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Seventeen Pools

Kurt Wittin

Canadian businessman Kurt Wittin or Kurt Witten gained his popularity by recognizing early that customization of goods is a vital factor in creating a loyal customer base and developing a company. Seventeen Pools is the company he formed to deliver shipping container structures that make it possible to develop the customer’s vision while maintaining the highest level of quality standards. His passion for creativity and design excellence has found its perfect outlet.

Container Pools by Kurt Wittin

The company has been concentrating on the supply of swimming pools since 2014, using shipping containers to supply a reliable, flexible, and unique product to meet the requirements of any lifestyle. “In order to build swimming pools that delight without fail, we have taken the best of existing technologies and materials and merged them with creative add-ons, making water recreation easily available and affordable,” says Kurt Wittin.

Unlike most other industry players, Seventeen Pools positions its customers at the core of its development process. This strategy is reflected in Kurt Wittin’s business motto: “We can design it if you imagine it.” Crafted with corten steel (one of the best materials used to construct shipping containers), these structures have the benefits of being ready for delivery instantly, taking only minutes to set up.

Kurt Witten

Kurt Wittin’s Vision

According to Kurt Wittin, “We want to deliver customers comprehensive and efficient swimming pools, but our aim is to provide a unique experience overall.” “We have invested a great amount of time and effort motivated by this aspiration to integrate features that differentiate products. One example is a separating wall that can transform the pool into a smaller pool, making it much easier to experience a dip throughout the year, even in cold weather.”

Safety, Safety, Safety

During the development process, safety is always a primary concern. Still, the team at Seventeen Pools is keenly conscious that the container’s company structures are designed to serve as a place for family entertainment and provide an opportunity, when appropriate, to mix work and relaxation. Kurt Wittin states, “By equipping them with benches, various stair setups, LED light kits, and windows, our pools can be managed by smartphones and their accessibility is further enhanced.”

Customize your pool

They can create a structure that includes a basketball net or a complete audio/video setup if the customer wishes, making the swimming pool into an active playground or an entertainment location. In addition to this variety of innovative features, customers can choose the depth of their pool or choose from three pre-designed choices provided by the company along with three pool sizes (20, 30, a pool size).

Kurt Wittin

Kurt Wittin’s tips for your pool

The founder of the Seventeen Pools, Kurt Wittin, provides his helpful hints to keep your pool clean in the summer months.

For the summer months ahead, your pool should currently be prepared. Getting your pool ready for summer often implies being able to keep it clean day in and day out. The pool company owner, Kurt Wittin Seventeen Pools, recently gave his top tips this summer to keep your pool crystal clear.

Tips for first-time pool owners

Kurt Wittin from Seventeen Pools said, ‘First-time pool owners are still a little naive. Keeping a swimming pool maintained seems like a lot of effort at first. However, it soon becomes part of the routine once you get the hang of it.’’

Having a pool doesn’t have to take a lot of extra cleaning during the summer season, it’s all about being on top of it. He added that remaining on top of keeping your pool clean can be much easier than restoring it to clarity once it has become dirty.


First, Kurt Wittin talked about the importance of maintaining everyday chemical levels. He claimed that it is of the most importance to track the pH and chlorine.

The chlorine destroys any germs and bacteria in the pool water, and the pH assessment indicates how the chlorine works effectively. Seventeen Pools clarified that the pH level of a pool should stay between 7.2 and 7.6 and that the level of chlorine should be between 1 and 3 parts per million.

“In the summer season, weeks go by quickly, and we always emphasize to our customers that they must remain on top of weekly algaecide and shock administration,” said Kurt Wittin of Seventeen Pools.

Kurt Wittin

Shocking Process

The shocking process destroys algae or bacteria that may be rising, Kurt Wittin explained. Shock treatments and algaecide are available from other pool manufacturers and pool supply companies, according to Kurt Wittin. Such treatments can be what prevents your swimming pool from turning green or cloudy, and he emphasized that it is much simpler to do that than fixing the problem once you have green or cloudy water.

“Another important aspect of keeping the pool clean is ensuring the pump runs properly, and avoiding significant costs due to a faulty filter,” Kurt Wittin stated.

Kurt Witten’s Final Tips

He clarified that the pool owner could carry out this action but a lot of pool cleaning companies are also available to help. It’s a simple operation that requires water to flow through the pump in the opposite direction. Kurt Wittin demonstrated that visibly cloudy water is a simple indication that your pool filter needs to be back-washed.

“These are some of the more technical aspects of pool cleaning, and if you really don’t feel qualified as a pool owner, it’s 100% appropriate to find a company that provides cleaning service to do it for you,” Kurt Wittin of Seventeen Pools finished with “To keep the dirt, debris, and insects away, please remember to clean your pool daily, and let the experts do the rest.”

Contact Them

If you have any questions about Kurt Wittin’s unique pool systems or if you are interested in buying one, you should give them a call today. Their team of experts will take the time to listen to you in order to deliver the perfect pool for you and your family.