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Cansoft Technologies, a mobile app development company in Vancouver.

Cansoft’s secret behind the success of mobile application development in Vancouver and around the world

At Cansoft Technologies, we offer multiple services to our partners, one of them is mobile application development in Vancouver. Our team of mobile app designer in Vancouver will help you to launch your app from the idea phase to the official launch. Being a Cansoft partner will also give you the opportunity to work with us on other aspects of your business. We have expanded our services to be able to help you with all your needs, we now offer digital marketing, web applications, software development, website design, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing(SMM), social media services and of course, mobile applications development in Vancouver. We take pride in our reputation of outstanding customer service and work hard to give our partners the best IT solutions and mobile app design, helping them achieve their business goals.  

No matter what’s the challenge your company is facing, our team of experts is there to help you. 

What is Mobile App Development in Vancouver?

Mobile application development is the act of building software applications that can then run on a mobile device (either IOS or Android). Usually, these mobile applications will use a network connection to work with remote resources. While building a mobile app, we have to consider a lot of factors like the compatibility, different screen sizes, functionality, hardware specifications, etc. Our team of mobile application developers in Vancouver works hard everyday to make sure your mobile user interface is user friendly and performant so it can reach its full potential.

Why develop a mobile app?

With the number of people accessing the internet with their smartphones, mobile app might just be the solution you need to reach an untapped market of potential customers. The development of an app will help you: 

  • Build customer loyalty through daily or weekly interactions. If your content is good, customers will download your app and use it for all their needs in relation with your business sector.
  • It will increase your visibility since you are constantly in your customers phone and you can reach new customers for a low advertising cost. Such visibility is great to attract and keep customers. 
  • It will also increase your accessibility since you are now accessible to you clients even if they are on the go. Nowadays people want to have an app that is simple, user friendly and accessible everywhere. 
  • A Mobile application can help you stand out from the competition. If your app has a better design and is developed more efficiently than your competitors, people will tend to use it. Having this kind of advantage can make a huge difference.
  • Finally, having a mobile application can help you boost your sales since more people are shopping through apps than mobile websites.

Our Process :

The whole process of building a mobile app might seem really complex. Here is a basic version of what we do here at Cansoft Technology:

The design

Analysis : We analyse your business and how a mobile app can help it. In this analysis, we determine the requirements of your software project and its features. We also verify the feasibility of your project and the time it will take to create your unique project. 

Our first draft: We build some app prototypes to make sure that you are on board with what we are doing. We want you to be happy with your mobile app and it’s features. We make sure that it will be compatible with the different platform you choose to use, either IOS, Android or others.


The development 

Development: We build a backend for your app on our servers to make sure everything will be working. We then verify any programming error that could happen on your app, over and over again until it’s perfect.

Final design: We make sure that your app is esthetically pleasing and that there is a good balance between design and performance. We want your app to stand out and to help your business grow with our services. 


After your app is designed, developed and launched, we take care of the necessary updates and improvement. If you decide to add products or services to your business, our team of developers will keep your app up to date by adding those new features on your app. We want to make sure that you app is as useful to you then it is user friendly for you customers.

Difference between IOS and Android for your business

“Should I choose iOS or Android for my mobile app design in Vancouver?” This is a common interrogation for every Vancouver business owner who wants to develop an app. At Cansoft, we want to help you to make the best decision. We want to make it clear from the beginning, this is not a competition, you can actually build your app on both platforms. Let’s have a look at the 3 main differences between IOS app design in Vancouver and Android app development in Vancouver.  

  • Your target market: 

    Of course, you want to develop an app that will appeal to your customers or potential customers. Let’s talk about devices for a minute, iOS customers are more loyal to the brand, no matter the price, they will tend to buy only iOS. Meanwhile, Android are usually more affordable which is an appeal for a lot of people. Knowing this, more people worldwide are using Android than iOS.

    Even if Android holds a bigger market share, it seems that the level of income is higher for iOS users. This is just a general rule since on both platforms, there are exceptions and things are constantly changing. 

    It is also important to know your audience, if 95% of your clients use iOS or Android, you might want to focus on this one and forget about the other. 

    The two platforms are good and could be useful for your company, the key is to know your audience and their needs. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to our team that works on mobile application development in Vancouver.



The main difference in cost between the two platforms appears when you want to upload the app on the market. For iOS, you will need to pay a minimum fee of 100$ or more per year. For android apps, it is a unique fee of 25$. The fees are not extremely high but it is definitely a thing to take into consideration when you are doing your monetization plan. Other than the cost of the upload, it will cost more to upload on both platforms. Since they use different programming languages, you will need two distincts app if you want to use both platforms even if they look the same in the end. 


Launching time:

If launching your app is time sensitive, you might want to check the acceptance time of both platforms. iOS apps take longer to launch since they offer personal verification from Apple experts. Android apps rely on automated tests which makes it faster. The iOS verification is longer but guarantees that your app is performant and without any error. The android verification is faster but if you are not careful, you could try to launch an app full of error that won’t work for customers. To avoid that, we strongly suggest that you work with our Cansoft team of experts.   

Your mobile app design in Vancouver: 

At Cansoft Technologies, we know that every business and every industry is different from another. Working with different partners give us an idea of their day to day needs but we don’t know everything. We like to sit down with our partners to understand their business and their specific needs to build the perfect app for them. Our team is ready to work and develop the mobile application that you want and need. Let us worry about all the details, all you need is an idea and we will work our magic for you. Write us an email with your detailed needs or give us a call so we can discuss in depth your needs for a mobile application development in Vancouver