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Cansoft is proud to present the CanStart program! It is an amazing opportunity for start-ups in Canada to pitch their business concept or idea and receive investment through online marketing (Website, SEO, Social Media, and Branding). This investment will help them grow and support the growing pains all startups in Canada are facing.


Kultura Series is a one of a kind corporate event that will encourage attendees to lead with their purpose first, and the products/services second. The purpose of a business is the “why”, and connecting with, and driving business through the “why”, helps connect to customers on a deeper emotional level. Kultura Series was created with the mission of encouraging more companies to lead with the “why”. Emotionally engaged customers spend more on brands they are loyal to and enjoy giving back to the community that the brand operates in. Not only is this practice good for the community in which the brand is in, driving people to shop locally and support those close to home, but it also has an impact on customer loyalty, employee retention, market position, and revenue.