may not be the most entertaining, or visually appealing, static websites can handle high amounts of traffic and are easier to update and work on. Static websites put less stress on the server, the developers who have to code, and lowers overall maintenance costs. They are the foundations for the internet we know and love, and it’s quite easy to see why the City of Regina went with the static website format.

Often times a static site is built by creating separate HTML files and storing them all together within a larger file system. These files are then uploaded to the web hosting service where they are displayed as the overall website. Static websites are a simple and fun way to get into website design.

Static websites work best for small amounts of content, as each page needs to be updated individually. If your goal is to build a simple site, with four or fewer pages, a static website will work the best. However, with the rising popularity of website templates, website design has been evolving to the point where anyone can build a beautiful website with minimal time, little knowledge of website design, and a small initial investment.

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  • Makes website design quicker and more affordable
  • Hosting a static website is simple
  • Perfect for smaller websites
  • Better for search engine optimization
  • Faster data and file transfers
  • A simple design means easier security
  • Website can handle high amounts of user traffic with ease
  • Less dependence on servers and databases


  • Long term costs may be higher
  • Requires constant maintenance, which may be time consuming
  • Simple design allows for only limited functionality