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SEO services in New York City: The best SEO company in NYC

Cansoft’s secret behind the success in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) around the World

CanSoft Technologies is the best IT company for SEO services in New York City (NYC). We have a great team of IT experts who have received their Google-certified engineers titles. In our team, we also have website gurus, digital marketing consultants, online reputation specialists and social media strategists. As an IT firm, we offer various services:

  • Web application
  • Software development
  • Website design
  • Mobile application development
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) or PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Social media services
  • Content Marketing

Whatever the challenge your business has, our team of experts is there to help you fix it. Our main focus here at Cansoft is SEO, but what exactly is SEO?

New York | CANSOFT

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, and if you own a business, you have probably heard this word about a million times now. Cansoft is the best SEO agency in New York city for search engine ranking services. But what exactly does that mean? Well, SEO services in New York City are the most efficient way to attract new customers and to help people to organically find your website or your company. How does it all work? Well, as a SEO company in NYC, that is what we do all day, every day! We use different techniques to insure that your company will be first ranked on Google and attract the most customers.

Why Does Your Company Need SEO Services in NYC?

Even if your website has the best design and you are doing content marketing you might struggle to meet your website traffic goals. This is usually because of the use of poor SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques or PPC (Pay Per Click) technique. It is most likely that you are not ranking high and that your website is not easy to find when searching. As an SEO agency in NYC, we are experts in fixing those kind of problems. We will provide an aesthetic web design and use different techniques to get your website on top of the NYC Google pages.

Boost Your Growth with SEO services in NYC

Data driven SEO services in NYC are the best proven way to accelerate the growth of your company. At Cansoft, we are specializing in turning casual browsers into potential clients or partners. No matter if you just started your business or if you just want your company to grow, finding an SEO agency in NYC is a great place to start. Our SEO services in New York City are tailored to business owners needs because you don’t always have the time to figure out how to do SEO for yourself. This is why you should hire Cansoft Technologies, the most trusted search engine optimization or SEO services in New York City.

Tips on choosing an SEO company in NYC competitive market

You may have noticed that there are a whole lot of SEO companies in New York City, it is important to choose the right one. Here are a few tips to help you decide which company is the best for you:

  • Check the SEO company’s ranking on google, can they do for themselves what they want to do for you? If they rank high, they probably have a good SEO strategy that could work for you too.
  • Check the reviews and testimonials of their website and see what their clients have to say about them. It is a great way to learn if they provide the efficiently the services that they promise.
  • You can also check the ranking of their clients, it is a great way to evaluate rapidly the work that they do and if they are a good SEO company.

With all those tips in mind, it is now your turn to work a little bit to search for the SEO company in New York City that suits your needs. Don’t be shy to ask questions to Cansoft directly or even to our clients to know the quality of our work.

How a bad SEO company can hurt your business and online presence

If you are working with a digital marketing company or an SEO agency in New York City that has not yet shown any results, they may be hurting your online presence right now.

This could have a huge impact on your Google ranking. One of the ways to hurt your online presence is to use bad backlinks that are not local, Googles hate it and it will negatively affect your company’s ranking. In the long run, your business might suffer and you could lose potential customers. In the SEO (search engine optimization) world, you get what you pay for. The cheapest company is usually not the best, if they are charging so little, maybe it’s because they don’t know what they are doing.

Website Design

One of the most efficient ways to do SEO services in NYC, is to ensure that your website is well-designed and user friendly. Your website is the foundation of your online presence and it is essential for an easy communication with your potential and existing customers. Think of it has the face of your company online. If your website is not user friendly or if it takes too long to load, search engines will not like it and people will leave it. We will make sure that you have a website where people actually want to stay and learn about you.

Search Engine Marketing

If time is an issue and you want to boost your business’s growth quickly in NYC, SEM (search engine marketing) is a great way to do so. New York City SEO (search engine optimization) needs the expertise for any digital marketing agency. Same as the incredible web design and web site management that we provide at Cansoft. Our engineers are all Google-Certified and they are able to stay on top of the latest Google algorithm to ensure that your company receives all the attention and the hard work that you deserve. We keep updating our keywords to know exactly what people are searching for and with that knowledge, we can redirect them towards your website. With our experience and expertise, we can assure you that you will get the most out of your marketing investment. When you combine SEO and SEM or PPC (Pay Per Click) with digital marketing, you will get results much faster (SEM) and on the long term as well if you use right seo strategy.

Online Reputation Management

ORM or Online Reputation Management is basically analyzing your online reputation in (New York City)NYC, what do people think about you? What do they say? ORM services are review management system, planning content and digital marketing strategy provided by our incredible team. When you combine those three services together, you will then be able to fully manage your company’s reputation online. A good ORM will greatly affect your SEO so it is important to take care of your online reputation if you want to rank on Google like search engines.

Reduce your marketing budget by choosing a good SEO Company in NYC

You can always try to push a photography on different online networks or to pay for an ad on a radio station that is targeting the people you are looking to attract. You can but we think you shouldn’t focus only on that because truth be told, once it’s all paid for and done, you still don’t know if those people are interested in your products or not. These ad campaigns are costly and it is hard to get real concrete data on how much potential clients the ad has really reached. NYC (New York City) is a competitive and expensive market to advertise in, saving marketing dollars can go a long way for your company.

Hiring a good SEO agency in NYC can significantly reduce the budget you have to put in marketing. SEO may look like a big investment for a small business but it is the greatest way to reach millions of potential customers that are already searching for you products or services. It is also an amazing way to understand your clientele and their habits. The return on an SEO investment is simply amazing and it will help you company grow beyond what you can imagine.

You take care of your business and let Cansoft take care of your online presence

When you are looking for the best SEO company in NYC, you are actually looking for a partner that will let you take care of your company while they take care of your online marketplace. At Cansoft, we work with partners in a lot of different industries and we know that they are all different. Let us sit and talk with you to understand your specific needs and to come back with a solution tailored to the actual needs of your company. It is high time for you to discover how Cansoft can help you to develop your business using the art of technology. Contact us now to get a free SEO audit.


It was never more difficult to be in business today. Improve the sales process, find the best way to deliver solid leading content to the marketing funnel, and increase the search engine’s visibility.

Here are five productive ways to increase your presence online through SEO in NYC:

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Suppose you are interested in boosting the selling of mobile shoppers. In that case, it is important to optimize your website with SEO in NYC. We still mention it because a few businesses have not updated their websites.

The latest stats show that 50.3% of traffic comes from mobile devices and 49.7% from laptops, while more people shop on their phones than their laptops. It is possible to optimize these different platforms with SEO in NYC.

You know that there is a fair chance we’re scrolling, anywhere on a train, waiting for a bus, and eating something out …

Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

You should make it easy for consumers to access your website if you want to buy your products. You will lose important customers if your website is difficult to use.

Some important navigation points for the website are:

●     Design only the web interface menus

●     Maintain clear website menu and navigation through all your pages

●     Fewer levels of pages make it easier for others to understand the layout of your website

●     Keep a short, quick and straightforward dropdown menu

●     Plan your website pages like how to build a landing page

●     Make your website easy to use since the majority of people today visit websites via mobile phones.

●     Understand that your target is one main goal for each article.

Promote Products on Your Homepage

Do you have a new product to release? To promote it, use your SEO optimized homepage.

A significant proportion of all traffic typically serves homepages on your optimized website. Yeah, you waste a lot of time if you don’t use it. Maintenance of your newest goods will help increase your sales as well. When your homepage is SEO optimized, don’t get a host of links to different items on your website. It not only looks terrible, but a transformation can hurt your SEO in NYC as well.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

With a wide range of payment options, customers can easily pay and boost sales through SEO in NYC.

Do you have surveys that show that if your clients choices to pay are not on your platform, people will cancel their purchases?

If you do not find an alternative payment method on your website, the number of buyers will decrease across your website, and you will have many incomplete transactions.

Here are the reasons you should have multiple payment options on your e-commerce site:

●     For the comfort of customers.

●     It will improve the professional appearance of your online store

●     It makes it possible to market to a global public

●     It lets you attract more clients

Ask for Customer Feedback

Remember that 92% of customers now read online reviews – up from 88% only a year earlier. Encourage your clients to provide input on their products and services to create credibility for your company in NYC.

Tips for SEO in NYC on e-commerce to allow your clients to leave their feedback:

· Create a feedback box

· Create a short survey

· Reach out to customers through email after purchase

· Use the user activity on your website analytic page

The SEO Effect

It is not a real social activity, but what happens as a consequence of it. Three ways to leverage SEO’s influence on social media.

Does social media affect you? Do retweets, acts, and a page want to raise the performance of a search engine?

Studies have shown that social media shares correlate with higher rankings. You may have found this yourself: content that is well-established in search engines like Google also has several shares, retweets, and likes.

However, most scholars believe that social signals do not explicitly impact rankings. (And that’s what Matt Cutts, the former Google (search engine) employee, already said a few years ago.)

Google+ would soon be shut down, once it had the thrilling authority markup.

What’s going on then? And what’s going to occur? Why are posts with a higher rating that are more popular?

SEO Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO in New York City is, however, an integral part of an effective digital marketing strategy. You can invest in various activities to develop your business on the internet:

• Email Marketing

• Facebook Ads

• LinkedIn Ads

• Social Media

• Video / YouTube Marketing

People are already looking for something.

You effectively interrupt someone who was unwittingly scrolling through their feed when you buy ads from Facebook. When you post on Instagram, people can see your post scrolling hundreds of other friends’ videos. You may grab the attention, but you might not.

On the other side, they’re always searching for something when someone goes to a search engine. That’s the impact of SEO in New York City.

SEO Services in New York City is about asking issues and presenting a solution to people’s problems.

Can You Improve Your Rank in New York City?

Search engines like Google take into account thousands of factors when search results are generated. There is a great deal of discussion about a cause, rather than what might be a connexion. We’re not all going to get into it, but two main factors are here:

●     Quality and quantity of links to the page

●     Relevance of content to search

As a local company, local signals will be the other big factor. These include your listing, citations, feedback, and more about Google My Company.


We may spend hours trying to break down the search algorithm for Google, but these two variables remain the most relevant at the end of the day. Write content that is important and useful for a searcher and win backlinks if you wish to rank better on search engines like Google. You may have been an expert in the quest for years, and we bet that you’d be back in these two fields. So if you would like to work with the best company for SEO services in New York City, contact us today.