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SEO Vancouver: The Best Company in Vancouver at your service

Best way to find a SEO company in Vancouver, searching on search engine. Cansoft is a well-reputed and highly valued internet marketing company that recognizes how important it is to rank on google for a business. Google is the most reliable and most used search engine.

We have 12+ years experience in this search engine optimization industry, we understand the needs. You may have found us on Google when you were searching “SEO company Vancouver”, “SEO Vancouver” or “Vancouver SEO company”. Some people search “SEO Agency Vancouver” or “SEO expert Vancouver. When you are looking for a SEO consultant in Vancouver you have also come to Google.

The Agency in Vancouver that can help to grow

The reason you found us because we outranked hundreds of other SEO agency that are trying to rank in Vancouver.

At Cansoft our policy is simple- we explain every process of our SEO techniques to our clients before we start a project. We work hands on. Since SEO in Vancouver is a continuous process we are also constantly learning every changes search engine go through.

How do we work with our clients

Local or National, SEO needs in Vancouver effort on both On-page and Off-page.

‘Guaranteed result’ delivery is our ultimate goal at Cansoft when we work with any business in Vancouver for SEO. But ‘Guaranteed result’ means as your SEO expert we focus on both on-page and off-page quality improvement for your website. as a SEO agency in Vancouver our goal is improve your ranking, increase number of visitors on your website. Improve number of visitors on your website means that will reflect in your sales and business growth.

For SEO we focus on both your website and your ‘Google My Business’ listing. In some business people prefer to call directly and talk to someone rather than going to a website. On the other hand, for some businesses consumers prefer to go to a website and learn more. At Cansoft we offer both. When we are optimizing any website for SEO in Vancouver, we also focus on call to action. It is important that your website is fast loading and mobile-friendly. We focus on the speed and quality of your website as Google demands it.

As a marketing agency, Cansoft Technologies is your trusted agency. If you need help or a free consultation you can fill up our online form for ‘SEO Audit’. You can also call us directly at phone number +1 (778) 251 6525.

SEO expert agency for Search Engine Optimization Services and Consultation

How to find the best SEO expert in Vancouver? How do you search? SEO services in Vancouver or Vancouver SEO? If you are hiring a SEO specialist, we would recommend to going to Google and searching ‘Vancouver SEO’ or ‘SEO Services Vancouver’, then look at who appears on the first page. As the pattern changes everyday, Google changes their algorithm. You have to look for the companies that stay updated. You may want to also look at their ratings and reviews, and their clients’ reviews then you will know who are real expert SEO companies in Vancouver.

Optimizing your web page for SEO service in Vancouver means:

    1. Choosing your target industry for your page according to our expert consultant advice
    2. Selecting target audience for SEO service in Vancouver that will help you grow
    3. Picking the right keywords or key phrases for SEO that matches your industry
    4. Writing and update quality content for SEO regularly
    5. Creating relevancy, referral links with your website for SEO
    6. Refer, and get referrals, to your page, The Price of Your SEO, and What You Are Paying For

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

As the best SEO consultant in Vancouver, BC, Canada, we explain SEO as the process of communicating with search engines properly. This process is done through a organic process by our SEO experts or is often referred to as earned. We do it to gain your online visibility of a website on SERP pages. Our ultimate goal as a company with local SEO practices is to get to the top three spots on Google where users are most likely to click on your website for your product or services. We also offer free SEO consultancy to understand the whole SEO process in Vancouver.

Common mistakes of SEO in Vancouver

Look matters but quality is more important for SEO. Having a nice looking website is just the start of creating your company web-presence, that will not help your ranking. Most SEO providers make the mistake of building an attractive site is usually the number one priority of most businesses when they think of starting their digital marketing strategy. They often do not consider that without the help from a search engine optimization company, no one will not be able to find them on Google. If your consumer cannot easily find your business online, they are not going to make any purchase decisions. It results in your company missing out on potential businesses.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also important for branding, because if you are ranking well, you look good to your clients. To summarize, web design is important but if you cannot be found, it is a waste of money without search engine optimization. You need services from an agency or a SEO consultant or social media marketing expert like Cansoft in Vancouver.

Lamborghini without an engine?

Just picture a nice car, say a Lamborghini or Ferrari, without an engine. Since it cannot run without an engine, you will have to store it in your garage, thus you can’t drive it. Similarly, you may have a nice looking functional site without SEO services in Vancouver. You may have paid a lot of money for design, but without SEO your webpage will not be found on SERP. Ultimately, you want to be found first on Google at ‘SEO Company Vancouver‘ or “SEO Vancouver” on SERP page.SEO

Some of the most common SEO mistakes include:

  • Choosing the wrong Keywords for the web data map
  • Using Keywords stuffing on your site
  • Developing webpages that is not about the keywords
  • Ignoring title tags and meta description
  • Publishing duplicate content
  • Forgetting about analytics to measure the impact of SEO, Social Media service
  • Not considering Website security as part of SEO, PPC service
  • Social Media Marketing and SEO strategy is not done properly
  • Doing as many backlinks possible without balance or quality
  • Ignoring the page dominance on the web

There is plenty of misinformation about web design

Some misinformation about SEO, PPC include:

  • Websites have to be submitted to search engines to improve their ranking.
  • Meta tags are a factor in ranking
  • More links can improve the ranking
  • Keyword stuffing is effective.

There are many mistakes that may effect SEO service in Vancouver. As a business owner in Vancouver you should be aware of other SEO companies or agencies that are inexperienced and aren’t able to get results.

The art of SEO in Vancouver

What it takes to be on the top of Google with SEO expert Cansoft. You may hire an SEO consultant for cheap but getting to the top of Google isn’t easy. It takes hard work and a dedicated team of email marketing consultants to get result. The local SEO experts in Vancouver – Cansoft Technologies, is compiled of 2 highly trained teams who’s work is overseen by our CEO – Kazi Mamun. This teams are highly trained in terms of programming and, design, development and market research. The Development team consists of highly trained programmers and developers led by Hasan Sumon – CTO.

These 2 teams work together to ensure you have a good web design done. Website design is the starting for SEO solutions. We do website audit focusing on return on investment as a digital marketing company. Our SEO tools helps with search marketing and lead generation for better results with leads and to achieve your goals by improving traffic. success in getting large and small businesses to the top of SERP through our SEO Services. We will discuss a little bit about the secrets of our strategy, for example prioritizing both on-page and off-page.

On-Page SEO

After Penguin Algorithm, on-page SEO has also changed. Now the push for higher quality content that changes more frequently and is easily readable. You will also have to organize your data map in a way that explains your business.

You have to also consider the freshness of your page. Google likes to provide most recent contents. So optimizing your webpage for one time with SEO is not enough.

A good example to follow is how a newspaper article is written targeting a specific target audience. Again, it is all about the customer experience, so thinking from a users’ perspective is always key. You will also have to organize content as follows:

  • The proper introduction of your business
  • Listing the services or products you are offering
  • Explaining to your customers about the benefit of your services or products

Off-page SEO

Google started with not just quality content but also good online presence. Off-page SEO works as reputation, which is through social medialisting your businesssocial signals and etc. You have to earn a good reputation off-page to get higher value for your website.

For example, you go to visit a different city (say there is no internet), you would ask people for recommendations about best hotels, restaurants, shopping and etc. The people you ask will recommend you to the places they know to be the best. This also applies online for your website. Google Maps or GMB is also part of our off-page SEO for search engine rankings.


Why you would want us 

​Cansoft is not just the best among SEO agencies in Vancouver but also as a digital marketing agency. With our unique approach we have mastered and proven to be successful in getting businesses to the top of SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page). We know SEO because our consultants are dedicated and stay on top of SERP trends and frequent algorithm changes.

We offer a free SEO audit to learn about your website. Then, with our hard work and dedication, we continue to bring large and small businesses more traffic and best ranking results.

Our focus areas for Search Engine Optimization 

​At Cansoft, we have great success rate of over 90% to rank different websites o top of SERP with the hard work of our SEO specialists. It is imperative to note that SEO has five key focus areas:

  • Focused keyword research
  • SEO friendly web development
  • On-page & Off-page SEO
  • Our agency focus on good link building
  • Analytics analysis is a key part of the work of our agency
  • Our agency consider website security is must for SEO

Our marketing company is committed to continued research on the latest techniques. We provide SEO optimization services that guarantee positive results.

the Best SEO Techniques

As an SEO provider in Vancouver we provide digital marketing services and help our clients get to the top of SERP. It is important to keep in mind that our SEO optimization service goal is not just to design you a beautiful site (although it helps hugely on conversion rate) but improve conversion. Don’t kid yourself, we all want to know “how to get to the top of Google” and get all different answers. But the companies offering you top SEO services check their own ranking first.

We have the Most Effective Top SEO Approaches

Some of the emerging techniques that we use for top SEO in Vancouver include:

  • Responsive mobile-friendly websites
  • Local SEO
  • Application of advanced tools such as Google AnalyticsGoogle keyword toolSearch Console, Feedly, Pagespeed and SEM RUSH among other
  • Modern Link building techniques such as natural link building (buying backlinks for optimization is not a good idea)
  • Local citation to help find your business online
  • Map citation for SEO to create localization
  • Geo-tagging to show your geo-location
  • Regular blogs to keep freshness of your webpage
  • Press release to acquire media authority

Time to Invest in SEO in Vancouver, BC

SEO is the cheapest and best way of marketing your business since ‘word of mouth’ is dead, people go to Google now to find you. As one of the web companies in Vancouver we say, the best way to look at local SEO is to view it as the number one key component of your digital strategy. It may not be in your content marketing or content optimization plan right now, but it’s time to make a service plan. This is the best way to spend your advertising dollars now.  It is a complex subject that you must realize, if you want to make your website more visible to people looking for your products or services on different search engines consider Cansoft.

We Dominate the Market in Vancouver

First question is how did you find us? You found us on while looking for ‘Vancouver SEO’ or ‘SEO Vancouver’. If you are looking for an SEO in Vancouver, we are the best partner you can count on. We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals that will work closely with you. We will develop an effective online marketing strategy for you. Our goal is to push your online presence up to the top of local and global ranking.

Let’s face it, as business owner, we all want to be in the first 3 spots. Cansoft will get you there honestly and with dedication for optimization. Vancouver, let’s talk and let’s get your webpage found on top, or even better, to rank in the top 3 spots. contact us today.

How do we do it you ask?

SEO is not that difficult. If you have an extra 40 hours a week to organize your keywords, do Pagespeed, keep track of algorithm updates, it is possible beside 100 other things to keep up the pace. Or you can hire a website design agency like Cansoft to take care of it 100%.

Components to digital marketing in Vancouver

Cansoft’s consideration for the most important digital marketing are:

  • First, “Awareness Marketing”- we engage your social media marketing (SMM), aside from being an SEO in Vancouver, BC, Canada. These companies in Vancouver are not necessarily ready to buy, but they are influenced by seeing your service or product on social media (if you are able to do it correctly by entertaining your audience).
  • Second, “Directive Marketing”- marketing to your customers who are looking for you in Vancouver, BC and are ready to buy. You can achieve this through search engine marketing (SEM).

Reward for SEO with Cansoft in Vancouver, BC

There is no doubt that SEO is the most effective technique of drawing targeted traffic to your online presence in Vancouver. Statistics suggest 97% of people stay on the first page when making a direct purchase or service decision. By doing SEO optimization with us Cansoft, you will be reachable by 97% of people. In British Columbia, Cansoft is serving as a digital marketing and PPC agency not only in Vancouver, but also BurnabyMaple RidgeNorth VancouverVictoriaSurrey and other cities. Cansoft is helping rank higher small businesses like dog groomers in Vancouver. We work with all small business to large corporation to help them for ranking. SERP page determines which business will be successful these days. You may go to the SERP by using PPC (pay per click) but this is not a cost effective solution.